“They” & “Them” are killing us “undesirables” by immigration & disease politics.

I don't know how many are familiar with the movie "Soylent Green," but it was a famous 1972 movie valued for its prediction of a future 2022 over populated tyrannical one world government. The government “they” used eugenic psychological programming techniques so people would unwittingly volunteer for their death. Their bodies were processed for one of different colored forms of “Soylent” themajor food product for people. The totalitarian world government had recently introduced a new color of Soylent… green.

Charlton Heston playing the role of a New York cop screamed “Soylent Green IS PEOPLE.”; the famous last line of the move as Heston was being carried away to his death in this before its time insightful movie. Cannibalism or death is the only option in a tyrannical world depleted of its natural resources with no ability to feed its billions of people.

We are past world population carrying capacity for human beings now and this old cult movie has a lot of meaning for us in the new despotic one world order under Marxist globalist tyrannical control.

Genocidal Eugenics is not a new idea; it was a driving force behind Hitler’s short rein over Nazi Germany and his quest for world domination. It is now the driving force behind mass migration of populations and genocidal eugenic population control by denying health care solutions for catastrophic diseases “for public good.”

We all know “they” are doing the same thing again. We the People need to be fully aware of who “they” are and how they are accomplishing the murder of millions of people they deem the new “undesirables’.”

A little info about Soylent Green can be found at the following sites:

Soylent Green – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Soylent Green Set in 2022 Soylent Green, which won both a Nebula and a Golden Scroll Award, represents the very best in science fiction. It's a manic by-product of the era — the doomsday 1970s — where concerns of overpopulation and mass starvation were often seriously debated in the media.

Movie: Soylent Green (1973): Charlton Heston, Leigh Taylor-Young …


For all of us with some form of cancer or catastrophic disease other than AIDS we are always searching for a cure; a miracle that will safe us from our inevitable fate that is coming too soon. Most of us are as highly motivated as any individual can me. Our minds are always seeking out new opportunities that will give us a few more years, months or days of life. Cancer and other catastrophic diseases dominate our thought processes and demand a way to conquer the insidious evil killing us.

There are many of us who think the medical and pharmaceutical industry refuses to recognize existence of a cure for cancer and other deadly diseases. Many believe cancer is a profitable industry that boosts earnings for the treatment industry as well as providing a means of killing people to control undesirable population increases. The ill-defined “they” are intent on thinning the herd. We the new undesirables are being singled out for killing.

Most stay in a state of denial regarding the fact they are suffering from terminal diseases that will ultimately kill them. Physicians are reluctant to discuss the issue of death with terminal patients because of potential psychological harm and family stress. http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/conditions/06/15/cancer.talk.ap/index.html

Those same people are in denial about the threat from “them” those who are slowly but surely killing us off and developing tyrannical one world government.

Threat of death is a strong motivator to get people on the move especially in a world where disease government politics determines who lives and who dies.

· Ben Franklin HOPE LOST "Nothing concentrates the mind so wonderfully as the prospect of being hung in the morning."

Fact is you are right about your fears of “they” and “their” agenda. “They” are out to kill us and create one world order and are pretty successful so far. Each of us is stamped by “them” with a specific value to society based on a number of different factors. Old people are worth less than younger people especially illegal aliens; educated are worth more than uneducated; USA citizens are worth less than criminal illegal alien invaders; poor are worth less than the rich, people suffering with catastrophic disease other than AIDS are worth much less than homosexuals, drug users who share needles to shoot up, and many other people suffering from various forms of AIDS.

We the people are systematically murdered by “their” genocidal eugenics population control policies of the USA and other governments working for one world order. If we have terminal cancer or another deadly disease we are considered one of the overpopulated herds of people being thinned out. We are kept in the dark by “them” corrupt politicians, about what is going on. We must become educated about the process we are being subjected to and fight for our lives.

· Carl Sagan trust: "One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we've been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. The bamboozle has captured us. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back."

