Tonight: America Betrayed: Host John Clark RE: DB Cooper & Al Rassooli

… Tonight CHARLIE will reveal previously unknown secrets of the Kennedy era ..the drugging and snuffing out of Kennedy paramours. + More!!

Also: The Second Hour Guest

Appearing Again By Popular Demand!

Sultan Al Rassooli – Our guest will debunk the fraudulant myths Perpetrated by the Koran &

Once Again the Brave! Al-Rassooli is Well Informed About Islam & Radical and Revolutionary. Not to be missed – Be There Or Be Unaware! Hosted by John Clark Tuesday 10/26/10 – Live At: 9 pm-ET ~ 6 PT.

“Obama is a Muslim!”

I.Q. al-Rassooli was born in Iraq. His mother tongue is Arabic.

He was sent by his parents to study engineering at a university in England. But, after graduating, he decided to stay because he discovered that the “programming” he had received at home about other peoples was one-sided and wrong.

Because of the intractable turmoil of the Middle East, al-Rassooli took it upon himself to study the subject matters as thoroughly as humanly possible, spending almost 23 years researching, analyzing, comparing and contrasting as many points of view as possible.

In that process, he had to learn everything he possibly could about Muhammad, the Quran, Hadiths, Arab and Islamic histories, the Arab-Israeli conflict, the Hebrew Bible, the New Testament, Zoroasterian religion and pagan Arabian religion.

For the next three years, he put his thoughts together in a thesis that, unfortunately, no publisher wanted to touch because it was so radical and revolutionary.

All That And Much, Much More !!

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