This Fear Of Globalization

…. When globalization is viewed at a distance – meaning by anyone less familiar what globalization means and therefore just actually putting two and two together and erroneously exaggerates with an arithmetical damnation that for heaven’s sake the sum is not four but eight[!] – we can be sure that one sees a frightening paranoia coming out from the wrong end of the telescope.

The truth in studies that jumps out of the bag is that globalization is neither a bogeyman under the bed nor a conspiracy of a bunch of maniacs who want to dominate the world. There is such thing in the fantasy world of Disneyland for entertainment, i.e. a sci-fi movie gate-grosser that chases away the boredom of life — but not in the real world. In the real world, the fear of globalization is a fear of one’s own long dark shadow. As one walks in the open air of freedom during the earlier and later part of a bright sunny day, the shadow is longer and the fear is stronger.

Global McCarthyism On The Rise Is Once More Touching Base

Globalization is the dawn of a rising sun that casts shadows on modern life on this planet. The darker these shadows are – again meaning the least globalization is understood – the stronger is the fear.

Those who hate America, the government of the United States of America and the world deep down the marrow of their bones, whether from the gutter or the academe, condemn globalization as a thief in the night that steals our birthright, the right to exist, a phantom of the opera that absconds our hope for a brighter future, a conniving rascal that takes away our sovereignty, pockets our national patrimony, disgraces and destroys our Constitution and what have you, you name it.

What is alarming about this is that McCarthyism sees an ogre in those shadows as if ready to devour the world out of existence. Understandably, in the world of McCarthyism, the reaction is emotionally intense. Many writers whose feet touch the ground of reality – not those that hang in the air –aptly described this kind of phobia as xenophobic insanity.

It is not difficult to agree with those down-to-earth sentinels of free expression in the world of the ink and the quill. As a writer for more than forty-five years, the only difficulty I have to disagree if ever there is a chance that I should, is that I have worked in the United Nations that mankind had decided to put up against worldwide disorder, chaos, lawlessness and anarchism that xenophobic insanity creates, to know that xenophobic global McCarthyism exists.

In order to get a hold of this analytical essay, let’s have a common ground of reference for better understanding of the term “globalization”. Unlike how I described globalization in my on-going book project, I must be brief. There are more than a dozen definitions of “globalization” of which scholars do not agree. The quarrel over it is longer than a chapter of the book.

I have my own. Time-wise, it is shorter than a ten-second knockout count in TV’s Friday Night Fight. It is a global umbrella-civilization of pluralism/cultural conflict – a being. It is also an incorporation of the peoples of the world into a single world polity, a global society – a process.

In these abbreviated definitions of globalization, I chose to lean more on the philosophical vision of


Dror, 1988, and the normative description of


Albrow, 1990, from which I formulated my own for purposes of this editorial insight.

For those in the dark, McCarthyism is reminiscent of the three centuries of the Great European Witch-Hunts [1450-1750] that “resulted in the trial, torture, and execution of tens of thousands of victims, about three-quarters of which were women… [1] It is McCarthyism out of control in the old world.

In the modern world, McCarthyism is "The act of making insufficiently supported accusations or engaging in unfair investigations against a person[s] [or entity] as an attempt to unfairly silence or discredit them…” [2]

Is McCarthyism dead and buried in the past? If it is, then hypocrisy is alive and well. Perhaps there will be hearings like in the past that ruined the careers of many in

Hollywood … who knows. Judging how the extreme Right and the radical Left are counter-attacking each other, blacklisting as in McCarthy’s days could be as real as Pentagon’s silent bombers cruising below our radar screen.

It is public knowledge that the Right is the Conservator of the Realm. They left their marks in the history of this country. Their fear therefore is displacement of power and status that in years constantly come along with change.

The Left sees to it that

America is not imprisoned in a stagnant status quo, and had become the purveyor of change. It shares the same political technology with the Right when upstaging each other in the eyes of the world – and that is the common impatience to dissent.

We know that the Conservative Right disagrees with big government interfering with the lives of individuals, while the Liberals and the radical Left want control so that the less advantaged will have an equal if not more of the share of the American pie.

But the high tide of change had reached the shores of

America. The world changes, so is

America. Being the Left or the Right, is of no consequence.

The shift of power had moved from agriculture to industry, the predominance of the farm in the countryside has surrendered to the pre-eminence of the burgeoning metropolis; there was a constant invasion of immigrants with as of late the problem of “illegals” breaking into our borders. The indigenous American culture gave way to a new religious, economic and political configuration.

Impatient with this slow transition as the Right holds on to the old American values being the Guardian of the Realm, leftwing extremism is now trying to overthrow the status groups. Failing that, dissents from both sides of the isles became the politics of despair.

While the radical Left is angry in their march of liberalism down the trail of frustration to overthrow the System, the Right, confronted with the same predicament, is even angrier. As a whole, as in a war of attrition, both sides engaged each other in the politics of search and destroy.



