A Tribute To Barbara Coe

by John Clark –

Barb Coe was the epitome of the American Spirit that made this country great. She held the evil forces at bay until her dying day, and will continue into the hereafter, appearing as a bolt of light, a white cloud raining tears of joy as the evil forces are vanquished for all time.

                                                                    by Barry Weinstein –

I met and worked with Barbara Coe. She was a dedicated American intent on protecting the America that was established by the Founders and the Constitution of the United States of America.

Barbara Coe was unrelenting in the face of adversity and lying detractors intent then and now on the destruction of America from within. She was a true Patriot.
God Bless You Barbara. We will miss YOU!
On behalf of the National Writers Syndicate as well.

Barbara Coe helped lead the drive behind Prop. 187, the California ballot initiative to deny free undeserved, corrupted public services and money and more to those in the U.S. illegally.

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