Trump Should Prepare For Another War He Must Win

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

Trump must defeat his opponents more than he would just win the war against the Coronavirus. By the way, it is foolish to pit the power of the Governor against the power of the President of the United States during a declared state of national emergency. — Sumcad

Coronavirus cannot wipe out Capitalism, the foundation of our American way of life, even if the virus is winning by killing an estimated 1.5.-2.2 million Americans, although this number of fatality is inaccurate when “experts” presented it in a questionable way.

But if the war of the Anti-Trump Brigade fought in this pandemic battleground is won by the above-named insurgents for and in behalf of the radical left and its political surrogate, the Democratic Party, and hillbillies in Congress the likes of ignorant Ocasio-Cortez, combative Muslim jihadists Omar and Tlaib assisted by mutinous Pressley overrun useless renegade politicians like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and obstructionist Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, take over power from them and govern the nation, America we used to know, live in, love and die for, will change and begin to disappear, and in just a matter of time, completely wiped out.

This stark reality explains why Trump must win this next war that I am talking about, not just for himself but for the American people like you and me.

Millions of Americans like you and me all depend on Donald John Trump, the only hope for the survival of this nation under siege. We will never have another President like Trump who can protect this nation, promote and safeguard our national interest as he does right now from the enemies of the State within and beyond our border. On him depends our last hope to remain Americans in our democratic and free society where we are now, and forever will always be, ever loyal to country, to protect our patrimony, and preserve our American beliefs and values while in God we trust, and to stay Americans not in a socialist society where we are being lead to, a way of life where social order and group thinking are dictated by government control and violence if necessary, “leaving the future to determine what, if anything, should be raised upon their ruins”, my favorite quote of the day from The StandS4 Network.

Our present war against the pandemic has only one way to go – the end of Coronavirus in just a matter of time. But the next war President Trump has to fight and win after the Coronavirus, is much harder, more complicated and more bizarre to do battle with, than “our war” against the current virus.

It is clearly “our war” against the pandemic headed by President Trump because it is a war that excludes the Anti-Trump Brigade and pockets of supporters who are fighting a war against President Trump. Their war is not and had never been against the virus. It’s only against Trump.

In fact it is obvious that this anti-Trump human contagion attacking Trump and his presidency 24/7 wanted the virus to win against the economy; they were rooting (overtly under the light of day and covertly in the dark of night so to speak, and here I will explain why) for more Americans dying with Coronavirus so that they can effectively confuse the public and attack Trump to make him look like a lost and beaten puppy dog, and at the same time create a stronger political platform – a great winning opportunity — to defeat him in the coming presidential election.

I want to cite just one perfect example out of the many attacks, which is both overt and covert, attack on Trump to reduce him and his presidency to nonentity. I already mentioned some of these in my previous write-up published in this widely read NWS website but I want to highlight this once more because it is a classic example of how clever and diabolic is the rule of engagement the Anti-Trump Brigade employs to defeat Trump.
Fighting for the cause of the left and their radical surrogates — the Donkeys in our two-party system – Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York attacked President Trump for being unprepared and too slow to act on his frivolous request of 4,000 ventilators for thousands of patients dying of Coronavirus in New York’s overcrowded hospitals.
When Trump rushed “thousands of ventilators” to New York to be used in hospitals to save patients dying of Coronavirus, the nation was wondering why the number of dying patients who needed ventilators still continue to rise by leaps and bounds.

It turned out that Cuomo did not use the ventilators to save patients that were dying of Coronavirus. He kept them in the warehouse. Excuse: Ventilators are kept in the warehouse while waiting for virus infection to rise and reach the apex or maximum trajectory of patients dying of Coronavirus.

Kept available ventilators critically needed by patients dying of Coronavirus, in warehouse while people are dying? It was happening in New York – is this real? Pinch yourself to believe that it did happen.

Now think about it: The attack on Trump on the issue of incompetence raised for being slow and ill-prepared for the pandemic, was open and direct – overt. The request for ventilators was not meant to save patients dying of Coronavirus. It was not used. It was kept away from dying patients. The request was a political maneuver. The purpose of the request for ventilators was egregiously political and ghoulish. It was a request meant to open an opportunity to bludgeon Trump with false accusations of incompetence and lack of plan to contain a pandemic. But the intention behind it was cleverly hidden – covert.