We suffering from cancer have little value ($10,000) placed on our lives in politics of disease. Average public funding for cancer patients per death is only $10,000 and may be much less now. Politicians put all the health research money into AIDS that has public funding per death in excess of ($1,000,000) a million dollars. Real catastrophic disease patients and particularly the poor: American Africans, and women, are not given the same care, treatment, or research per death from diseases other than homosexual AIDS patients.

House passes $50 billion global AIDS relief bill ALSO AIMED AT MALARIA, TB IN AFRICA, ELSEWHERE By Jim Abrams Posted on Thu, Apr. 03, 2008

ASSOCIATED PRESS http://www.kentucky.com/148/v-print/story/364966.html


We the people suffering and dying from catastrophic disease other than AIDS have no advocates for our suffering to petition elected officials and the vast Marxist liberal Media, or movie industry and get support for our cause. “They” permit us to die, or told there is nothing that can be done for us. “They” put us into Hospice or nursing homes to die. That occurs only after “they” spend millions to drug companies and the health care industry for treatment using drugs that provide more revenue for “them”. “They” know treatments used cause cancer. Excess radiation exposure and chemotherapy are all know to cause cancer and only prolong life for a specific time. The treatment is a killer for many even though their date with death is postponed a while.

“They” spend little or no public money on research for a care.

Disease politics is a serious business of life and death for many of us. USA health care and research is not based on need for care or the public good. “They” do not give a damn about public good. “They” are managing the population with an eye on making the most profit from thinning the herd and replacing us with cheaper labor that will accept tyrannical communist one order control. Tyranny of disease politics is the most deadly form of any type of cause of death in the USA and the world. African nations are hardest hit by “their” disease politics of AIDS and thinning of the herd to get rid of the most undesirables.

Political correctness, the Homosexual Activist and a uniformed public along with a Marxist government that want to eugenically control our world population continue to kill people by neglect. The AIDS/HIV Hoax confirmation fuels demands for reducing funding to more deadly diseases. The excuse that government was trying to save the lives of homosexuals was political correctness gone wild. There are many sources on the internet to confirm the AIDS hoax and how it is used in the genocidal eugenic programs to manage the world population just like a herd of cross bred deer. Fight against the big lie:

Adolf Hitler the big lie"The size of the lie is a definite factor in causing it to be believed, for the vast masses of a nation are in the depths of their hearts more easily deceived than they are consciously and intentionally bad. The primitive simplicity of their minds renders them a more easy prey to a big lie than a small one, for they themselves often tell little lies, but would be ashamed to tell big lies.” (1889-1945) German Nazi Dictator Mein Kampf, p. 197(?) 14th Edition.

Google AIDS Myth and lies and see what you get. A few entries follow:


Myths and misconceptions of the AIDS pandemic

James Chin Sunday, March 11, 2007 San Francisco Chronicle

James Chin, a professor of epidemiology at UC Berkeley is the author of "The AIDS Pandemic: the collision of epidemiology with political correctness" (Radcliffe, Oxford, 2007).

The Myth of a General AIDS Pandemic

Campaign for Fighting Diseases discussion paper no. 2 The Myth of a General AIDS Pandemic: By James Chin January 2008

The exploitation of Aids The Aids scare was one of the most distorted, duplicitous and cynical public health panics of the last 30 years Brendan O'Neill guardian.co.uk, Thursday June 12 2008 16:00 BST Article history

“Finally we have a high-level admission that there is no threat of a global Aids pandemic among heterosexuals. After 25 years of official scaremongering about western societies being ravaged by the disease – with salacious, tombstone-illustrated government propaganda warning people to wear a condom or "die of ignorance" – the head of the World Health Organisation's HIV/Aids department says there is no need for heterosexuals to fret..”(read total article)

Those who know about “their” AIDS hoax and reason for “their” illegal alien invasions “they” have caused around the world know these two conditions are a part of the new SOYLENT GREEN for population control. Health care funds for AIDS and illegal aliens prevents health care from more deadly diseases for the public good and thins the herd of undesirables:

