Tijuana In Florida

… It took place in the Seminole County to be exact. The ticket was issued by the governments’ locally corrupt first line of defense that is, of course, the Sheriffs depts.

What do I mean by that?

I mean this! When, ‘We the People’ finally get tired of this clearly ‘Communist-Marxist’ takeover, and then start to fight back, I believe that the sheriffs departments will be the first to try and stop them/us. They, the Sheriffs do have a lot of hardware, including armored personnel carriers and small tanks. That is one of the reasons the Commie-Marxist pigs A.K.A. the Demo-Rats want to take away Americans guns first.

Well folks back to my story. I did not run a traffic sign.

I know, I know! “I am Innocent”. Everyone says that, but here it is true. I did stop, at the Stop sign for at least 3 seconds – I honestly tell you all.

According to the Captain in the Seminole County Sheriffs dept, “as long as your wheels come to a complete stop you are legal”. But hey, times are tough, and boys in blue need all our bucks to buy more toys, (Tanks, assault rifles etc, maybe a toy that will one day be used against us, the lowly taxpayer, ok, ok. you say!

Let’s get back to the story and no more polemics by me.

Well needless to say, I am going to fight this absurdity I said to myself. I went to the court house to get a court date. The court date came and my wife and I headed for the arena, the court room was full, unlucky victims and the enforcers, the Cops, all had happy faces as if they were having a great old time laughing cracking jokes, why not?

They are getting paid to be there. Meanwhile all of the victims sat clearly solemn faced while waiting for their own fate.

Then some person took the judge’s seat. Yup, the ‘tax collector’ it was the counties deaf ‘hearing officer’ other wise known as another slimy lawyer.

The ‘tax collector’ began to speak, “if you plead guilty or no contest” the charge will not go on your record. Just pay your ‘tax’ and be on your merry way. People lined up in droves, they could not wait to pay their special tax and be on their merry way.

Hey!, maybe I should do that as well I thought to myself. Just pay the fine/tax and be done with it, but no!

I am innocent, and justice will prevail after all, this is part of the justice system RIGHT? Boy was I wrong. Why? I thought that congress and the IRS were the only crooked government agencies.

After all the other sheep paid their fines/tax and then went on their way, there were five of us resistors left that felt justice would prevail.

The first victim there was a young girl who the enforcer (cop) said ran a red light. The accuser/enforcer was asked by the Hearing Officer – the boss –, of course, to tell his story by the slimy lawyer — Alias the tax collector. The enforcer said that he had stopped when the light turned yellow and the young woman continued to go thru the light. Now it was the young woman’s time to speak. “Yes, she said, the light was yellow and I did continue thru the intersection and then the enforcer (cop) pulled me over”.

The Tax collector then spoke. “GUILTY”. Since the enforcer stopped, you should have done the same, the young woman tried to protest. SILENCE shouted the Boss! Were we in

Tijuana? My wife was shocked. I bet she was thinking, I left

Venezuela for this?

After the next three victims received the same verdict – GUILTY! They all had their

fines raised, of course.

Oh goody, more money for the TOYS- now it was my turn. The — boss — slimy lawyer spoke again. Mr. Enforcer tell us your side of the incident first: Said the boss. I could not believe the lies coming from this enforcer. I wanted to scream out loud you — Lousy stinking liar. But I knew that if I did the slime, boss, would probably give me the chair (Electric) and a very large fine. GUILTY! The slimy lawyers’ words screamed out, just like the Queen in

Alice in Wonderland was yelling “Off with his head”. I felt like a kangaroo and felt like hopping out, but I was afraid I might be shot.

As my wife and I left the “show”, we could hear laughter coming from the court room. Well maybe I am just being paranoid, but hey, the joke is on us isn’t it. To top it off the Sheriffs dept of Volusia have been taking money from motorists without any proof of any crime. Just because a dog smelled drugs, using drug forfeiture as the excuse to take peoples money, and if you don’t like it hire a lawyer and take it to court, ha ha the joke is on us.

I would like to go to court and have three bags of money fresh from three different banks and then bring in that drug sniffing dog. I bet he would say that all three bags had drugs in them. I bet all of the bills have drug residue on them. They better go arrest those bankers. Are you kidding you might ask? Yes I am kidding. Welcome to extortion by the police. They are no different than the IRS. I think Mexican police do the same thing. The Volusia county Sheriff has some great toys.

Time to go to internal affairs of the sheriff’s dept. It is right across the street how convenient.

I did! We spoke with the receptionist, and she told me to fill out a form.

I noticed on the form #FS 837.012 the following:

‘Perjury when not in a official proceeding, who ever makes a false statement under oath in regard to any matter, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor of the first degree’.

That sounds exactly like that enforcer that gave me a ticket did.

Well, we were led into the interrogation room by a captain of the sheriffs dept, as we sat down I saw him reach under desk to activate recording equipment. He likely thought he was being sly.

The interrogation started like I was the bad guy; did you say the enforcer (cop) is a racist? – (Who by the way is black-) I said, he might be a racist, or maybe only white people can be racist? No answer. So your charge is what, was the captain’s reply.

The cop is a LIAR, was my response, well, that is not a charge we can take. What about the form I just filled out? If I lie I am guilty of a crime? And if you lie or an officer does, you are not guilty? Just like congress, a different set of rules for the elite. Who says we all are not screwed?

John Clark

Footnote: there are some sheriffs who will ignore the order to stop American Citizens from their right to take back their Government. Some Examples Sheriff Richard Jones Butler County Ohio; Sheriff Arpaio Phoenix Az; and a few others. I HOPE

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