Some reports are calling it a Murder, a stabbing, a Rich Fagan DUI, not really…; and it is not at all that simple. It's a story of a fine man, constructing 'Independent' music that makes it to Multiple Platinum Record Sales, with benevolence, a very unique style, and lots of good souls.

TOM Oteri – NWS Jeff , and Rich Fagan shown below. A Personal photo.

This fills me with grief, because its complicated. Probably it bothers me more because they use my photos and videos in reporting… it is of course that such stuff brings back great memories to me; memories of us hanging together in Nashville and having a really world class time.

Tom had to be the nicest person you could know, a super negotiator because he was so fair about his reasoning that anything else seemed wrong, and Tom was always a good friend to confide in. Some may not know that he was also a fantasic chef, and his cookouts and dinners were 5 star alll the way, largely because of his love and mastering of the 'Culinary Arts' and Tom's past that included owning a Farm and working with the produce. Lamb Roast, a fine wine, and some Caviar, all followed by a rare cigar now and then…; all of Tom's picks were superb, and Rich Fagan's pickin' was perfection.

Tom's own accomplishments are superb. Then he teamed up with Rich Fagan to create many Multi-platinum songs over the past 20 years, clearly is so substantial that I think it best now, just link to it here:

I personally know, that: Tom Oteri and Rich Fagan were the Best of Friends. Neither would kill anything, in fact if some bug or animal got into their home, they would catch and release rather than smash and kill. Both of them were always 'Very, Karma-Aware' those two guys were … and anything, that conflicts with the reality of they're being the best of friends, is inaccurate, to me knowing them both personally, this had to be entirely an accident. Nothing More!!

I will split this coverage into multiple articles, written in the first person, because that's the way it was and is. "OFmusic" as the company and people in it all mattered, to me. We have lost Lyndy Gitter to Cancer, Peggy Bradley to Cancer and now Tom Oteri to a mistake. 'OFmusic' was Oteri-Fagan Music, and with Tom gone and Rich in Jail, its likely that OFmusic in its past glorywill never be restored, and it is a story that must be told and preserved. Hopefully I will get some help.

The most Reasonable coverage, to me, was done by a Nashville TV station. Why? Because Amy Kirland of the Bluebird, and Kacey Jones, knew both Rich Fagan and Tom Oteri very, very well.

Some other 'lame third person' reporting being done on this, I find, is from — WZTV [see: the link just below] — clearly, I must say here, that it seems that the only source that are aware of is the Police report. I am uncomfortable about because they seem to me to be trying to make Tom, merely, an inanimate object, devoid of Humanity. Tom was simply Tom or Tom Oteri when answering a phone call. however refers to 'Tom' impersonally as — "Gaetano Thomas Oteri" — we however all called him Tommy, he would personally answer his own phone as Tom Oteri.

But I note that their text is littered with name dropping:

"A songwriter who wrote hits for John Michael Montgomery confesses to stabbing his business partner. Richard Fagan is charged with Criminal Homicide. Police say Saturday night he stabbed longtime friend Tom Oteri, the father of Saturday Night Live Comedian Cheri Oteri, in the wrist during a drunken fight in their home. After the fight, authorities say Fagan left and was pulled over for a DUI. While in jail, police say he called a friend to check on Oteri, not knowing he was dead.

Working with Oteri, Fagan wrote three number one hits for John Michael Montgomery including "Be My Baby Tonight" "I Miss You a Little" and "Sold (The Grundy County Auction Incident)."

Friends say because of their long friendship, this had to be an accident. "He loved Tom. He would've laid his own life down for him. Yes, I think it's an accident," said local singer songwriter Kacey Jones. Fagan is now being held without bond."

The mass media coverage makes more of the fact that Cheri Oteri

( Saturday Night Live alum ) is Tommy Oteri's daughter, typical of how they report, covering that Cheri Oteri is appearing with jessica Simpson in an upcoming summer movie.

Most Media used Nashville Police Department photos, much like motor vehicle photo's of you, which are old and do not look good at all, adding to our overall angst. While 'we' compose ourselves and get proper info, here are a couple photos of Rich Fagan And Tommy that should better represent them.

Member gallery page for Tom and Rich

Rich Fagan

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