Trump’s Superior Mind: …

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

…What Makes Trump One Of The Greatest Presidents In U.S. History

This is an editorial alert: Trump will defeat Soros . . .

Soros is no match for Trump, no matter what the alchemist-like-funded apprentices and hirelings of the left would say or do. It is bad luck for those underlings to look up at Soros their benefactor and declare him a demigod smarter than Trump in their random and yet ill-conceived war of attrition against Trump.

I am dovetailing the discovery of Trump’s intellectual superiority over all his opponents – which makes him successful in draining the swamp so far — with this contentious background which I contextualized into a Trump versus Soros duel of moneyed titans when the radical left made their own analytical comparison of Trump and Soros and their incompatibility to each other before the feet of those fighting elephants crush us on the ground, splintering and splitting our will, and breaking the bones of our ability to think freely, like dry twigs.

My dismal findings and conclusion of this confrontation of the two behemoths in our political sphere is that one of them can only exist over the elimination of the other.
And that conclusion is that Trump would eliminate Soros and after that no American will ever hear about Soros again.

The truth is, actually, the American public should know – and must act accordingly — that the battle now for America is between President Trump and the evil globalist George Soros. Any American who felt injured by Soros’ devilish scheme to impose his will on law-abiding citizens of this country can file criminal and civil suits against this Public Enemy No. 1. That will make Trump’s job easier to eliminate for good this threat to our democratic institutions and preserve our American way of life.

In case you missed knowing who billionaire George Soros is, this country’s pain-in-the-ass is known to Americans as a one-man wrecking machine whose excuse for being is to single-handedly destroy the whole country including its institutions and core values.

The country I am referring to is where Soros lived and amassed his great wealth and he should be thankful for that. But instead this ingrate loathed the country that made him rich, detested and execrated its name terminally like a bed-ridden cancer patient wanting to end it all – in short, hated the country and its system of government deep down the marrow of his bones. That country is the United States of America.

Here is Soros’ mantra to destroy America, his coup de maître of hate – some kind of incantation frequently quoted by solicited and paid for Media — he repeatedly mouthed up in public appearances and interviews and therefore appears tautological, stereotyped, monotonous and to me extremely boring: “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States … Changing [the] attitude and policies of the United States remains my top priority.” Then as in Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Soros ‘let slip the dogs (his dogs) of war’ to destabilize and create chaos and anarchy.

In fact this Hungarian-American anomaly of a man that he is, is reportedly behind all the problems we are facing today: From subverting the government and destroying the name and reputation and therefore undermining the standing of the United States before the international community, down to the attempted coup of Trump’s presidency by his funded radical left and Deep State underlings; from immigration invasion of the United States down to the latest Charlotte riots orchestrated by the mad man’s funded out-of-town “criminals” hired to cause troubles and destabilize the Trump administration.

If the radical left is now pitting Soros against this President, together with their broadside attack that Trump is not smart enough compared to Soros and/or demonizing the President as a dimwit and mentally unstable person, they have a big surprise of their life coming. They should have done their homework like I did to know who they are up against or who they are facing in this ultimate challenge of their life.

Obviously, they did not do the study like I did, and therefore they don’t know who this President is. Trump can outsmart Soros and finally vanquish him, i.e., arrest and put him in jail. And when Trump is done with it, he would be one of the greatest Presidents in U.S. history because aside from what he had done to this country and to the world in such so short a time on record so far, he would be the only President that would have eliminated this plundering and marauding fox of a man named George Soros, and gave this country the peace and quiet it long deserved. At the same time at that point in time, the enemy of the people – Soros’ complicit Fake Media – shall have been dispersed and faded to inanity.

To members of the Fake Media who are engaged in battle with Trump, this I have to say: Comparing President Trump to George Soros as an echo-chamber of the radical left giving this modern Jack the Reaper an advantage in the bar of public opinion is to me a very disturbing adventure for bogus journalists to indulge in and do battle with Trump under their own rules of engagement which can be described as treacherous and seditious. As journalists who are true to our journalism creed, we should look into this blunder and assess the damage on public opinion towards Trump as part of the unravelling diabolic bloodless coup to unseat a duly elected President.

