Tomorrow Stands A Man Carter – America – A Woman Taitz

… the alleged undocumented, President Obama, in particular to pray to the Devil for an unconstitutional decision to be made on their behalf by the Honorable – Americans hope – Federal Judge Carter. Scared, are you “hope and change” connivers now.

Federal Judge Carter, a Marine as well, will decide whether

America enters a future of lahars / pyroclastic flows or one of Life,

Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, on Monday.5.October.2009. It’s the Constitution that’s at stake, Judge Carter. This is a day that will be remembered while America endures. Or it will be remembered as the darkest day in the history of the lost


Judge Carter will either be an Outstanding American Hero or a Rancid Knave dishonoring himself and the Marines, forever.

Stand Fast Judge Carter. Thank You, Dr.

Orly Taitz.

G-d Bless


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