This is a novel attack on Trump, which is both overt and covert at the same time.
In short, the plot was demonic but well planned on the deception and camouflage side. Cuomo has a foolproof alibi against any criminal liability for the death of patients who needed ventilators but Cuomo kept those ventilators away from them. Besides, he can always argue, and in fact he did, that he based his emergency request for 4,000 ventilators (although New York hospitals did not really need them), on the projection of Coronavirus “experts”.

Cuomo claimed he did not invent the overblown number of 4,000 ventilators he requested, and that was true. Of course he has no mind of his own – another good excuse – when he just followed the imaginary estimates of dopey healthcare specialists who came out with a horror Sci-fi comic mortality rate. If what actually happened turned out to be not only wrong but wicked and contemptable, Cuomo can always claim that he was misled, just as President Trump was blindsided by those experts’ faulty projections when Whitehouse announced in one of those daily Coronavirus briefings that from 1.5 million to 2.2 million Americans would die in the pandemic according to the fatality figures shown in faulty models used.

Of course the death projection was false. By any stretch of the imagination, no Americans would die by the millions because the condition attached to the projection said that this exploding number of fatalities will happen only when no action is taken against the virus. No country all over the world affected by the pandemic had not taken any action against the Coronavirus. Since actions were undertaken against the virus, that scary number of fatalities being projected, is not only heinous and doubtful but in fact a faulty projection that could not happen or would never occur in the real world.

But while we are fighting this pandemic, there is this next war President Trump has to fight where the battle becomes more formidable and overpowering because it is more chameleon in nature and as such is much harder for him to win. Trump has to face all kinds of tricks that in warfare sums up into that one nasty word – sabotage.

The objective of covert demolition by the Anti-Trump Brigade perpetrated through its powerful associate-partner-in-crime the Media mob otherwise known as the Fake Media, is to ravage the implementation and effectiveness of the $2.2 trillion “relief-rescue-stimulus” package the size of which is still continuing to balloon to such mindboggling proportion.

There is sabotage when an avalanche of corporate claims for bailout entitlement are presented even if the business entity is not qualified to be economically rescued because its operation is already benefiting or should benefit from the relief and stimulus package.

For example, thousands are dying every day because of pandemic and a funeral parlor or a crematorium cannot claim that the business is gutted by Coronavirus that it needed to be financially rescued.

Even in death, something always lives. In a sweeping tragedy as devastating as Coronavirus, businesses die because of Coronavirus, but at the same time, some businesses thrive because of Coronavirus.

Here is another funeral parlor analogy: As the “delivery boy” of Amazon, the Postal Service (Postal Office – PO) is another good example. PO wanted a share of the relief and rescue package because it was allegedly becoming insolvent due to the pandemic. It was asking $50 billion emergency funding and access to additional $25 billion loan from the Treasury Department.

Trump and the Treasury Department denied this request. The reason for denial is that Postal Service has been losing revenue even before the pandemic occurred because of poor management and politically questionable business operation which the intelligence community – not me – may describe as seditious, my word. As Amazon’s “delivery boy”, all PO has to do is raise its price for delivery service to Amazon and the Postal Service can increase its revenue and become more than just solvent over time.

But for years PO management was stubborn, resistant and suspiciously complicit and didn’t adjust their pricing in a business-like manner, and the PO operation continued to lose a great amount of revenue. Postal Service Managers won’t do it because they alleged that they could lose to their delivery competitors if they increase their price. It was a run-of-the-mill excuse and they didn’t even try to make the necessary adjustment. The truth is the omission hides a political conspiracy of which the Postal Service is a willing participant.

Comes the fly in the ointment: Jeff Bezos is Amazon founder and Chief Executive, and owner of Washington Post used to attack Trump 24/7. Demanding a share of the relief package knowing that they would be denied because they are not qualified is to confuse and throw off-balance the merits and dire usefulness of the economic bailout in an emergency situation. This attack strategy is a new modus operandi of the Anti-Trump Brigade against the President of the United States. All kinds of businesses are publicly swayed and encouraged to file a claim for Coronavirus losses and those denied are expected to attack Trump as a “corrupt” President. Can you imagine how subtle and smooth this anti-Trump operation is? The most civil and polite expression I can use to describe this subterfuge is economic sabotage.