Acting in concert under the baton of a leftish mastermind (Soros) in an orchestra of outrage, some very disturbed hacks swooped down on President Trump with all the contempt and abuses they could zero-in on his person, let alone a public display of total lack of respect for the highest office of the land he holds.

In this relentless attack they are targeting Trump’s state of mind. In a cynical way, they mocked Trump as a genius-pretender (implying he is no different from George Soros himself) — the anti-Christ, in this case the anti-Trump (the same) supreme puppeteer allegedly endowed with super-intelligence — supposedly to destroy Trump and America they hated. Specifically, as powerful men of the highest order, the attack compared Soros’ and Trump’s vast wealth and superior intellectual prowess to change America and the world to what they wanted them to be.

It is not easy to argue against this fake assumption and sinister comparison because there is a ring of truth that apparently – although not real — bind together Trump’s and Soros’ standing in life as billionaire prime-movers (they move people, and in life break out of existing paradigms and out of the box, change and create positive and negative historical events, etc.).

In this shrouded comparison, by appearance alone I might grant although unwillingly, that Trump’s and Soros’ personality attributes highlighted in a clever way like what the radical left is doing, could make them appear like inseparable Siamese Twin. But if you surgically incise and separate them using a sterilized double-blade cutter or scalpel of your mind’s eye so to speak, you will see and notice the big difference. The comparison missed at least two personal quality chips that separate and clearly distinguish Trump from Soros.

One is that Trump is a good-looking man-creature seen under the light of day, and Soros is a hell of an aging ugly-looking creep that scares people promenading in the park under the shade of a moonless night. It is grim poetry for me if you let me pour it out candidly calling a spade a spade.

But seriously, the other individual quality differentiation that absolutely separate the husk from the grain which is most important of them all the left’s comparison terribly missed, is wisdom.

If I may spell it out in a different way, this is what I have to say: Maybe Soros is intelligent, but obviously not wise. Trump has both super-intelligence and wisdom as opposed to only Soros’ super-cloak deception and betrayal class of intelligence.

Aside from experience, we know in many studies we have had in the academe that intelligence is not wisdom and vice versa. Intelligence is “more on tangible things” whereas wisdom is about the human soul. With Satanic intelligence, Soros may succeed in his nefarious activities and rule the world, but Trump’s place in changing the world for the better, is in history. That’s where I put him in this comparison – put him among the greatest Presidents in the history of the United States. This is precisely because wisdom when used, has only a positive effect while intelligence has either good or bad effect.

To demonstrate this in another lucid way, for good upbringing, at home a child under parental care is taught to know what is right and wrong and that while growing up the child learns that it is not wise for a child to intentionally commit a wrong or break the rules. Soros is more than a screwed-up child when he broke the Bank of England by “dumping 10 billion sterling, forcing the devaluation of the currency and gaining a billion-dollar profit.” Through his clandestine trading operations for profit, Soros brought down the value of Malaysia’s Ringgit and in Thailand Soros turned himself into “economic war criminal” for murdering the Baht and amassed huge monetary gains in the same way. That’s how Soros’ rag-to-riches story started from the get-go.

What this means is that Soros uses his superior intellect only to commit a wrongdoing. He was not a man of wisdom, only a man of intelligence to commit a wrong.

Again, in comparison, that’s far — much too far – for Donald Trump to be mistaken by the left as similar or akin to George Soros . . . not even a shade of Soros, sorry.

