This Message Just Sent To Extraordinary President Trump

by / From Barry Weinstein

Dear President Trump,

As far as I am concerned We are engaged in the Battle for America. And just as in the battle for Britain, when PM Winston Churchill was finally the Prime Minister, America is in this World War with an invisible enemy – Covid 19 the Corona Virus. Now, Today Americans are fortunate to have you, President Trump, elected to its leadership. Just as with Churchill, There must be no Surrender to the current Socialist Enemies of America and its freedom loving people! I would NOT sign the Pelosi / Schumer Socialist wish list they are pushing in order to eventually destroy America. Socialism was the plague during WWII & as usual is the Twin today during WWIII. As you, Sir, have rightly said: “This is a war!” In war People die, even civilians.

My Best Too All Of You In The Extraordinary President Trump Administration!


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