Trump War Against The Fake Media People Should Know …

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

… I am going to show you how they lie — Sumcad

I not going to show to you what they are lying about and against whom because this is public knowledge that is so clear as the blue sky in summer. Fake news they publish are focused on Trump in a coup against the President of the United States, that plain and simple.

But I am going to show to you how fake journalists lie – yes, how they lie and deceive the public — because the way they cheat and conduct disinformation is so clever and manipulative that in the mind of the American public the truth appears so muggy and downcast as the grayish sky in autumn and soon black in winter as the 2020 election is past approaching.

In television, CNN and MSNBC are said to be the masters of lying and conspiracy theories against Trump, respectively, but I have to catch one of them not in TV talk shows but one among the most two aggressive falsifiers of news in the print media — The Washington Post (the other is New York Times) — and peel open how two reporters, Philip Rucker and Robert Costa, co-conspirators in a silent coup, write their fake news against the President of the United States.

As one reads their report against Trump, the layman can hardly discern their dissimulation, play of words, double-dealing beguilement and dupery as if they are writing for the President, and before anyone knows it the public is taken for a ride and hate Trump. Read the fake news carefully and take note of the different ways they deceive the reading public. The words I used to describe their modus operandi like beguilement, dissimulation and dupery may be too polite and civilized and therefore understated. Readers’ discretion is strongly advised.

But before we go there, let’s establish a common understanding and write down the premise of this editorial report as to what constitutes fake news, otherwise in confusion we just turn ourselves into feathered orators of dispute that flew out of the cuckoo nest.

I have a pretty much interesting definition of what fake news are, especially those used against Trump, but I would like to use a quote from a published study appearing in the public domain (not just one but six references) to make factchecking much easier:
“Fake news (also known as junk news, pseudo-news, or hoax news [1][2]) is a type of yellow journalism or propaganda that consists of deliberate disinformation or hoaxes spread via traditional news media (print and broadcast) or online social media.[3][4] (Russian collusion, Mueller report, etc. sound familiar.)

“The false information is often caused by reporters paying sources for stories, an unethical practice called checkbook journalism. Digital news has brought back and increased the usage of fake news, or yellow journalism.[5] (This brought back to mind the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing in Congress where to get false testimonies money allegedly passed hands.)

“The news is then often reverberated as misinformation in social media but occasionally finds its way to the mainstream media as well. [6]” (CNN and conspiring news outlets drum-beat Congressman Adam Schiff’s lies in Congress against Trump on Ukraine phone call by writing down a script out of his freaking mind, out of his imagination and read it in front of the TV camera for the nation to see and hear. It was a falsified narrative against Trump Schiff concocted and called it a parody, then officially entered this form of insanity in the records of Congress as a falsified document that slandered and libeled the President of the United States. Schiff is not fit to hold office in Congress. He is too mentally screwed up he needs to see a doctor.)

What I have just presented is a massive definition of fake news that covers almost all what is in it. I don’t want to leave a stone unturned. With this, do we need to be suffering from paranoia to become aware of the Fake Media lying? As the man said, an objective view of what is published is anything but objective.

Today I caught The Washington Post lying again as usual, against President Trump. It runs a headline like this: “‘A presidency of one’: Key federal agencies increasingly compelled to benefit Trump”, written by TWP reporters Philip Rucker and Robert Costa.

TWP (The Washington Post): (On President Trump’s July 25 Ukraine phone call) … In each of these instances, the president or administration officials have strongly defended their conduct as proper and above board. But taken together (Trump’s behavior and the conduct of administration officials), they illustrate the sweeping reach of Trump’s power and the culture he has spawned inside the government.

EAS (me): Good. Trump power and the culture he has spawned inside the government are absolutely what we need to drain the swamp. But the Media spin attached to it is a lie, the innuendo coming from it, vicious, yet neither visible nor discernible.

TWP: The president’s personal concerns have become priorities of departments that traditionally have operated with some degree of political independence from the White House — and their leaders are engaging their boss’s obsessions.

EAS: Nope, not “the president’s personal concerns” but the government’s and the people’s concerns. Department leaders were not engaging their boss’ obsession. If they did, purely academic because they were all fired. It is an oblique attack.

TWP: Barr and Pompeo are stuck in the fog machine.

EAS: Nope – they are there helping the President drain the swamp. False again. The indirect attack on President Trump associating him to a “fog machine” using Barr and Pompeo as an excuse is pedestrian yet so mean cast upon Donald Trump. Disrespect of the President of the United States, the most powerful man on the planet, and contempt of the U.S. presidency, are written and published with hidden rage, the American public should know.