Through violence that results in injuries and death which the Soros-funded ANTIFA anarchists create — like what they have orchestrated in the infamous Charlottesville rally — criminal and civil actions can be filed in court by any injured or damaged citizen who have the guts to do it. In the process of discovery once the case or cases are filed in court, the money-trail would lead to Soros which then gives a great opportunity for his indictment and arrest. Soros is smart and will either legally fight his arrest after the police slaps a handcuff on his wrists, or avoid arrest by running away and hide thereby turning himself into a fugitive. Then as a fugitive, his fate is sealed; he would end up like Osama bin Laden whose hideaway was finally located. Bin Laden was killed by government operatives when Barack Obama was President.

As you may probably recall, Obama claimed a remarkable achievement and congratulated himself for the elimination of bin Ladin, especially when with swollen breast his followers touted that this could only occur under the Obama administration, although the truth is Obama didn’t do anything or has nothing to do with it and therefore did not deserve any credit for bin Laden’s death at all.

The American public should know that as a known covert Muslim advocate since his childhood when he grew up with his Muslim stepfather in Indonesia, Obama was religiously bound by Syariah Law to treat his brother Muslims who ran afoul with the law (terrorists) and detained at Guantanamo after committing unspeakable atrocities and horrifying murders because of their religious beliefs, with soft gloves and in fact on record had caused the release or transfer of some of them to more lenient and comfortable prison camps. It was during Obama’s years as President that ISIS had gained traction terrorizing the world. Aside from that Obama is the only President of the United States on record who exposed his butt before the television camera when he lowered himself and bowed down to the King of Saudi Arabia, a senior or higher Muslim figure under Syariah Law.

Furthermore, the American public should also be aware and should truly understand that long before the killing of bin Laden, the U.S. military or Seal apparatus that was specifically organized to hunt down bin Laden and bring him to justice dead or alive was set out in motion since 911. While the nation was grieving for the dead in that Twin Tower infamy in New York, the very angry President George Bush – not Obama — served notice to the whole world that the United States dogs of war had been set-up to hunt down Osama bin Laden, the illusive mastermind-terrorist, and his murderous associates, like animals wherever they are hiding, and as long as they are alive.

Because Obama shouldn’t get the credit for bin Laden’s demise, the radical left gets a dose of their own medicine when they foolishly argue (maybe Sleepy Joe Biden will also argue this against Trump if he turns out to be the Demonrats’ standard bearer in the coming 2020 election campaign) that President Trump shouldn’t get the credit for the current booming economy because it was Obama not Trump who did the recovery hocus-pocus out of recession before he exited the Oval Office.

Here is what was turning around, churning and seething with malice inside the freaking mind of Trump’s radical left opponents who are all running against him for President in 2020: It is only incidental that Trump happens to be the President when the results of Obama’s economic endeavors came into fruition and it was time for Trump to appropriate the harvest of credits to himself, and to his name as a fake economic wizard. This display of a very low IQ stupidity is never before too intense, dopey and so ludicrous and nonsensical than it is today. This is easily understandable if I say that it is so dopey and senseless because indeed, it is.

Take note of the fact that Trump went to Wharton and studied economics. His brain is full of economics. Obama? In Obama’s head nothing is economics. While Trump was at Wharton School of Economics, records show that Obama was William Ayers’ associate (Ayers, the underground bomber of the 60s) in Chicago as a struggling community organizer. This claim of Obama’s economic wizardry in creating the country’s current booming economy is plain buffoonery. It is nothing but a simple lunacy.

What President Trump have which seldom if any, the best Presidents ever recorded in U.S. history have, is his outstanding IQ. This is where I bet with zest and ebullient confidence that Trump will be recorded in history as one of the greatest Presidents this country will ever have. It is for the next generations yet to come to validate or invalidate this bird’s eye view of the future about Trump, the 45th President of the United States.

Aging Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and her younger impeach-Trump nemesis in Congress aside from the likes of subpoena-crazed Jerry Nadler, Elijah Cummings and Adam Schiff and socialist-ISIS jihadists OAC, Tlaib and Omar – based on what they are doing right now, weird as they are — are definitely low-IQ Trump protagonists who are today grabbing the headlines for nothing but for their congressional crinkle and ideological scrunch and foible, thanks to the Fake Media.

