I’m sure you recognize me. If you have a job, you likely work very hard to earn my company. But sometimes I suspect that people really don’t like me at all. Instead they like what I can do for them. In fact, most people usually give me away in exchange for what they really want. Some people try to save me for a rainy day. Others invest me and try to earn interest through a system called capitalism. And finally, some folks just waste me. They’re usually people who don’t value me, because they didn’t have to work to earn me.

The reason I’m telling you this is because you need to understand what I do and how I work. You see, I’m really just a piece of fancy paper. But it’s what I represent that really counts. I stand for goods, like your house, clothes, food and other tangible items and for services like your doctor, mechanic or the mailman. Each of these goods and services has value. I’m just a way of having a common representation of the things we all need. I make it easy to trade those things with other people without having to actually carry around physical possessions or services. You might say that I’m the poker chip for playing the game of life. OK? Good! Now that we have that out of the way…..

There is an important philosophical concept that is raging in America. It’s not hard to figure out once you understand the game. Remember the things people do with me? Well, the battle is over who gets to handle me and how they put me to work. The question is simple. Who do you think is better able to decide how to apply my talent, the people who work hard to earn me and care about me because they need me for themselves and their families, or people who never worked to earn me and don’t have to be careful how they spend me because they can just take more of me from you anytime they want.

That’s right! Who is better able to put me to work for America, the people who work to earn me or the people in Washington DC, many of whom never had a job and don’t value me at all. People like Barack Hussein Obama. "Umm, umm, umm"!

That’s the question. Are the combined talents and creativity of millions of American people better able to decide how best to put me to work, or am I better in the hands of a bunch of Washington politicians who constantly take me from you and squander my value. It’s up to you to decide, because your life depends on it!

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