Tyrannical New Jersey Family Court Judge Terrorizes Good Father

… the wife, an Austrian national, came to the US, got her college degree and CPA license. Almost immediately his wife filed a domestic violence restraining order claiming he harassed and threatened her. A copy of her personal diary in July of 2009 shows that she was "going to so f–cking divorce him, that she was going to so f–cking make him suffer for the rest of his life".

Immediately after filing the restraining order, the children would not go home to the mother and went back to the father. The mother followed them to the father, breaking her own restraining order. Thewife confronted the father's 73-year old mother and told his motherif she goes near the children again she (wife) would kill her. The children's grandmother filed for a restraining order against the wife. That's when the wife began "piling on" the charges against the father. That's also about the same time the wife was given an attorney by the NJ Battered Womens Services, who the wife went to see for aid and assistance. However, this attorney, Christian Van Pelt, of Cedar Knolls, was ineligible to practice law at the time, because he failed to pay his annual fee for the NJ Clients Protection Trust Fund. Every paper filed by her lawyer was done while the lawyer was practicing law without a license. No matter.

The wife stalked the father in June 2011 because the children went back to the father's place. When the father put the children in the car to take them back to the mother, the mother hiding her car behind some large bushes pulled out in front of the father's car at the bottom of the driveway. The father jammed on his brakes and slid into her car. She then charged him with violating a restraining order even though she was stalking the father, and then charged him with assault by auto.

When the father attempted to file for a restraining order against the wife, he went before the same New Jersey domestic violence judge, Thomas Critchley, JSC that granted the wife's restraining orders and subsequent FRO violations. It goes without saying that Morris County, NJ Judge Critchley was biased against the father and dismissed the father's domestic violence complaint.

The mother grabbed the children and then began moving into the battered women's shelters and received taxpayer-funded food stamps, stipends, cash, and even housing. Yet, the father cannot get a restraining order against the mother with valid proof. This is taxpayer fraud where battered women's services abuse the funding to damage and destroy families, and men cannot get one dime of funding for battered men's services through government funding. This constitutes a major civil rights violation in New Jersey and the rest of the United States.

The mother filed multiple violations of restraining orders against the father, keeping the children away from the father. The children e-mailed, texted and called the father's sister and paternal grandmother telling them what shelter they were in, that they weren't being fed properly, and that they were not going to school. The paternal grandmother would bring food and cellphones to the children because the mother kept taking them away from the children.

Finally the mother alleged that the father had appeared at a shelter and filed for contempt of the restraining order.The wife's lawyer filed orders to show cause to cut the father completely off from the children, and jail him indefinitely while the wife would be granted her divorce by default and gain sole custody of the children with no visitation. The father got wind of this and filed a Federal Notice of Removal and Petition on September 2, 2011.

He filed the Federal Removal action to remove the entire state case into Federal Court in the morning of the 2nd and deprive the state of further jurisdiction of the cases. Judge Critchley and the matrimonial judge, Catherine Enright, JSC ignored the Federal removal petition, even though they acknowledged its existence in transcripts and in orders. Once the Removal occurred the state court judges were without jurisdiction to proceed.

But proceed they did. They deprived the father of his children. Judge Critchley also put out a fraudulent civil Arrest Warrant for Peter Bresko, who was arrested 4 days later–4 days after the state case had been removed to Federal Court, depriving the state court judges of all jurisdiction. However, Judge Critchley has jailed Bresko on a civil contempt and told Bresko that he would be released when the judge felt like it. The judge told Bresko he was going to allow the mother to leave the state with the children and set up residence in a New England state, where they have a corresponding battered womens shelter. Judge Critchley has called Bresko into court from jail several times demanding all kinds of compliance from Bresko that Bresko cannot comply with while in jail. Critchley has ordered, though not in writing, that he wants Bresko psychiatrically evaluated. He told Bresko to tell him who helped him write legal papers since Bresko is representing himself, after Critchley threatened his former attorney. He wants Bresko to turn over the diary implicating the wife. The diary is evidence of mitigating circumstances that would exonerate Bresko of the bogus domestic violence charges. Bresko has been asserting his Fifth Amendment Rights as explained in Miranda v. Arizona where he can assert those rights even in civil proceedings. He has told Judge Critchley he has no authority and must release him because the Federal Removal occurred prior to the Arrest Warrant issuance and Bresko's arrest 4 days later.

Judge Critchley is a judge out of control and dangerous to society. He was a former domestic violence prosecutor that is now a domestic violence judge. He has become an ideologue for the radical domestic violence coalitions, which constitutes a conflict of interest since he was promoted because of his assistance to the battered womens services of NJ. Judge Critchley has even filed his own Order to Show Cause against Bresko, stepping down off the bench and becoming Bresko's adversary and prosecutor. Judges cannot be a judge and prosecutor in a case. It is a serious judicial misconduct violation. But Critchley believes he is above the law and continues to hold Bresko in jail for almost 40 days without Due Process or right to be released on bail.

Bresko's sister hired an attorney to get him out on the criminal issues, and that attorney is too intimidated by the judge. A new, young attorney was just hired and Critchley threatened to throw that attorney in jail for contempt for defending Bresko vigorously. Judge Critchley is a rogue judge that must be removed from the bench, have his state judicial pension revoked, and be subjected to psychiatric treatment. Anyone who can, they need to call the New Jersey Governor's Office and also Judge Critchley's chambers in Morris County Courthouse, Morristown, New Jersey to demand that this fascist judge immediately release Bresko and demand Critchley resign afterwards.

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