Those Wacko Oahu Yahoos

Did you pass this to honor Barack Hussein Obama? The curious among us can only wonder why they didn’t select September 11th, and wonder if this “special” day will be celebrated with hand and feet chopping demonstrations, beheadings, a few stonings and hangings, and “how to beat a woman?” I envision booths with “how to” instructional leaders teaching “taqiyyah” (the proper way to lie to infidels) or “how to” correctly wear the Hijab and Keffiyeh scarf. Will the state of Hawaii reap tax dividends on the sale of Sharia law and finance books, or do-it-yourself clitoral removal surgical kits for home use?

Demonstrations on the proper care and use of the AK-47 and RPG rocket launcher? A parade with 200 male Muslims flogging their bleeding backs as they march down Ilike Ilike Boulevard would be…”colorful.” If pantywaist Muslim ass kissers in the Democrat Senate are trying to lure Islamic investment dollars, this could be big! Of course the bill does not include a codicil about “no pork sales on this day” and as a result someone’s gonna get sued. You know how Muslims love those crazy pig luau’s. Hide the bacon, piggy banks, your Arkansas Razorback sweatshirt, and Miss Piggy CD’s less the Muslims go hog-wild on their special day.

The bill seeks to recognize “the rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic contributions” that Islam and the Islamic world have made. Unable to find any contributions for the betterment of humanity, could this dimwit Senate possible mean Islam slaughtering hundreds of thousands of human beings around the globe as a religious contribution? The only “scientific” contribution Islam pursues is the development of nuclear weapons, and only that will be accomplished using oil dollars and foreign brains. Cultural and artistic? Is this is reference to Arabs storming the world’s largest Catholic Church at Hagia Sophia and looting the art? Well, that was too long ago and doesn’t count (cough).

Like all good liberals who honor murderers and low-life’s, you’ll get the old “Well not all Muslims are terrorists.” I like that response as it mirrors the IQ of the typical uninformed (or uncaring) liberal. Ask one to watch a video of 400,000 screaming Muslims marching the streets of Jakarta, Indonesia, if they can pick-out the peaceful ones.

Which Muslims in the crowd of 200 yelling “Jews to the ovens” in Tampa, Florida were the radicals? How about the 300,000 in Paris burning cars and throwing rocks at the police, can you identify just those who are “radical?” I would like the Democrat Senate from Hawaii to come to mainland U.S., visit one of the 2400 mosques and come-away without hearing anti-American, anti-Jew hatred being preached, or visit the Muslim community in New York and find peaceful Muslims among the Stars and Stripes flag stomping crowds.

The list is endless, and goes around the world…every day.

Where ARE those peaceful Muslims who have contributed to humanity through “rich religious, scientific, cultural and artistic expression?”

Where on Planet Earth are the Islamic clinics to heal the sick? Where are the food banks to feed the hungry?

Where are Muslims volunteering to build shelter for the homeless?

Answer: There are none.

Oil Wealthy Muslims spend their money on fleets of automobiles and personal jets, leaving their own people dirt poor and ignoring global “humanity.” Religious contribution? Stop the lying. Stop the foolish pandering to this butchering guild.

A special day is just that; a special recognition of someone or some thing that does something extraordinary besides killing humans with other religious beliefs.

The people of Hawaii just got “leid.” Muslims will use this proclamation to gain a tighter grip; to demand more, to file more “blasphemy” lawsuits; and to use this “jizya” to support their global enterprise to overthrow the stupid people who think they are “special.”

Aloha, you birdbrains. You will reap what youhave sown.

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