In my previous editorial reports published in this website, I have proven that as Speaker, Pelosi has a very low IQ because she does not only have a speaking disorder when she speaks out her confused mind but she could not even understand why President Trump walked out of the conference room where the previously planned bipartisan infrastructure pow-wow with the President scheduled to be held in the White House was torpedoed by her accusation of a Trump criminal cover up and mean-spirited move to impeach Trump, just minutes before the meeting took place! Low IQ Pelosi was even surprise and could not comprehend why Trump could not sit down with her and left the room disgusted and totally pissed off.

When Speaker Pelosi said in national television that she wanted to see President Trump in jail, how is that going to happen? As Speaker of the House, she cannot even impeach Trump!

The reality of it all is that President Trump is too big for Pelosi. President Trump is the American people. Poor Nancy, didn’t she know that?

Having said that, the possibility that Pelosi can put the President of the United States in jail is a big fat 0. Should we the American people be surprise about that? Of course not. We know idiotic statements like that could come only from a person whose IQ score is 0-25. Science has a name for that – idiot.

Contrast this to that of Trump’s super IQ. We the American people have to love it every time he puts his superior IQ to good use.

For example, Trump is rounding up thousands of illegal aliens in the country today and send them back to where they came from. It is just right. It is about time. Their being here is forced on us. It is like crack we don’t want but forced down into our gut. We have to puke it out. We are not the millennial left who like to be voodooed and disembodied by Skag and China White so that they can walk in Cloud Nine smiling crazy. We know this in the way they talk loco, and the way they harangued Trump with delusional accusations.

We are not like them. We are straight Americans who don’t want to get sick, and we are okay with this action taken by the President on unwanted overstaying illegal aliens. We love what President Trump is doing when he uses his fantastic IQ to protect Americans and this country.

Low IQ Pelosi, Sen. Chuck Schumer and their liberal governor and mayor allies in sanctuary cities want illegals to come to this country. So they came from everywhere and hit our southern border like a raging tsunami. Waves after waves of migrant invasion are drowning this country. Compared to the size of those caravans invading this country, our detention facilities are getting smaller and smaller every day. We couldn’t swallow all of them. We choked if we don’t disgorge them out, pronto before we turn blue and expire due to asphyxiation!

Then comes President Trump’s rescue: He distributes those illegals to sanctuary cities who want them, and if possible, settle them in Pelosi’s and Schumer’s residential compounds. And they squeak in protest like a cornered mouse.

We the American people love it when we hear them squawk, squeal and scream every time Trump give them a dose of their own medicine. Now we know that they couldn’t take it when Trump forced it down their throat.

These are just random examples of having a President whose IQ towers over and above that of two-legged mice – frankly, like that of Pelosi, Schumer and company.

Here’s the slip to all these: The IQ scores of those Trump attackers who believed they are smarter than Trump have never been published, and so is George Soros’ IQ. It was reported sometime ago in 2002 that Pelosi had undergone an IQ test. The result was bad. It was hovering between 109 and 111. But it was said to be actually 0-80. It was just up a little bit. It was still bad to be attributed to the Speaker of the House, and the result was not officially published.

My assumption was 0-25 IQ when as Speaker of the House Pelosi said, “Let’s pass the bill and see what’s in it.” I don’t think she knows what she is saying.

She wants to see a seating President in jail . . .? What person let alone a Speaker of the House would say that if the IQ is above 0-25?

But Speaker Pelosi is a “genius” if there are only two people in the room – Pelosi and Maxine Waters. While Speaker Pelosi has a speaking disability, Waters has only a one-word vocabulary – impeach!

Since the IQ scores of Trump’s detractors are not or cannot be published because it could be embarrassing, the public can assume what their low IQ is based on what they say and how they speak.