Decrease in AIDS fuels thoughts of shifting funds

By Maria Cheng Posted Sat, Jan. 19, 2008 http://www.kentucky.com/148/story/291124.html


…"If we look at the data objectively, we are spending too much on AIDS," said Dr. Malcolm Potts, an AIDS expert at the University of California, Berkeley, who once worked with prostitutes on the front lines of the epidemic in Ghana…

Problems such as malnutrition, pneumonia and malaria kill more children in Africa than AIDS. "We are programmed to react quickly to small children with AIDS in distress," Potts said. "Unfortunately, we don't have that same reaction when looking at statistics that tell us what we should be spending on."

"We have a system in public health where the loudest voice gets the most money," said Dr. Richard Horton, editor of Lancet. "AIDS has grossly distorted our limited budget."…..(Read total article) http://www.kentucky.com/148/story/291124.html

Exorbitant costs of health care allocated for AIDS is well documented. The Aids $50 billion world Budget Costs each American $165. “They” pay for AIDS “treatment” diverted to promotion of homosexuality in our schools. “They” are destroying the family institution, our freedoms and our lives at the same time. The money is used to promote some of the most perverse activities in San Francisco such as the Folsom Street Fair where nude mails participate in disgusting homosexual sex acts in public with police protection. Don’t read the following in you are insulted by public nudity and public perverse sex acts before children without any police interference.

Americans for Truth » ‘Tolerance Gone Wild’ in San Francisco as …

Oct 3, 2007 … All Folsom Street Fair photos by Peter LaBarbera, Americans For Truth; … Man bares all at Folsom Street Fair (he was wearing sneakers); …

americansfortruth.com/news/tolerance-gone-wild-in-san-francisco-as-cops-stand-by-amidst-folsom-street-fai… – 32k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

African nations are now demanding an end to “their” AIDS hoax and immediate financial help for real killer diseases. Political correctness, mass illegal migration, genocidal eugenics is being more understood by all. That increased knowledge can have two affects: World War III to kill knowledgeable dissidents; or an accelerated thinning of the herd by starvation and spread of new diseases with biological warfare. We the People must fight back now while we have a chance. It may be that our choices are now limited to freedom or death.

Winston Churchill compromise: “If you will not fight for the right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory will be sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a small chance of survival. There may even be a worse case: you may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.”

washingtonpost.com>Columns Let My People Go, AIDS Profiteers


By Sam L. Ruteikara Monday, June 30, 2008; Page A11

“KAMPALA, Uganda –…. The program would cost $50 billion — that's $165 from each American to fight AIDS,… But will the money allocated for AIDS stop the spread of the virus in sub-Saharan Africa, where 76 percent of the world's HIV-AIDS deaths occurred last year?

Not if the dark dealings I've witnessed in Africa continue unchecked. In the fight against AIDS, profiteering has trumped prevention. AIDS is no longer simply a disease; it has become a multibillion-dollar industry……..(Read total Article)

“They” spend over $50 billion of federal money on AIDS a disease that kills, 2.2 million a year world wide while cancer and heart disease kill over 24 million. This is being done while the USA falls deeper into debt. “They” also continue to allocate more money to the illegal aliens that invaded our nation and destroyed our health care system.

All health disease research funding from “them” is now directed towards AIDS. AIDS has seen remarkable successes in development of drugs that provide life saving treatment that now makes AIDS a chronic instead of a terminal disease. All world AIDS deaths since it was discovered will not equal the deaths in one year for CANCER and HEART DISEASE.

There are 14,000 AIDS deaths in the USAthat has a total of 2,400,000 deaths a year and over 540,000 cancer deaths. That is a highly disputed number because unlike AIDS deaths, cancer deaths don't include deaths caused by other diseases that arise because of the primary disease cancer. Many cancer patients die of pneumonia, and their deaths are treated as pneumonia instead of cancer that caused destruction of the immune system and pneumonia. On the other hand in AIDS deaths are known to be way over stated. If patients don't have a defined diagnosis the default disease is always AIDS. The same applies for those who die of a disease other than AIDS but caused by AIDS; it is always defaulted as “death by AIDS” instead of the other disease.