McCarthy was said to be an arch monist and his search and destroy McCarthyism epitomized the monistic movement of the century. It is this historical account that in no less measure had in fact red-flagged my curiosity as a UN-ILO-IBRD scholar [UN-International Labor Organization and World Bank sponsored ASEAN specialist], and eventual study of this emerging phenomenon.

The result of this academic inquiry was to me not just appalling but shocking. It was a distorted perception of those who believed that

McCarthy has exorcised the bogeyman of communism in

America. The real casualties of the

McCarthy witch-hunt were the unsuspecting “liberal Left and the already impaired momentum of the New Deal [

Roosevelt’s concerns for the average American]. No wonder a new generation of radical idealists came up through the peace and civil-rights movements rather than the Democratic Party…” [4]

Indeed, the ghost of


McCarthy made a home in the dark corners of

America’s mind on the edge, torn between disquieting suspicion and endless paranoia.

In this new millennium, McCarthyism translates into the fear of the dark shadows of globalization. There is this fear that globalization is the working of “nameless enemies” conspiring to dominate the world under the aegis of the New Established Order [also called One World Order].

UN’s Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific [where I worked for more than a decade] was concerned with this development in mid-1980s; Neo-Marxism and Maoism since the 1950-1960 advent of nationalism were suspects in this movement for world dominance. Baran,

Paul, Sweezy, and Magdoff were among those strong author-advocates of what was known to be The Extreme International Structuralist Model of Socialism. This was countered by the well-known works of Clide, Thomas and others on Competitive Capitalism which put the aligned nations of the free world also in the same footing with the far Left as suspect for world dominance.

These opposing ideological struggles to change the world filter into today’s continuing debates as to which model should rule mankind under the UN’s declared New International Order. Chaotic without an international rule for a global order, there must be an agreed established authority among the civilized nations. The UN and its nation-ratified Charter is that established authority.

Only those who prefer a society of the caves when dinosaurs once roamed the planet are opposed to this world polity. Only those who are against the unstoppable march of globalization of the world as a politically and economically interconnected global village are left behind.

For, if you really think about it, unheard of is a country without a computer in this new e-world. And yet oppositionists argue against it, as if America is a nation outside of this e-world, as if the United States is not the leader of the e-world or should not be part of the New World Order … a ludicrous but a kind of vain thinking wanting to escape the reality of the here and now – which is downright unreal if not impossible! No one can wound this ocean of change of the world by stabbing the sea of indifference starting here right in

America with such vitriolic indignation that truly surprises me with a shocking disbelief.

In the

United States, reactions to this fear of displacement of power and status are in the sub-conscious that distorts the perception of reality in extremis since 9/11 altered our sense of national and individual security. 9/11 traumatized the American psyche, thus resurrecting the long abhorred McCarthyism paranoia.

Today many Americans walk in fear of their shadow. Anyone and anything that moves is a monster of some kind about to devour


A litany of stress-caused paranoia may be cited as examples to underscore this point: Anti-global activists [AGA] believed that the children in school are brainwashed by an educational system programmed to serve the masters of the New Established Order.

Under the so-called Supreme Designer of a one world order, AGA assumed that the System gives ordinary Americans no alternative but to think only globally outside of their individual self; that the government is infiltrated with communist spies and fifth columns; Washington D.C. and Capitol Hill are run by subversives that passed laws aimed to change America into a nation of the weak and the meek; that Abraham Lincoln’s 1863 Emancipation Act that abolished slavery was preached but honored in the breach, especially in Congress where a member of the House Judiciary Committee is currently accused of requiring his staff to serve him like how slaves served their masters in the past.

Worst and most dangerous of all is this anti-American notion that international terrorism does not exist, and that our existing anti-terrorist national security programs under the Patriot Act as amended are but a cover of a hated government not only to treat us like herded sheep but also to take away our civil liberties and freedom.

The paranoia of immigrant invasion is even more shocking out of this fear of displacement of power and status in this becoming more and more contentious, xenophobic society: The people of the world are taking over America; they steal American jobs worse than how the Irish invasion of New York turned New York into Ireland’s colony in Martin Scorsese’ bloody Gangs of New York, a movieland fantasy.

If immigration invasion is nerve-wracking, its attendant chauvinistic insanity is incredibly paralyzing to think about: It is feared that illegal Mexican workers are not only here to take away American jobs …they came here illegally disguised as an invading force to take back territories that America had allegedly pirated from Mexico long time ago. A movie with this plot surely ensures a satisfactory box office gross receipt but in the real world does not convince right thinking Americans a bit to believe that it is a fact rather than fiction.

In sum, “globalize” phobia creates a panic that in the final analysis, the ignorant is deceived to believe that the nation’s Republican sovereignty is ebbing away, and the patrimony of the land is slowly stolen by thieves of the Realm whom we have given our trust to take charge, and to whom we bestowed our confidence and good faith to govern. In the mind of a 2008

McCarthy, the communist and the conniving oligarch are on top of us and are taking over our lives.