TWP: “They seem captives of the president’s perverse worldview,” quoting Timothy Naftali, a historian and former director of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum.

EAS: His view belongs to the Museum.

TWP: “Authoritarian regimes have this problem all the time. . . when all government activity is the product of the id of the leader. But in a republic, that’s unusual.”

EAS: Agreed. Good government activities are President Trump’s Id in a public realm called USA. Those government activities have to be unusual, in our USA Republic, to clean the swamp and defeat a coup. This seemingly mild attack on what Trump is doing for the American people is subtle yet it should not escape the attention of the public. It is worth a condemnation of termite-like journalists that worm their way to the President’s attention and acceptance and eventually to his downfall.

TWP: Most Republicans have stood by Trump. Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (S.C.), echoing many of them, told reporters it would be “insane” to impeach Trump and said the exchange with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was appropriate.

EAS: Sen. Graham, is absolutely right. The spin word “echoing” TWP used is derogatory and false. The Senator is known to have a mind of his own. To insinuate that he was just “echoing” Trump, is slander. It seeks to drive a wedge between the Senator and the President.

TWP: Trump’s moves underscore his transformation as president. He arrived in Washington a neophyte uncertain about how to operate the machinery of government.

EAS: Nope – absolutely a fake statement. Trump knew exactly what to do when he arrived in Washington – to drain the swamp and make America great again. He made good this promise to the American people who elected him President. He told the people about it before he got elected President and arrived in Washington. He was not a “neophyte, uncertain about how to operate the machinery of government”. Look how Trump operates the machinery of the government to make extraordinary changes like nullifying and recalling hundreds and hundreds of executive orders and fiats Obama issued as president and turn around the economy to make it the wonder of the time. Trump is mending the broken System under Obama, locally to make America great again, and globally to put the disorderly world back to order.

Domestically, Trump is repairing the damage done to the country by the previous Obama regime, and turning around the faltering economy with such tremendous growth rates – jobs, jobs, jobs everywhere — improved the lives of the population’s minorities and the middle class and the American people cheered Trump for making America great again.

Globally, Trump for the first time in the history of the world confronted our allies in Europe to mend their ways of taking advantage of the United States in funding the free world’s defense system, rectified world trade anomaly to even up the playing field, addressed the anomalous trade imbalances of which USA suffered the most; he also abolished trade agreements that put the country in a disadvantaged cow-milking situation, and he is now confronting China in a trade war aiming to win it and return the illegal gains as well as the loots pirated by China back to the United States . . . I can spend the whole day describing what Trump had done and what he is still going to do before his first term expires, and I will add to that by saying that those were what he had done “soooo f a r . . .” because there are still more coming.

TWP: But now, in his third year in office, Trump has grown confident about exercising power, disposing of aides who acted as guardrails and elevating those who prove their loyalty by following his orders.

EAS: No, Sir, not true. The “aides” and “guardrails” you mentioned were all fired! You stay or promoted in office if you are good and trusted in your job. But you are fired if you are not. Obviously, those “aides” and “guardrails” you mischaracterized as good people around Trump were not good at all. They have to be fired. Have you ran a conglomerate as big as Trump have run before? If you betray the President’s trust, you are dead meat. That’s what they say . . . nothing personal, purely business, Sir. Your fake journalism shows the real horns of a dilemma.

TWP: As the president said last month after John Bolton’s abrupt exit as national security adviser, “It’s very easy actually to work with me. You know why it’s easy? Because I make all the decisions.”

EAS: What’s wrong with that? Bolton was fired – it is President Trump’s prerogative to fire him. It is good that he fired him. Bolton works for the President. He should not think and act like he was the President and Trump was working for him. You should praise Trump, your media job, for firing Bolton. But no, you cannot do that. I forgot, you are a creature of the swamp Trump is draining and cleaning up.

TWP: Trump was sworn in as the 45th president with less governmental experience than any of his predecessors. His advisers tried to tutor him about the three branches of government and the constitutional balance of powers.

EAS: Oh, please . . . not this fake news again. You cannot fool the public about this crap. Go teach kids in the kindergarten. Or go to your own jungle and teach CNN survival skill as their patronage is shrinking and will soon vanish, eaten by fake news they feed themselves on every day.

TWP: The general ethos among Trump’s top aides then was to protect institutions and moderate some of the president’s swings — to resist rather than follow his impulses, as described by one former senior White House official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to share a candid assessment.