“Their” genocidal eugenic politics of diseases are propelled by private groups primarily: homosexuals, with the disease, but most importantly by the Pharmaceutical industry, and now global international companies. “They” also include corrupt treasonous government officials and Marxist news media and movie industry.

“They,” homosexual lobbyists are the only private group representing a disease granted a permanent White House office to: promote homosexual causes under guise of spending money to treat AIDS.

“They,” Richard Nixon in 1972 promised a cure for cancer in 20 years. AIDS activists were able to hijack disease of politics primarily with aid of Marxist left wing news media and movie industry. We were bombarded with one sad tale after another. “They” lied to us repeatedly regarding the AIDS PANDEMIC. That HOAX killed millions more people with untreated catastrophic diseases other than AIDS.

When “they” the USA and UN diverted money from a reasonable and fair disease treatment program providing the best public good, to pander to the minor disease AIDS, children died needlessly. This distressful impact of funding AIDS is not an unintended consequence. Third world black deaths were planned just as they were in developed nations. Profiteers made billions as a result of the big kill. It seems the only people spared in the USA by “them” have been illegal aliens “they” persuade to have anchor babies with free public funding. Repopulation of the USA with illegals is designed by “them” to destroy not only us but our nation.

USA catastrophic disease deaths have a disproportionate adverse affect on death rates of poor and those that can not afford insurance. Elderly, poor and middle aged citizens have been subjected to genocidal thinning of the herd by “them” while illegal alien invaders are given medical treatment and preventive health care for catastrophic disease for free.

Over 15 million people have died of cancer since 1972, and over 51 million of heart and coronary disease in the USA because of politics of disease and emphasis on funding AIDS.

Each state and health department in the USA have spent billions more on education, testing and other services for AIDS and total cost to taxpayers is staggering for AIDS such a minor now non terminal disease.

Flu is more deadly than AIDS, and has potential to be another real pandemic disease like the WWI Spanish flu that killed at least 28 million in one year. Even strictly enforced quarantines had little impact on its spread.

“Their” Genocidal Eugenic Disease Politics is killing me, many of my friends and millions of USA citizens while “they” criminalize smoking, vehicle operation, which way we park our car on the street, how much fuel we use, gun ownership, freedom of speech, and about every other inalienable God given right defined in our constitution. “They” defend these criminal acts under the guise of “healthful safety practices for public good.” Stupid citizens again believe the big lie.

· Adolf Hitler the big lie “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”

Cancer is not an infectious disease that can be communicated to another. Smoking may be offensive, but so is farting in public and a number of other things. Offensive does not equate with disease causing or a safety risk. “They” do not outlaw all offensive behavior, only “We the People” behavior “they” want to kill off to thin the herd. There are many other activities that cause more health and safety related deaths than vehicle seat belts not used, smoking, gun owner ship; and most criminalized behaviors, “they” do not criminalize. They don’t criminalize behavior of those people “they” don’t want to kill. “They” don’t control behavior of politicians that kill millions or corporate behavior that poisons consumers, or traitors who betray our nation. They instead try to change the law to exclude these protected people from any criminal sanctions.

“They” are not demanding more funding for cancer research and treatment like “they” did AIDS or illegal alien invaders. “Their anti smoking laws and other behavioral restrictive laws that limit our freedom and our lives and security are only tyrannical government behavior control laws. It is another defeat of our constitutional liberties that will lead to more Orwellian big brother totalitarian government.

If criminalization of behavior asin criminalizing smoking or any number of behaviors “they” choose is the course for future disease prevention efforts and enhanced safet, then it would be a wise decision for “them” to criminalize all behavior that causes infectious AIDS and spreads it to other victims. Logic “they” follow would include killing PANDEMIC AIDS carriers and burn their homes and possessions for the “public good.”

