Trying To Be Slick NOT!!!

… the costly jobs measure entirely with tax increases on the rich and corporations. In turn, Obama renewed his attack on the GOP, contending they're standing in the way just to deny him a political win. In trying to win over the voting public and build pressure on Congress, Obama has made his pitch in

Virginia, the home state of House Republican Leader Eric Cantor, and

Ohio, home of House Speaker John Boehner, the crowd booed.

He will travel on Wednesday to

North Carolina.

Obama’s plan will never pass: the proposed tax hikes will go nowhere fast in Congress, and of course that is probably by design. If Obama wanted to create jobs, and not just save his own, he would not have proposed huge tax hikes that will force business to cut their spending, and it isn’t just Republicans who will object. Obama’s attempts to squeeze more taxes out of the rich didn’t pass when the Democrats controlled both houses either, but perhaps he is too damned dumb to remember that far back.

I am sitting here trying to keep my mind on this column, but I can’t get over the results of the special election in New York, where a Republican (who just happens to be Catholic) beat an Orthodox Jew in a predominantly Jewish district which happens to be the most democratic district in the nation. That seat has been in Democratic hands for 88 years.

I think, I pray and I hope my brethren in

New York are finally waking up to the idea that the Democratic Party does not always have our best interest at heart (are you listening Schumer it is your district too).

I hope this event sent a message loud and clear to the Democratic National Committee, that the Jewish Vote is no longer a lock and can no longer be counted on to pull your fanny out of the fire, and always go in the direction you think it will go.

At a Rose Garden event Monday, the anointed one while brandishing his jobs bill, surrounded himself with police officers, firefighters, teachers, construction workers and others whom he said would be helped by it, and literally thumbed his nose at the Republicans, daring them to not pass this bill which he sent on to Capitol Hill Monday afternoon.

These scatter brained schemes keep reminding me of what happened in the case of Joe Conforte, who was the one time owner of the famous Mustang Ranch (a brothel here in Story County Nevada).

One day the Internal Revenue Service raided the place and took it over for tax evasion.

Well sir, as is required by law the IRS had to try to run the business so as to make money to retrieve back taxes, but as with most all government operations, they failed dismally and the business closed, which only goes to prove one thing.

The government isn’t even capable of running a BAR AND A BORDELLO and making a profit and that goes for you too

Barry O!



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