EAS: No, Sir, that is definitely fake news. “Top aides” are there to assist President Trump implements his policies and run the government. They are not there to “moderate . . . the president’s swings”. That’s gross for you, the Media, to cast this innuendo on the President’s mood, and unethical in the practice of journalism. Trump did not recruit Chinese Taoists to the White House to teach him the art of “moderation”. Here what you said about Trump was your own poison fed to the public. You should eat it yourself to prove that you are not giving out poison to the public. You have to survive when you eat your own poison to convince us that you are some kind of a mystical gnome trying to grab our attention. Be frank. Don’t hide in the anonymity of some former White House officials you imagined which obviously is fake.

TWP: Since then, Trump has become more emboldened to make decisions and has systematically dispensed with much of his early team, including former defense secretary Jim Mattis, former secretary of state Rex Tillerson, former White House chiefs of staff Reince Priebus and John F. Kelly, former White House counsel Donald McGahn, former national security adviser H.R. McMaster, former economic adviser Gary Cohn and others.

“I’m not sure there are many, if any, left who view as their responsibility trying to help educate, moderate, enlighten and persuade — or even advise in many cases,” the former senior official said. “There’s a new ethos: This is a presidency of one.

EAS: Good you said it. We need this “presidency of one” for the first time to run a government ruled by bureaucrats who are planning a coup against the President of the United States. As to Trump advisers you mentioned, although they were all fired or resigned, they are still Trump’s friends helping him drain the swamp.

TWP: “It’s Trump unleashed, unchained, unhinged.”

EAS: No, you said it the other way around. He is the same Trump the American people elected as their President who doesn’t want to be leashed and chained by the creatures of the swamp and the fake media like you who treat him worse than your dog. President Trump wants to feel free doing what he needs to do for the people and the country and in doing that “unhinged” if you like to call it, thank you.

TWP: He (Trump) continues to go further and further and further, and now I don’t think there’s anybody telling him, ‘No.’

EAS: Yes, President Trump needs to go further and further in what he is doing because there is a lot more to do. There are more dark forces like you trying to stop him. To stop you and your kind, President Trump has to do more until you run out of gas for saying “no no no” to what he is doing for the country and the American people, and cooperate with him before you end up in jail for committing a fraud on the nation’s 4th Estate, the Media. You are not the true Press described in the Constitution. You are the Fake Media and as Trump said, the enemy of the people.

There you see how the anti-Trump Fake Media lie to us the American public. I exposed their published statements against Trump line by line. They are asking Trump to be presidential in his thoughts, in the actions he takes and in the language he uses so us not to offend them, portraying themselves as people who cannot offend anyone. But they are dishonest people. “He who dares not offend cannot be honest,” said Thomas Paine describing one of his pains.

In Trump’s war with the Fake Media, the Media is the lie, and Trump is the truth. But there is still Americans out there in the bayou of our civilized and modern society, and down here in the center of our asphalt jungle who would rather live in a community of mesmerizing and exciting lies than face the loneliness of truth that is Trump.

That being the case, the rogue Media no longer hide their propensity to manipulate public opinion in their favor and going all out hammer and tong to project to brain-washed minds that they are winning the war against Trump.

Lately, the Fake Media conducted polls showing that Trump could lose even to a donkey in the coming election. Remember these are polls conducted by the Fake Media and their accomplices in the private sector against Trump. Fake polls, fake results.

Can you imagine that Trump lost to Pete Buttigieg in one of those bogus polls?

Because Obama was the first black candidate who became President, it does not mean that this country is going to elect a gay President. How does America look like to the outside world with a First Lady who is a man, or a President who is a man but actually a woman? Are you kidding me?

Nothing personal to Mayor Buttigieg’s sexual orientation, but can you imagine how the United States is going to face the problem I just cited?

Buttigieg can never be President of the United States. The Fake Media knows this. But the Fake Media conducted a tramp up opinion survey purposely to falsely tell the American public that a gay candidate can beat Trump in the coming 2020 presidential election.

The truth is Trump must win at least the Media war. Otherwise he will be forced to execute a Hail Mary pass to beat them all, not for himself but for the divided American people now at the end of their wit, and for this nation to survive.

Put your ear to the ground and listen. What you hear is something that sounds ominous and apocalyptic.

I am really concerned that the President, notwithstanding his vast power, can stop millions of Americans – Americans who love him more than enough to elect him President of the United States whose patience is getting thinner and thinner every day — to touch and fancy the red button of civil war as the push from the vicious radical left is now turning into a shove.

And this harbinger and disturbing augury the American public should know, as we pray for divine guidance for President Trump to continue to rule courageously, this we need urgently, and wisely, and this we even need the most.

God bless USA. #

© Edwin A. Sumcad. Access October 3, 2019.

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