“They” must minimally demand the only known cure limiting pandemic infectious disease transmission, quarantine of the carrier, to stop the "AIDS pandemic." That was the procedure used to control spread of the deadly SpanishFlu Pandemic in World Word I. This logical approach to disease management and control is not followed by “them” who plan a despotic government designed to kill off us with catastrophic diseases other than AIDS.

The other main method “they” use to kill us is to limit our freedom of speech with a “fairness doctrine” and hate speech laws that not only violate our constitutional freedoms but at the same time keep the public from knowledge regarding what “their” real objectives of one world order are. We the people can not fight what we do not know exists.

It is now apparent USA citizens and citizens of developed world and third world nations are subjected to a genocidal eugenics population control procedure by “them” manipulating migration patterns and health care. However that knowledge is not common knowledge to many people who have been subjected to propaganda for years. “They,” USA traitor elected officials and now mega churches like Rick Warren and Saddlebrook Church are joining one world order Marxist left wing news media and movie industry to increase “their” pandering to AIDS disease politics, the homosexual community and more illegal immigration.

“They” ignore known health care facts and knowingly continuing genocidal eugenic policies to create one world order. “They,” Presidential candidates McCain and Obama, current president Bush and congress have joined to extend despotic Nazi like genocidal eugenic AIDS HOAX policies.

WE the people are left to forage for a cure on our own. That is why people look at and search for the possibility of unconventional cures. The article on “Cancer is a Fungus” found at:

http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/398.html that suggest sodium bicarbonate as a cure for cancer is an example. High levels of acidity in the body have been recognized by many as a cause of diseases including cancer.

Hope that cancer is reduced by diet and behavior is valid, if not from any cause other than positive psychological aspects of participating in the process. Action taken by patients, like action by American Patriots, is needed to defeat cancer and “them.”

The best cure or extension of life for cancer and other catastrophic disease patients and Freedom Fighters being killed by “them” is a strong belief in intervention ofChrist and one's positive assertive and fighting outlook on life. Those people who look death and their “tyranny” in the face and battle it usually have a better outcome than those who succumb to dire diagnoses and prognoses. That is we the people become victims of a self fulfilling and accepting prophecy and we can never regain our freedom or our lives by giving up. We must fight.

Dorothy Thompson (1894-1961) compromise "When liberty is taken away by force it can be restored by force. When it is relinquished voluntarily by default it can never be recovered."

Holistic medicine and diet approaches usually can’t harm anyone and there may be benefits from trying them. Taking action by trying alternatives sure beat acceptance of death by planed neglect provided by “them”. Talk to your doctor, I do. I have had pretty good results with a combination of holistic and medical treatment along with a healthy dose of citizen activism and constant battle with “them”.

Give alternative medicines and political activism a try (at your own risk), but also become a vocal advocate for immediate transfer of AIDS funding to real catastrophic diseases killing people around the world at a much more deadly rate. DEMAND an end to one world order genocidal eugenics and population control by forced illegal migration.

Never again let someone give you the sad story about illegal aliens just wanting to work hard and the homosexuals need the money because AIDS is a “pandemic” in Africa that will kill everyone if they don’t get the money. YOU have knowledge now. Do something with it. Help me fight the corrupt chain of treason “they” use to destroy our nation and kill us one by one. An attack by “them” on one of us “We the People” is an attack on all of us.

Do not go silently into the night. Fight for not only your life but lives of friends, family members and those not provided any care at all. Fight Marxist tyranny of one world government and their genocidal eugenic population control.

Thornton Wilder “In his play, "The Skin of our Teeth," Thornton Wilder, through the use of a metaphor, brings the issue into sharp focus: Time and time again civilization itself has been brought to brink of destruction, and each time we have been saved, by the skin of our teeth. Once again, civilization itself has been brought to a critical pass. Only a free America can save us now. Will we win the war against the people?

Greg Everson patriotism “So . . . Will You Stand, Fight, Hide Or Surrender?”

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