Thomas Jefferson would be ashamed we have not had a revolution in over 200 years!

…. who abuse, and exploit the system. So much so he wrote we should have a revolution about every 20 years. While I like the sound of that, I believe we can do better by just standing up when we see injustice. It has taken a threat to my freedom to make this something I cannot ignore. I will spend the rest of my life fighting for myself and others who are being unjustly persecuted, and prosecuted. It is time we make a stand America! We are the greatest country on the planet lets show it by keeping Justice Just!

Some people get comfortable in their positions of power. Even a small county with few people, and not much income can create these monsters.

John Thomas Knox county (presecuting) attorney is one such bully. He and his lackies, the County Sheriff, and town cops in his county have been running rough shod over the citizens of the United States who reside in the area for so long no one is willing to question their motives, or methods. They have been using Gestapo like tactics to add convictions to their records without the Constitutional guarantee of a fair trial.(Plea bargain is the word of the day around here) They bully and threaten when they cannot prove, and why does it work? Because it cost a fortune to defend ones self against them. Either you accept the defense of a brainless public defender, or you foot the hefty bill of a private attorney who drags out each meeting he schedules, and prolongs court sessions with meaningless dribble so as to extract ever penny he can. In the end you are left broke, and hurting. What do you get from all this so called justice? Well Since I am still in the process of getting my rear end bored by the so called system of Justice in Knox County Nebraska, I guess we will have to wait and see. Honestly I do not hold out much hope that I will be treated fairly, or that I will stand much of a chance in what I can only describe as a narrow minded farming community of church goers and Indian haters. I fear thatif Ihave to stand alone my chances of a fair trial are slim at best. What I could really use is a few thousand or more of my Countrymen, and Women who would stand behind me knowing I am a good and decent Man, Father, and Friend. Sure hope I hear from some of you. Thanks for reading this. Scott Collin

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My trial is Schedualed for Februray 4th. I could sure use a bunch of Cameras and reporters. Trust me it is going to be worth it when people start getting on the stand. Want some details contact me and we can talk about how bad a job they have done setting me up and why they are trying. I am a long haired Native American with lots of tattoos. <there is your first clue

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