There are interesting studies on this kind of paranoia. According to




Winslow who studied the growth of lunacy during the past fifty years, “we shall be a mad world in 300 years’ time.” [5]

Mexican immigration xenophobia, owing to its historical and geographical background, gives a good example of what xenophobic lunacy is all about.


Forbes quoted an English psychologist that “in order to have a genius born into the world you must get two lunatics to marry…”

Sad to say but true — we have lunatics born to this kind of marriage. We have many essayists who are good in writing down their paranoia. To them, for anyone not to believe their delirious ramble that is supposed to be divinely inspired is a blasphemy. They are good at it because first of all it is a first person account, and second, some of them are self-privileged with the necessary tool of the academia. I am referring to the famous


Schopenhauer, who to me is one of the world’s greatest essayists of our time born to this type of questionable marriage. [6]

Let’s not make a mistake about it – the right to express one’s opposition to or discontentment of The World Order or the United Nations’ declaration of the millennium’s New International Order, is freedom that I support to the hilt. Let’s not abuse the mind by later on coming out with an accusation that the right to oppose globalization is a form of lunacy. The modality of airing the right to dissent is worshipped in this land of the free, but not necessarily the content of expression … the kind of insanity that

Schopenhauer espoused.

Schopenhauer was born in Denting of Polish Prussia, “the chief emporium of

Poland with

Western Europe where the first Protestant revolt took place.” Time baptized his birth with protest. Dissent was his philosophical creed.

In our midst, we have geniuses of

Schopenhauer’s caliber. They write many brilliant epigrammatic images that illumine what is perceived to be the truth. It is baring the skeleton of the human mind that makes them outstanding. Unfortunately, life is interwoven with delicate evasions and hypocrisies that when they charge without any bone of contention or art of pretension, they are unable to get a public applause easily, to their chagrin.

More of this anarchism rises to the fore when rumors are almost convincingly written as facts in a spectacle of disillusionment which characterized

Schopenhauer as an emotionally shattered extreme pessimist.

A good example of this spectacle is the rumor that

Nero burned

Rome. It is a rumor because no one saw

Nero torched the city. It was imagined that he did. Writers of events like the genius of

Danzig, repeated this rumor as fact. It becomes history. [The Annals of

Tacitus, XV 38]. [7]

The Nazis made human soap and was proven to be fact [Judgment, Nuremburg Trial]. [7] “This ‘fact’ has since become, apparently, merely ‘rumour’ (Hilberg, ‘revised definitive’ Destruction of the European Jews,

Holmes and Meier, NY, page 966: ‘To this day, the origin of the soap making rumor has not been traced’.”

Re-writing of history is as old as history itself. The litany of xenophobic paranoia just cited cannot tolerate differences, and cannot accept the reality that this nation is of different races, of multiculturalism; it is unable to endure tolerance, different international states under a world government, a United Nations abolitionist – which means that the rampaging opponents of globalization are on the loose.

The real world is not in

Disneyland where one fantasizes an invasion of

America to dominate the world. Globalization is simply a function of technological advancement that cannot be stopped. It is not a design of any maniac to dominate the world; it does not come into being out of human whims and caprices nor is it created by the accusing mind of the xenophobic that tend to capitalize on rumors as facts. It is in this sense that

Schopenhauer’s sanity was seriously held in doubt.

Yet like

Schopenhauer, this superior quality of seeing things for oneself is a stamp of an original mind which seals the eminence of a genius. In the science of the mind, it is called a delirium, also oftentimes mildly described as hallucination.

In so far as

Schopenhauer is concerned, this half-filled glass of a genius was born to a family predisposed to hypochondria. His parental grandmother was reported insane, two of the children suffered mental incapacity, with still another suffering a mental illness from his father’s side. Only a thin line separates his genius from insanity. He was born to a mother who married his father “in the interest of the individual instead of unconsciously fulfilling the will of the species, and that the offspring of the union suffered in consequence."

In Dr. Winslow’s book ”The Insanity of Passion and Crime”, this is what he documented of paranoia and xenophobic lunacy similar to what we have just illustrated: “[W]e have been intermarrying and inbreeding in consortium lunacy, cancer, scrofula or hereditary peculiarities, the result being ‘a rapidly degenerating race of feeble-minded and weakly constituted individuals.’ ”

The result of this pathological study is not complimentary to the greatness of this nation recognized as the wealthiest and mightiest leader of the world, all because of those angry Americans suffering this incurable inveterate thinking that in globalization, there is a bogeyman under their bed. #

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Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS March 17, 2008

The writer is a veteran journalist. He was former deputy permanent representative to the UN. He has written a book on globalization about to be published. Click on NWS columnist button to know more about the author or you may e-mail your comment at

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