Trump Unifies The Country By Separating The Good From The Bad

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

Apocalyptic Danger We Face In 2020

Not too long ago, President Trump did not hesitate to fire Gen. John Kelly, White House Chief of Staff, and Gen. Jim Mattis, Secretary of Defense for the good of the country. For almost four years now Trump has been unifying the country by separating the good and desirable from the bad and the ugly, which precisely is what the Fake Media is ignoring to cover and published and if they do, those anti-Trump journalists involved are simply lying about. Today with people rioting in the streets in protest for the murder of George Floyd by a Satanic white cop caught in video camera, Kelly, Mattis and the Fake Media Trump identifies as the bad and the ugly, are falsifying the truth that Trump is unifying the nation. They are exploiting this dangerous situation as a venue of revenge by lying through their teeth against Trump. They could not stop Trump when he separates the chaff from the grain. Sumcad.

Edwin A. Sumcad

Let us expose this lie – this backstabbing lie that Trump is dividing the people. Let us also expose the truth that Trump, in the real world, is unifying the nation.

Just a few days ago, for Kelly and Mattis to say that Trump is the first president who “does not try to unite the American people”, is a dirty lie. They are badmouthing Trump after he fired them.

What is unbecoming of a gentleman these Generals used to be is that their vengeful spite is so strong to resist that they reduced themselves into a small child whining in the corner of the room under Trump’s timeout showing their disconnect with the American people they served that firing them was the least President Trump could do for the good of the country.

Their kind in the military acting with conspirators in the Deep State, and millions of Millennials and Generation Z facing moral value issues, opioid problem, and carrying all kinds of debt burdens on their back, a do-or-die generation moving forward without direction and becoming more dependent on welfare wanting to elect a socialist president to take good care of their needs, is not only a big problem we face in 2020 but a serious danger to our way of life even as petty-tyrants in the military like Mattis and Kelly, and the specter of Socialism stalk the land.

Kelly and Mattis should have been court-martialed or tried for treason by instigating a rebellion against the President of the United States when jointly they conspired and falsely accused Trump of dividing and pitting the American people against each other on the road to civil war that would destroy the nation, especially at the time when across the country the mob is rioting in the streets in protest of George Floyd’s murder.

Right after the Floyd murder followed by outraged protesters marching down the streets, Kelly, Mattis and their anti-Trump followers from the dark side throwing rocks, bricks and Molotov bombs at riot police and motor vehicles burning them down, and breaking in buildings, business offices and stores in a violent rampage of mayhem, destruction and looting spree, and at the same time demonizing President Trump with an accusation that he was making a misanthropist, white supremacist or racial hate statements reportedly pushing the anger of the crowd into the precipice of a bloody civil war, is a downright criminal lie. It was criminally alleged that Trump is burning the country by throwing gasoline into a burning inferno.

To be sure that the two disgruntled Generals and their supporters consisting of lawless Trump-crucifiers, are in fact lying, I located Trump’s statements and quoted the dispositive portions of his public declarations here, in full:

“Well, certainly there were a lot of different people and there were good people too, and they were protesting. And they were protesting for the right reason, they were protesting in honor of a man, George Floyd, where something happened that shouldn’t have happened, in my opinion from what I’ve seen.”

President Trump continued: “Certainly something happened that shouldn’t have happened. And, yeah, you had a lot of people out there that were protesting out of sorrow, and then you had people that got out of control. Some people.”

I am quoting Media reports on that same Friday when President Trump “described the death of George Floyd as a ‘terrible thing’ and said he believed protests over his death should be ‘peaceful.’

Let us ask ourselves: Is this a President who stirs the people against each other as the likes of Kelly and Mattis and the Fake Media wanted to project Trump in the mind of the public?

I tried to review Trump’s statements over and over again looking for words Kelly and Mattis attributed to Trump as a troublemaker. What I found is that Mattis stabbed Trump in the back when he said that Trump is “the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people—does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us.” I found the opposite of this falsely and fraudulently concocted accusation to embarrass the President out of spite. Mattis knew that what he was saying was a damn lie.

In my datafile, I could cite tons of documented public statements delivered by President Trump calling for the unity of the American people for a common cause. For the convenience of the reading public, I will extract samples of those statements from out of many written in pages. I would like to remind the falsifiers of truth, particularly those lying schmucks and buffoons from the Anti-Trump Brigade, of President Trump’s statements showing that he was unifying the divided nation from the first day he assumed office, yes, right from the very day he took over the presidency from his predecessor, the first African-American president Barack Obama who governed the country by perpetuating the widening racial divide for his advantage as a non-white President. Trump immediately addressed this racial fault of the nation.

