To rescue “The American Dream”

[….in South America. This person is risking life and limb in order to challenge to Hugo Chaves and his Fascist friends intent on destroying Democracy there in Venezuela and everywhere else. The truth starts here at NWS]

….rescue Democracy first. One of the main concerns in the USA is the human tsunami of illegal immigrants eating up the potential job market in detriment to US Citizens at home. But no one in Capitol Hill seems interested in the cause and effect of not worrying to save or rescue Democracy south of Rio Bravo where the outpour of many immigrants cross, mainly because they can’t afford a plane ticket and many come on foot via “coyote routes”. This is a serious problem; that clearly drains Billions of US taxpayer’s money in paying for the illegal’s education of their children and hospital bills, just to mention a few. The people responsible for this outpour of Federal funds seem to look the other way or simply do not talk about it.

The cliché of the “American Dream” originated in the USA, since it was the first country to offer liberty to be an entrepreneur with your own know-how. This “intellectual liberty” allowed the liberty of action to pursue their dreams or goals in life. Thus, you find that quite a few German Immigrants managed to be beer brewers in the USA as well as successful industrialists. Some became steel barons like Andrew Carnegie from Scotland, when all that he brought was a willingness to work and follow his intuition in a land of democracy where the rule of law prevailed.

As democracy spread itself, even though in some countries south of Rio Bravo where even under dictatorial governments, the “rule of law” prevailed, nevertheless many entrepreneurs prospered in establishing industries and businesses that helped their countries prosper. Venezuela was an example of this socio-economic phenomenon since the country was under military governments up until January of 1958. Sadly it has fallen a under military rule since 1999 under Hugo Chavez who considers himself the second Fidel Castro and does not abide by the “rule of law”.

Some were authoritarian like JV Gomez (1908-1935) and Marcos Perez Jimenez (1952-1958). Hugo Chavez is just plain ridiculous and has a maniac tendency to be epileptic in his policies. Nevertheless the “rule of law” prevailed with other government before Chavez, and the country went forward drawing many European immigrants and refuges from the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and the post war Europe of WW II. These young and hardy immigrants made progressive achievements in agriculture and industry, since many were “skilled laborers”, who later became industrialist in the metallurgical and mechanics fields, forging an array of •service industries” that went hand in hand with the growing oil industry which carried the most amount of jobs as well as a good payroll. The aforementioned dictators were nationalists who had a respect for the rule of law regarding private property, but not Hugo Chavez.

Other countries had their quota of progress too, not much so as Venezuela and with the oil industry, especially after the Suez crisis of 1956 when Egypt’s Nasser nationalizes the Suez Canal. A massive investment by the oil companies surged in updating the Venezuelan oil industry as a secured fuel provider close to home and with only four days navigation to the nearest US Oil Refinery.

But the problem of democracy in Latin America was hampered by the political heckling mainly by communist ideologists who thought that a “Maoist” revolution like the one held in China by Mao Tse Tung would solve their social and economic problems at home. In Cuba after half a century of that doctrine or ideology, the nation is in complete ruination with no infrastructure to show for its progress in such an ideological revolution of communism. What infrastructure it has in Resort Hotels, is thanks to foreign investors like Spain and Canada who have provided the construction and upkeep of same, only for non Cuban tourists. The Cubans working there receive the mandatory 30 Cuban Pesos, and Fidel Castro taking the real salary for himself. Who said that human slavery was gone from the Caribbean Sea area? That is only one example. This is a contradiction of communist doctrine, since they preach that it´s the Capitalist World that exploits humanity in “slave labor”, and then who is the slave driver?

The neglect by acting presidents and its governments towards its people, regardless if they are pro left or “so called democrats”, corrupt just the same, dwindle the human willingness to remain in the country, thus immigrating to broader horizons where they can develop their dreams with their willingness to work for a better life northward. All immigrants carry a common luggage; “a suitcase of dreams and a trunk load of hope”. The failure to preserve democracy South of Rio Bravo, more so the tolerance of tyranny and its tyrants, now increasing more than ever, is no way for the future administration of President Obama to “export Democracy” abroad.

If incompetence or ineptitude is a factor to persuade people to leave their homeland, now you have another factor over the past ten years; international terrorism. This mode has a new godfather in Hugo Chavez who finances any group of monkeys who go against the USA and its policies. Here in Venezuela he finances the Communist Colombian Guerrillas FARC and ELN providing them a safe haven in Venezuelan territory as well as logistics, medical assistance and acts as a go between the guerrillas who kidnap innocent victims and their families as it was demonstrated last year in the arrangement for the release of some civilians and three North Americans. Only that Colombian President Uribe fooled the guerrilla and rescued 15 hostages, including Virginia Betancourt and three American contract workers. You have the forming of communist regimes in Latin America thanks to the Sao Paulo Forum created by Fidel Castro and current Brazilian President Luis Ignacio Lula, to use Democracy as a launching pad in democratic elections for communist to gain power and destroy democracy, just like Chavez is doing here Venezuela and helping Correa in Ecuador, Morales in Bolivia and Ortega in Nicaragua. This aid spreads even towards Africa where he helps Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe and towards the Middle East aiding Iran, Syria and now the Palestinian Hamas as well as the Iranian Hezbollah terrorist groups.

If this human hindrance of Hugo Chavez towards Democracy persists, then many more will flee Latin America seeking a safe haven to pursue their American Dream in another land that is not theirs.


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