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… intrepid journalist makes inane and insane statements in his latest oped charade. If incompetence could fuel a rocket, Harsanyi could load a missile and propel it to the moon.

Harsanyi, yet another ‘flat earth’ advocate of the 21st century or better yet, another Pope who thinks the sun revolves around the Earth—cannot quite wrap his limited mind around the fact that human overpopulation and resource depletion threaten the survival of our civilization.

Harsanyi said of Holdren, “Never discouraged, but never right!”

“Holdren was asked by Ehrlich to pick five natural resources that would experience shortages due to human consumption,” Harsanyi said. “He lost the bet on all counts, as the composite price index for the commodities he picked, like copper and chromium, fell by more than 40 percent.”

Holdren lost the bet 20 years ago, but the game isn’t over and humans overpower Mother Nature at an astounding 77 million added annually on our way to adding three billion more in 41 years. Harsanyi failed 6th grade science, but raced ahead to a career in newspaper charades.

“No big deal,” Harsanyi said. “Even today, many environmentalists and anti-immigration activists believe in the myth of population disaster.”

Once again Harsanyi shows how he failed 6th grade science in calling overpopulation a myth. He fails to see



Bangladesh’s and

America’s accelerating consequences from overpopulation. He’s a sighted man who refuses to look at climate destabilization, species extinction, acidified soils and oceans from air pollution, water shortages and our impending energy shortages along with a Pandora’s Box of accelerating calamities.

One cannot grasp at how insipid and how stupid a journalist might show himself through his writings!

“Today, for instance, though Holdren has publicly tempered his aversion to population growth, he still advocates that government nudge us toward fewer children,” Harsanyi wrote.

Harsanyi cannot ‘see’ our impending hyper-population crisis. He won’t look at the projected 100 million added to this country because he does not possess the intellectual capacity. Yet the Denver Post, in the same boat, fails on every level to understand the meaning of our dilemma. That’s why the DP hired Harsanyi.

Overpopulation will prove THE greatest crisis facing the

United States and world in the 21st century. If Harsanyi could pull on a pair of glasses, he might see that his kids will be swimming in the consequences.

George H.W. Bush said, “The American way of life is not negotiable.”

Mother Nature said, “Wanna’ bet!”

In the end, no matter what Harsanyi’s rants and ineptitude, Mother Nature always bats last.


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