“Time To Prepare”

by George Weir –

It seems with each passing day the need for Americans to prepare for the unexpected seem to be drawing closer.  When we arise in the morning, and see the sun rising once again in the East and the population scurrying about as usual, it’s easy to say, “All is well” but is it?

America is certainly no stranger to dangers due to natural causes, each year the people all called to endure devastation from floods, tornadoes and hurricanes, and in many places they are on the lookout constantly for forest fires and mud slides.  But these are the known and expected events and with the constant efforts by the National Weather Service, the people have for the most part ample time to prepare.

Recently I wrote an article about the strength of the Fabric of America, which is the people, and without any doubt the American people are strong and from year to year they prove their ability to overcome adversity after adversity.  Also they prove their ability and generosity by sending help and supplies to those in foreign land when nature sends them a devastating blow, also the American people over the years have spent blood and treasure defending the people of the world from tyrants and dictators, yes America is strong, but, I fear that we have been asleep at the wheel, and the dangers we face are not the known or the obvious, but from an enemy that has crept in through the door we call, Freedom.

America has become accustomed to the idea of fighting wars over a large body of water in some other country, not realizing that the enemy just might be in our own neighborhood.  Over the year America has seen a flood of people from all parts of the world make their way across our borders, true, for the most part these are people looking for a better life, but I am convinced, that many are plotting and planning their evil purposes on the American people.

It’s been known by the major powers through the world that a military victory against the United States would be a foolish effort and in the end there would be no absolute victory for any, just total devastation.   But now, America, and the world are facing, an enemy that knows no boundaries, nor has any mercy upon the fate of any people, only world domination.

And the Nations most hated of this evil enemy, Israel and the United States.  In Israel they did tunnels in order to kidnap the unsuspecting Israeli then kill them or hold them fro ransom, but in America they have plotted another way of entry, (Immigration).

Why do they hate America? (simple)  From the very beginning America was established as a Christian nation, and Christians believe in love, mercy and compassion, and this ideology is foreign to the radical Islam, and the United States is the close ally of Israel which embrace the concept of the freedom to worship according to their conscience .   Their grand hope for the world is Islamic domination, and this can never happen as long as there are Christians on the face of the earth.

But how could this domination of the United States come about?   Simple!  Politicaly.

My most reverent prayer is that the people don’t fall into the slumber or absent of thought and be caught up into a nation in which Christians are persecuted and run from their homes as they are in Iraq.  But unless the Christians of America prepare themselves, they very well may see that day, because make no mistake, (the enemy is already here), waiting for the day that they can dominate at the voting booth.

The framers of the constitution didn’t include the second amendment by some error, they recognized that just because the Revolution had been won, and the colonies weren’t any longer living under the heavy hand of England, that peace was finally upon the face of the earth, it was time to lay down the arms.  No they thought it well that the Nation be armed, they knew very well that the liberty that we enjoy would someday be in jeopardy.  So, if America is to be prepared, it needs to be armed.

Being prepared in our times means more than being well armed.  We are living in a time of technology, and our enemies know this also.   I shudder the thought of the electrical grid being sabotaged or the water supply brought to nothing but by the hands of the evil killers, and make no mistake, — They would Love too).

I can make this statement with no regrets,..”Should the Christians of the World be removed, the world would fall into utter ruin”…

God forbid that the day should come, but if it should, all freedom loving people of the world need to be prepared to fight, and fight to win.

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