In his Inaugural Speech to the nation, President Trump’s first call to the American people was for “racial equality”. He delivered this unifying speech to the nation with such historic eloquence that it surprised me why the Generals had suddenly developed amnesia of not remembering this eventful and outstanding inaugural speech, and with wicked intention, attacked Trump with such pernicious and libelous lie.

“ ‘Whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or the windswept plains of Nebraska,’ ”Trump said, moments after taking the oath of office on January 20, ‘they look up at the same night sky, they fill their heart with the same dreams, and they are infused with the breath of life by the same almighty Creator.’ ” Classic!

In fact Trump’s dream of unifying a divided nation after Obama left was meant for the book. From my perspective and experience as a schooled Litterateur, and a published literary critic and journalist-novelist, I have to say that President Trump’s public statements of unifying, not dividing the American people especially in time of crisis, is poetry and literature in the highest order I have ever recorded.

One more – just one more to cite how unifying President Trump has always been when “deadly riot” occurred in Charlottesville, Va. — Trump said, rejecting white-supremacist sentiments. “We all must be united and condemn all that hate stands for, there is no place for this kind of violence in America. Let’s come together as one!”

Then Trump appealed to the acrimonious and bitterly divided crowd: “We must remember this truth: No matter our color, creed, religion, or political party, we are ALL AMERICANS FIRST.”

What kind of a General Mattis is who would lie to the American people just to vent his petty emotional binge on Trump when he was sucked from office? Was he worth President Trump’s trust as a team player when he invited him to join his administration as his Secretary of Defense?

Sad for me to say that Mattis is always a one-man player, never a team player. To me his appointment as Secretary of Defense was an abomination from the very beginning to a pro-people president like President Trump whose decision-making process is based on intuitive impulses, untried innovative ideas that work, unorthodox thinking that surprises everyone, and on his extraordinary creativity especially when as President he reacts to problems with shrewdness and dispatch, and wants things done properly and quickly without any sign of feet-dragging, indolence and laxity. Trump is just an honest straight-forward transparent President this country has ever have.

My study of this General from the dark side is that Mattis has only a monocular vision of what he sees in front of him. Unlike Trump, Mattis has no angular insight or dimensional vision. To get things done Mattis just plows in like a juggernaut, a “Mad Dog” of which he was notoriously known to be. Does he gets results? Of course he does after ignoring his people disconnect, the count of high casualties and considerable collateral damage obviously.

Recently, with his monocular hindsight, Mattis attacked Trump like how a running rabid dog would bite an innocent bystander in the street. This the entire quote of what he said — Trump “does not even pretend to try to unite the country and is instead engaged in a deliberate effort to divide the country, while lacking mature leadership.”

To which in a synchronized conspiracy, his ally Gen. Kelly agreed. “I agree with him (Mattis). He’s quite a man, Jim Mattis, and for him to do that tells you where he is relative to the concern he has for our country.” It looks scripted, like puppets talking in a children’s roadside window show. Kelly discussed this conspiracy of falsification with another sore-thumb, ex-White House communications Director Anthony Scaramucci. Like Kelly, Anthony is a bitter melon after Trump also fired him.

Note this carefully: Because what those fired Generals are saying about Trump, viz: President Trump divides the people, are totally false, that makes Kelly and Mattis total liars spewing their hatred of Trump . . . hatred of Trump not because he fired them for incompetence but because Trump exposed them for what they really are, putting their star insignia in question. Bad Generals for the nation: One wanted to go to war with Russia and fought Trump for more U.S. troops to fight foreign wars in the Middle East (Mad Dog), and the other is a radical copy of a politician, where the military and the White House was a wrong place for him (Kelly) when he worked with Trump. These are the bad and the ugly Trump is separating from the good in public service. President Trump has to fire them to unify the country they were trying to divide and tear apart.

But here is the catch people should know – repeat, people should be aware of — when Trump is a victim of a false accusation that he is dividing the people. In a sense, there is a ring of truth when Trump is accused of dividing the American people, let us grant and put it that way.