Add to it the fact that a battery of billionaire saboteurs who are, in my opinion, behind the Anti-Trump Brigade namely George Soros, Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer, reportedly giving away their own version of stimulus package to anyone within Trump’s circle and political supporters who can be bought or needs to be bailed out and turn their back on Trump. What is heard when you lower your ears closer to the ground is that some members of WH’s Coronavirus Team and the so-called round of Trump “advisers” might have already been compromised as shown in Trump’s sporadic firing of many of his close appointees. As of now it is just a form of “gossip” that Trump’s associates have been compromised, a cocoon rumor about to become a full-blown butterfly soon to flutter in the wind for Fake Media spinners to catch. Some of them, like John Bolton, former security adviser, and Anthony Scaramucci, former WH communication director, showed their true color against Trump after they were exposed and fired.

Trump should trust his intuitive impulse in reading human characters and in foretelling events, fortuitous or contrived, a rare natural born gift that serves him well as a businessman, and President of the United States.

The President shouldn’t hesitate to fire and hire, and hire and fire to protect the presidency. Only opponents will protest if he purges the undesirables, not the millions of Americans who stand behind him and support him in his promise to drain the swamp.

The next big conflict of open hostilities Trump has to face and prevail over them he must, may not be limited to the war waged by the Anti-Trump Brigade alone but also open confrontations launched by renegade Governors of both Red and Blue States who are using their power against the President of the United States to gain traction for national recognition, especially Governors who have an eye on running for President against Trump or for Vice President against Mike Pence. As President of United States Trump must have supervision and control of those State Executives who, politically impassioned, tend to step out of line. Understandably, they are creatures of the great divide which as Chief Executive of the land Trump has to tend to, like how that Shepherd in the Holy Bible tends his flock.

In times of war – and we are at war with Coronavirus –the President of the United States is the head of the Federal Government opposite to that of Governor as head of State. In this time of national emergency, President Trump has almost absolute control of the decisions made by the State government as to when to declare an economic lockdown or when to unlock a lockdown economy. But delegating presidential power to Governors to make decisions on social mitigation and other anti-virus measures as well as the opening of the economy within their territorial jurisdictions, is in order, but for the Governor and local authorities to politicize this delegated power is a no-no. President Trump must be ready to crack the whip on their back to put them back on line. He has superior power and authority than the Governors have. Although apparently independent by State law, supervision and control of local governments is still under the constitutional responsibility of the nation’s Chief Executive, especially for reason of national security.

I totally disagree with the opinion of some legal luminaries that I happen to admire that State Governors in this war against the Coronavirus, have a superior State power than the Federal power the President of the United States have. I disagree on at least three (3) counts:

1. When the country is in a virtual war against the Coronavirus, the “unseen enemy”, and there is a declaration of national emergency under the National Emergencies Act, Trump’s authority over a mutinous State is “total and almost absolute” as President Trump declared. This does not need any further illustration. You can read the awesome power of the President of United States that may be used under the declaration of national emergency.

2. In case of conflict, the power of the Federal Government always preempts the power of the State under the Supremacy Clause, Article VI of the Constitution.

I would like to quote this stellar illustration from my legal database in the celebrated case of Gonzales v. Reich (2005):

“. . .(S)ome states now allow legalization of marijuana, both for personal and medical purposes. But federal law bans marijuana as a controlled substance, and the Supremacy Clause in Article VI of the Constitution makes federal law superior to state law.

Therefore, the Supreme Court upheld the power of the federal government to regulate even homegrown marijuana in Gonzales v. Reich (2005).”

3. The new Tenth Amendment states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Here it is clear that when the act is prohibited by Federal law, the power of the State Governor to act under State law, is rendered inoperative. (Gonzales v. Reich, supra).

Under the National Emergencies Act and Defense Production Act, the action of a renegade Governor challenging Trump’s decision and action as President of the United States and Commander-In-Chief in this war against the pandemic cannot legally prevail.

Democratic Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan (who reportedly could be chosen by presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden as his running mate, “questioned Trump’s motive and response to the Coronavirus pandemic”. This belief that as Governors their State power is far superior than Trump’s, President of the United States, is not only totally erroneous but extremely dangerous. They are tempting the awesome power of the Federal Government to swoop down upon them and God forbids, when Federal and State armed forces collide, all I can say is have mercy on their souls. Our history of local insurrections is a stark reminder that state-level troublemakers always end up in jail if not six feet under the ground.

This could be happening in the bigger war Trump has to fight and win for the American people. The legal authority and the law President Trump needed are already with him.

Add to it the fact that millions of Americans like you and me are always behind the President. We are the spirit more powerful than law the President needs, free and brave to stand by his side to defend the Fatherland.

Mr. President, Godspeed.

And God bless America, home of the free and the brave! #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS April 15, 2020.

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