For example, Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes is perceived as a moron because of many of her public statements that make no sense. The “Green Deal” is just one of them. From leveling down the modern skyscrapers of New York to signify a change from lavish and profligate lifestyle to simple living, to the elimination of gas-fueled mode of transportation like trucks, cars and expensive automobiles, to stopping the farting of cows to conserve energy, if not impossible is at most idiotic.

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortes’ latest public statement is that we have a “concentration camp” in the border implying Hitler’s holocaust attributed to President Trump. She flunks in history. Hitler’s concentration camp policy is to exterminate Jews. We don’t have such immigration policy to exterminate illegal aliens invading our country. We have detention facilities in the border for detained aliens crossing the border illegally. These are not detention camps in Hitler’s holocaust. But it is to morons like OAC.

That idiotic state of mind speaks volumes. The answer to the question why leftish politicians endorse AOC’s ignorance and stupidity is simple – low-IQ birds of the same feathers flock together. Her accomplices Congresspersons Omar and Tlaib have IQs that cannot rise above hers. Their IQs are so low they are incapable of thinking and legislating laws. The level of their low IQs is only meant to attack Trump. They are the country’s sore eyes in Congress. We are wasting taxpayers’ money for them being there who happened to be in the wrong place.

While I have no confidence to say that Soros’ IQ is higher than that of Pelosi and company, I am also struggling with lack of confidence to say that the rest of the pack that are trying to outsmart Trump have IQ scores higher than that of a moron, imbecile or idiot. Otherwise if I have such confidence, I would have said so, using Robert Muller’s double-negative report in absolving Trump of obstruction of justice and threw his political dung on the lap of Congress for the radical left to impeach Trump on the crime of obstruction of justice the President did not commit.

In the original chart published by US News, the highest IQ score of a politician that served as President of the United States was that of J.Q. Adams recorded at 168.75 (average smartness is 120.0). Trump was reported to have an IQ score of 156.0. Next to Adam, Jefferson and Kennedy lagged far behind Trump with scores of 153.75 and 150.65, respectively. The rest were bordering between that of having high intelligence and a genius.

The published chart was the result of the 2006 study of the University of California Dean psychologist Keith Simonton. This scientist used the “historiometric test” in calibrating Presidents’ IQs.

Here is what Simonton said about Trump’s extraordinary IQ: “Mr. Trump was a student at Wharton when it was possible to derive an accurate IQ core from known SAT scores. Given the usual requirements for admission to a top school like Wharton, I estimate that Mr. Trump has a 156 IQ at the minimum.”

What this IQ scientist is saying is that Trump could even have an IQ higher than that of J.Q. Adams because 156.0 is just Trump’s barest “minimum” (compared to Adam’s 168.76 maximum) reached by the test and subsequently published. If Trump’s medium range and max IQ scores have been farther explored and measured, the result could be much higher than that of Adam’s.

Strangely enough, Obama was not included in Simonton’s highest IQ chart. His IQ score was said to be so low it did not make the grade of the brightest politicians that ever served as President of the United States.

The “Iranian Deal” which Obama and his coterie of diplomatic nincompoops flew a planeload of $1.7 billion cash to Teheran to give to the ruling Mullahs which the Iranians then used to sponsor their destabilization program in the region and to foment terrorism all over the world is a good example of a dysfunctional IQ at its lowest.

Indeed, that infamous “Iranian Deal” confirmed Obama’s very low IQ as a decision-maker which explains why he did not meet the minimum standard of Simonton’s chart of presidential IQs published for the world to see.

Of course the left never runs out of excuses. This time the left’s excuse why Obama was not included in the published IQ chart of Presidents is because they claimed Simonton undertook the study before Obama was President. Well, Trump was not yet also President when he was at Wharton but Simonton evaluated Trump’s IQ and came out surprisingly outstanding. Even if Simonton conducted an evaluation of Obama’s IQ, nothing worth the scientist’s attention would have come out of it in the first place.
Notice carefully that in the highest ranking of the greatest Presidents of the United States Abraham Lincoln appears on top of the list because of his “Best leadership quality and rank: crisis leadership, administrative skills, and vision”.