The truth is, Trump is separating good people from the bad ones, and that is dividing, not unifying, or mixing bad and good apples in the barrel. The bad people that like wormed apples lately had spoiled and rot that President Trump have to separate from our mainstream society are those loud protesting anarchists who hated law enforcement agencies after George Floyd was murdered; they want to defund the police and at the same time initiating a movement of self-humiliation as atonement of their imagined sin for having been born white. Disbanding the police like abolishing ICE let alone self-humiliating one’s self for being born with so-called “white privilege” is plain insanity. In a published survey, close to 65% of Americans said so. This group are bad elements of society that must be expurgated from the mainstream population to save the country from their lunacy.

The bottom line is drawing down the line for the good of the country is a noble act of an understanding and concerned President like Trump who is separating rotten apples – violent ANTIFA, murderers, arsonists and looters — from the good ones, legitimate protesters in the rally peacefully expressing their First Amendment rights while mourning for the black man who was murdered in plain public view.

Lately, as everybody is aware by now, President Trump was in the news when he went public wanting to declare ANTIFA a domestic terrorist organization. He is now separating this violent group from the rest of protesters congregating in the streets with legitimate cause.

We already have existing Federal terrorism laws which apply to out-of-country terrorist organizations like ISIS, Al Qaeda and their affiliates. Under those laws it is a crime “to use or attempt to use a weapon of mass destruction, including an explosive device . . . (providing them) material support or resources, e.g. Holder v. Humanitarian Law Project (2010), giving them certain kinds of advice, and the like.”

In addition, Federal law 18 USC 2331 defines terrorisms that violate State and Federal laws. But the latest statute on terrorism is Patriot Act of 2001 passed and signed into law after the 911 Al Qaeda terrorist attack of New York where some 3,000 Americans lost their lives. In Section 802 of Patriot Act, the definition of the crime was expanded to cover both international and domestic terrorisms.

For domestic terrorist organizations like ANTIFA, it is enough to declare its member-suspect a terrorist without necessarily being caught in the act of terror when charged with the crime of domestic terrorism by simply believing in the objectives, and in many ways subscribing to the criminal agenda of terror the organization plans to achieve.

The American public must also know that the existing Task Force charged of implementing international and domestic terrorism laws is the National Joint Terrorism Task Force (NJTTF). It coordinates the 4,000 task force members operating across the country.

But keeping an eye on Neo-Nazi organizations and radical hate groups like Aryan Brotherhood, Ku Klux Klan, White Revolution, Black Lives Matter, Code Pink and similar far-left radical and revolutionary assemblage or organized associations and corporate entities, are the CIA, FBI, the Joint Terrorism Task Forces, and the Department of Justice.

The government is in possession of evidence that ANTIFA and similar groups I just mentioned, have been behind the recent riots to achieve their violent objectives and terroristic goals as they marched down the streets and create troubles. The finding of this evidence was recently made public by William Barr, currently U.S. Attorney-General and head of DOJ.

But the danger does not come solely from ANTIFA and their kind involved in anarchy and criminal activities, but also from the nation’s watchers of their criminal undoing across the land, a government force that is currently fractured. This watchdog sentinel of the Deep State is infested with active anti-Trump coup plotters sympathetic and even reportedly supportive of covert criminal activities, a dark force wanting to bring down Trump’s presidency which from day one was put under siege.

Riding in tandem with this imminent danger we face in 2020 are the Millennials and Generation Z working to elect a socialist President to take good care of their needs as their life wanders aimlessly in the ever widening space of compassion and tolerance shown by the American public, in addition to government dependency and welfare.

There is this estimate of 57% of the total voters across the nation surveyed by Harvard Youth Poll that would go to the polls to cast their votes in November 2020 to elect any left-leaning socialist candidates for President. The poll figure is an anti-Trump report and may be regarded as a vicious electoral maneuvering or simply a tricky election propaganda to be ignored, but it cannot be denied that it is dangerous if it assumed by thousands of the unknowing to be true. To a tired mind, a lie told and retold over and over again tends to become true.

Facing this danger, the more that we the American people should turn ourselves into committed disciples of Good that fight to overcome and defeat Evil.

I move forward through this generally acclaimed path of righteousness as one of millions of Americans supporting this Trump movement. And maybe so are you.

I might add that personally, I take off my hat in appreciation of what President Trump is doing, and in standing ovation, praise his ceaseless effort to separate the chaff from the grain.
All for the good of the country. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS June 8, 2020.

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