….I fully know and am cognizant that editorial policy disdains letters to the editors that are sent to multiple organizations, however; this letter is not for public consumption. This letter is directed towards you, your news organizations, and those within the ‘Fourth Estate.’ I am hoping you take this letter seriously, as it was intended.

This letter concerns our current economic crisis, and although it contains some material that has already been proffered into the public record, I do so in which to communicate some more obtuse facts into the already fetid record of this matter.

First: for almost a half century, United States currency has been backed by nothing…just the mere fiat money system of the Federal Reserve. As you probably already know, this “Federal Reserve” is a fiat money system, which creates both money, and more importantly, interest rates, literally; out of the ether. Since 1964, this nations economy has been built upon this house of cards, operated by a foreign interest group of the Federal Reserve,[1] which, for no better word for it, is at best, a domestic enemy to this nations interests.

For over a quarter century, there has been a cadre of dedicated Americans both common, and elite, whom have given sage adumbrations and clarion warnings to this internal structural error of our government.[2] For the length of that time, the mainstream media, has effectively sequestered and silenced that warning, and the impending train-wreck that was due to occur, directly due to this obfuscation. Even today, most American plebiscites, have no knowledge of the operational defects of our money system, directly due to your malfeasance and failure within the Fourth Estate, to simply inform the masses to these items of interest, which most effect them. Whereas, (and most unfortunately) they were not educated, nor informed: which is your main charge in this nation, as ‘we the people’ have given, and blessed you with Fourth Amendment protections ­the only private industry that has written protections within our constitutional form of government.

For the length of this time, like a cancer, our nation has silently been eaten out from the inside-out. You have complicity and slavishly mouthed the slack-jawed Pavlovian drooling propaganda which has emanated from our government: that the ‘budget will be balanced;’ that ‘we have “surpluses;”’ that the nations economy has been strong, or weak, but essentially is doing ‘just fine’ over this time frame. You have stated these things to a sinking ship, during a time you had palpable and countervailing warnings ­not over the past few months ­but facts and figures of which span almost a half century. Yet you still remained reticent to simply disclose to the American people: what the true economic story of this nation was, what the true information revealed.

Further, you have gone hand-in-hand with a miscegenation of both law and government which from this economic complicity, reached its cancerous effects into our government as a whole. You ignored this aetiology whilst a government became larger and larger; while our police forces grew; while our government suffered the ill effects of generational debt, welfare and war, all directly (or sometimes indirectly) caused by our scatological money system, of which ‘we the people’ would have neither requested, nor designed…nor would have allowed…had we simply known, or been given the opportunity to decide. Like our tax system, these systems were not designed for our benefit­ they were just shoved upon us ­as government ‘obligations.’

From this pecuniary cancer, something called state concentrated Keynesian economies began driving up Federal Deficits beyond recognition in the 1980s most acutely during the Reganomics era. The Federal Debt quickly ballooned to Billions then instantly to Trillions of dollars, to where the advertised amount[3] is a staggering nine trillion dollar debt: of which we are now, through the new Federal Bailout of the banks, and Wall Street; are driving that advertised national debt overnight to ten or twelve trillion dollars!

Yet, the mainstream media, as the slack-jawed drooling bond-servant, goes back to the ‘experts’ within both government and the “known quantity” proffered expert guild whom will become the talking heads to both create spin, and disinformation, and somehow explain away this malady.

By your dolt complicity, you have created an environment, for not just the past year, but again, a quarter century or longer ­that this nation has operated in direct contradistinction to its original precepts: that we are no longer a nation of laws, and we have errant courts systems which are in a total free fall; we have a money system which has doomed both we and our children to slavery; we have several standing armies in a time of peace; we have become the worlds bully; we have eternal wars; and eternal taxes and government attacks on the Citizens themselves; we have created a voting system which could be at best called a scam, to where for decades now, we have been offered a stolid determination between the two worst choices: Jeffery Dahmer and Charles Manson, and when one wins, it is you whom are there to wave the flag before our faces, and say we are the ‘freest nation on earth’ and to contritely declare that the system works…

…oh the humanity…

Well, the facts are…that the system is not working. And mind you, this is not the American system. It is “something else.” Perhaps the “Village,” perhaps the “New World Order.” We don’t know ­because you don’t have the courage to define this failure.

None dare it call it conspiracy…especially the mainstream media.

However; we are at a time, where we see but an inkling of the iceberg of doom, and we all know that the true reality is but two-thirds remaining below the surface…and the worst is yet to come.

If we continue on this Federal Reserve System ­this nation will be driven to the shoals of destruction.[4] It is not your children whom will become the inheritors of this desolation: we will see it in our time, much too soon.

You are in a unique position in history. For we are at a time where you could rise up and assume your station as the Fourth Estate, and inform the public in order to ease their way. From this long train of abuses, I wonder if you have even considered the fact ­that there may be a malevolent intent to those ‘angels’ whom rule over us throughout the aegis of our government to actually engineer this failure.[5] Could this be planned? We could never know ­because it is you whom have the resources and the station to find out, who cower from your solemn duty and obligations. Sure you will move heaven and earth to follow Lindsay Lohan or Brittany Spears into a rehab center and keep the whole nation palpably informed of every sordid detail and nuance of those moronic conflagrations ­but do you have the mettle to confront the real reality of what has occurred here within this nations’ economy. And there is the rub.

Could it be that this collapse has been planned by government? Well, such a claim, such an asseveration must be a conspiracy! We wouldn’t want to offend nor expose government…a government by the way, whom is about to allow this current failed system to once again reach in and control every bank and individual American bank account in the United States. This, in the light of Patriot Acts I and II ­should give no cause for alarm.

Has any public debate started that perhaps would present the idea that perhaps we should just fire these people whom have so miserably failed us? Instead, we are giving them a bail-out package, with­again­no prison time? We are going back to the Lifeguard who has actively drowned the swimmers, and we are giving him a pay-raise to, this time: do the job right? Do I understand this correctly?

Perhaps exposing both the history of what has occurred, and the mechanics of the operation, may take resolution and determination on your part. Indeed, ‘we the people’ may have passed a Fourth Amendment protecting your right to publish and to the liberty of free speech­but we did not pass a concomitant Amendment which would mandate the courage to go along with that constitutional obligation. We cannot inspire courage, nor can we inspire you to do what is right.

We can only sit, and wait to be informed…which you have presently…failed to do…and we can only hope.

I do hope this has somewhat elucidated the present conundrum at hand, and how most people view this needless catastrophe, which should have never occurred in the first place. I hope, somehow, it helps.

Respectfully, Author above.

>DATE: September 24, 2008 <

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