Lincoln was followed by George Washington because of the General’s “economic management and moral authority leadership”. Then comes Franklin D. Roosevelt because of his “sterling quality leadership in persuasion, and international relations”, and Theodore Roosevelt because also of his “public persuasion skill” that created landmark changes in the history of the United States.

By such a strangely fated coincidence, Trump had already demonstrated his crisis leadership in so short a time as President (i.e. the opioid epidemic and border crisis management), administrative skills and vision (i.e., cutting down hundreds of Obama’s regulatory excesses strangling our free enterprise economy) (Lincoln’s); economic management and moral authority leadership (i.e., jobs, jobs, jobs and the economy at its highest growth rate) (Washington’s); public persuasion, international relations (i.e. Trump restructuring NATO, NAFTA, the global trading system, redefining North Korea, China and Russia among others) surpassing what Roosevelt F.D and Roosevelt T’s had done with their superior international public persuasion qualification as among the greatest Presidents of the United States.

Here, obviously, Trump is Lincoln, Washington, Roosevelt F.D. and Roosevelt T rolled into one.

Definitely, Soros is no match to Trump. He will defeat this political hydra of destruction in the nuclear age of Godzilla hands down, or even with both hands tied in his back as he takes down this Public Enemy No. 1.

We might see yet what’s coming – we might see the likes of Pelosi and Schumer, OACs, Omars, Tlaibs and their anti-Trump Doppelgängers handcuffed and hauled to the calaboose if not to concentration camps if they go bonkers and step out of the line, i.e. if they cabal with any silent or open coup operatives to unseat President Trump or cause violent anarchy against a duly elected President, instigate and organize riots that cause injuries, deaths and destructions of properties which signifies that a state of insurrection or rebellion exists. We might see yet the President using the last card on his sleeve – the Ace – Martial Law, God forbid!

Any sanctuary Governor of the Blue State could use his/her armed state home guards to battle President Trump in the final showdown. A wayward sanctuary Governor against the President of the United States can do or might exactly do that using fully armed state guards against Federal combat troops. It happened before, and could always happen again.

Chanting and protecting illegal aliens and inciting them to resist and fight Federal armed troops in the streets and in the border, and the crazy campaign of the left to abolish ICE, heat up the atmosphere of possible internal armed conflict. As of now, the likelihood of sanctuary States using armed resistance against ICE enforcing immigration laws is very strong. Some City Mayors and local officials had already dug-in their entrenched position against President Trump, and to defy and defend their sanctuary cities against Federal immigration security forces that are rounding up fugitive illegal aliens to be arrested and deported back to countries where they came from.

But also not too far from now, we might see coup co-conspiring members of the Deep State and some bad elements in the FBI and DOJ going to jail in just a few days ahead.
I don’t want to be a spoiler to what this President can do and will do next day or next month, or the next five years and a half when his second term begins. But I am sure what I am saying here and now are all playing out in the President’s brilliant mind to protect this country and the American people, only I could not specifically pinpoint with absolute accuracy in what way Trump will do it because I do not and cannot claim to have the superiority of his mind.

But would I be surprise if Trump happens to be the greatest President of them all? Not at all. I have always been saying that it is in the future where the truth about Trump will truly come to pass, for the next generations to claim and to be proud of this President named Donald Trump who lived in the history of their past, which is today to us right now.

If you want to find out why I think Trump could be the greatest of all U.S. great Presidents ever recorded in the history of the United States of America, here, you come face-to-face with the answer to the question you ask.

But please be aware that I do not pretend to be a soothsayer who sees and predicts the future. In the living characters of modern Literature, at most I can only be a troubadour that touched the keyboard of the computer of today’s world instead of singing out loud like in the old days, the ballad of Trump’s reign as President of the United States, the superiority of his mind and what he is capable of doing for this country in particular, and in general, to the fundamental need of all humankind in their eternal quest for a better life on this planet. #

©Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access June 24, 2019.

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