To: Orly Taitz – Joy Behar Comes From A Family Of Italian Fascist Sympathizers – Wiki

The incredibly brave Russian émigré lawyer faced a disturbing example of blatant media bias when she appeared on CNN’s Joy Behar Show.

You knew it was going to go poorly when Ms. Behar’s stage’s most prominent feature was a sign that said “Lunatic Fringe”.

Loaded words like “right wing extremist” and a barrage of Ad-hominem insults directed at Ms. Taitz did not dissuade her from methodically presenting her evidence and making a strong case for, well, that the President is a liar and "not from here.”

Behar’s bias was so bad, that she actually brought her own set of exhibits to argue with Dr. Taitz.

Then she started hitting below the belt. She asked Taitz “What religion do you think Obama is?”

Taitz answered that it doesn’t make a difference, and that she didn’t know. Behar then shocked us. She asked ‘Does this have anything to do with


Ah yes, the sinister Zionist plot to embarrass Barrack Hussein Obama.

Behar just took old fashioned medieval Jew baiting to a whole new level. Attack the President and you’re an Israeli agent.

Excuse me while I take off my shoe and call my supervisor in Tel Aviv. Taitz answered "No ".

Well, since Joy hit hard, we can to. We looked at Joy’s Wikipedia page. Not only did we find out that she comes from a family of Italian fascist sympathizers, she herself had a run in with the Anti-Defamation League, which monitors anti-Semitism.

But CNN is a whole other Pandora’s Box of poison. We recall its founder Ted Turner and his $100 million dollar gift to the UN, and his marriage to Viet Cong/PLO sympathizer Jane Fonda.

We also know that CNN is considered a “CIA asset” and has CIA staffers on its premises from time to time as ‘advisors’.

The gatekeepers of

America’s controlled New World Order media gave Orly Taitz her moment of fame to attack her.

But they didn’t count on the principle of John Milton’s ‘Aeropagitica’, the self righting nature of truth.

Beyond Behar’s Jew baiting, and beyond the insults, viewers could figure out that where there’s smoke there is likely fire.

People could figure out that the President is impersonating an American.

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