Then There Was Obama’s Speech

….There were people dancing around with T-shirts and flags that had the red hammer and sickle of the former Soviet Union on them. A woman was interviewed where she said that Obama is going to pay for her mortgage, her utilities and the gas for her car. People had all types of colored hair (the fruitcakes of San Francisco no doubt). These are the people of Obama. The hypnotized masses of brain-mushed idiots that know not what they do. Many of them were young. Many were black. Many were women. As the leader of the Communist Revolution, Vladimir Lenin, had a term for these kinds of people who want to change government for the sake of change without knowing the consequences. He called them "Useful idiots".

Obama lied to the masses about giving everyone hope and bringing change to Washington, D.C. Yes, he's bringing change. He's already said he's bringing his socialist programs. Some of the useful idiots will tell you that Obama is only bringing the progressive agenda. Progressive my derriere. President Teddy Roosevelt was a progressive. Obama is far from it. He is a radical with tyrannical aspirations. His agenda is fully communist from teachings he lived with and grew up with. He is talking about having a "Civilian National Security Force". Huh? The Constitution for the United States, under the Third Amendment, prohibits a standing army on our soil. But wait! Obama has said he doesn't believe in the U.S. Constitution–the same Constitution he will have to take an oath to uphold, support and defend at his inauguration on January 20th, 2009. Will Obama then commit an act of treason if he "wars" against the Constitution by trying to change it legislatively or try to make a new one? Many say that because Obama is not a citizen born in the United States, he can't be tried for treason. No, but he can be tried for other crimes, like fraudulent oath taking, false statements under oath, criminal syndicalism, racketeering, and the like. He can be tried for any crime against the United States like any citizen or foreigner can.

Then there was Obama's speech. All during the campaign he kept feeding the "masses of asses" his pablum puke of change, which no one asked him what that meant, and hope for the future. During his presidential acceptance speech, he completely changed his tune about hope, things getting done immediately, and change. He came right out and said that things are going to take time, maybe not a year or one term, because "we have a steep hill to climb". So, where's the hope and change. I guess when he talked about "hope" he really meant he hoped he wouldn't have been found out who he really was during the campaign. And, as for change, he didn't want to let anyone know that's all you're going to have left in your pocket when he gets done–along with the radical Marxist Congress–taxing you out of your houses, your assets and your livelihoods. When he started changing his theme of "hope" and "change", you should have seen the faces on the "masses of asses". They were stunned and shocked like they had just "been taken". During the course of his speech about how things may take time and change won't be coming right away, there were no cheers. You could hear a pin drop. There was grumbling in the crowd of about 250,000 (which the mainstream leftist media kept exaggerating that it was about One Million).

Obama just fooled the "masses of asses" who supported him for the past year. He "stuck his finger in their eyes". I just sat there and laughed as I saw the wave of disbelief come over the crowd. Obama played the "Pied Piper" beautifully and led his flock of fools into the ocean to drown. Obama told his supporters that "there is a light at the end of the tunnel". What he didn't tell them is that is a speeding freight train coming right at them. Obama is the train wreck that just happened and everyone in this country will suffer injuries from it.

As a father's rights advocate, I beseeched everyone for months before the election to not vote for Obama-Biden, but to vote for McCain-Palin because Obama dissed fathers in statements early in the primaries and Joe Biden is (not was) the architect and author of the horrendous Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), which on its face is unconstitutionally gender biased. VAWA has destroyed more American families and men than the Nazis, Tojo's Imperial Navy and Army, and Stalin's programs ever could. I sent out e-mail blasts to my e-mail address base to not vote for these traitorous and vile beings.

There are at least 25 Million divorced men in America. Add their families and you're talking in the neighborhood of 100 Million disaffected and disenfranchised people. This group alone would have turned the tide against Obama. Did anyone listen? Nope.

Now, I wait for divorced fathers who voted for Obama start to come and seek help from fathers' rights groups across the country because they are being shafted by the Obama-Biden courts and laws. When these fathers come calling, my first question might be "Who did you vote for in the past presidential election?" If their answer is Obama-Biden, my answer may be "Sorry, I made my choice of government; you didn't. Now you suffer the consequences of your stupidity, because you're not an American worth fighting for."

Bruce Eden, Civil Rights Director

DADS (Dads Against Discrimination)–New Jersey Chapter

Wayne, New Jersey

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