Tuesday: America Betrayed: Host John Clark RE: Kitty Werthmann

… Following World War II she spent three years under Soviet Communist rule. Kitty was born in Austria and is a naturalized American citizen.

Mrs. Werthmann has testified before the U.S. House Armed Services Committee warning of the many dangers of forcing women to register for the draft. She urged committee members to vote against drafting

women and against putting women into combat.

Mrs. Werthmann has traveled extensively throughout the United States warning her audiences about National Socialism, Marxism and the loss of freedoms. These appearances include national radio and television talk shows, the National Press Club, the Glenn Beck Show, and various tea party rallies.

Kitty Werthmann, 84 years old, is in her 36th year as a lobbyist in South Dakota promoting and protecting pro-life and pro-family issues. She continues to keep a busy schedule of speaking engagements, interviews, and radio talk show appearances.

More people than ever before want to hear her message, socialism vs. freedom.

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