As millions of illegal’s continuethe 'Refugee Insurgency'unabated into the USA,the corporations, greedy politicians, Unions (AFL – CIO), and Churches continue to cater to their every 'Insurgent' whim. Meanwhile, these treacherousactors areforgetting the people who play by the rules – the American taxpayers and the invited people, who come to the USA Legally.

I know many immigrants who have come here legally. They are asking themselves the question – why should I do it 'legally'? Immigrants who made this country great in the past could not wait to become an American citizen,learn English and adapt to the American culture. Now they carelessly come into America illegally with clenched fist and their hands out. They have legal obligations, that isno background checks, no medical checks, and in some states they get drivers licenses which legal immigrants can not get. They also get a break on collegeinstate tuition and clearly get better treatment than the invited people whomustapply in orderto emigratehere legally.

A case in point is my own personal experience. I just recently (January, 2004) got married to a woman from




. She wanted to become a legal resident of our nation. First we had to get a lawyer. Most of those who want to become legal immigrants have to pay anywhere from $2000 to $2800 for an attorney. Then we had to pay for the forms for immigration – $700.00 – just for the forms. My wife had to get a physical to check to see if she had any diseases such as TB or HIV, etc. Do illegal’s get checked for diseases? No. Now we have to wait for maybe three years for her application to be approved. Meanwhile, she cannot work if we don’t get a work permit and pay $170.00 and she cannotat this timeget a driver’s license if we do not payfor the permit. Nor can she even travel to heroriginal home country if we don’t buyin advance parole feefor $180

I have heard the same horror stories from many people who are trying toimmigrate to Americaby thebook. Evidentlythey are being 'punished', while at the same time, the illegal refugee insurgentsare given a free ride. Wake up


Take back your country before it is too late! Just watch the news and you will seehow the illegals and the communists are marching in the street demanding they be given exceptional treatment and unequal rights. It seems that soonAmericans' will have no options. Soon we will be playing the same song the British played on the day that we became a country – "The World Turned Upside Down."

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