The World According to Convoluted Dip Wads

We come in all shapes, colors and sizes and thank goodness we are different lest each of us die from the boredom of our own duplication. But then, something happens to separate us that is borne not only by the color of skin, but by the genesis of thoughts or actions which may seem singularly entertaining, but as a group the dynamics become convoluted. The group 'agenda' then becomes more diligent than powerful by logic and intelligence. The group becomes blinded by their own prejudices to perpetuate and extend their grievance for the rest of the culture to notice. The frothy outrage from special interest groups masks the reality that many people around America share a common opinion that professional grievance mongers from the NAACP to homosexual and illegal alien rights groups

being so “offended” they have one thing in common: Keep the pot stirred that the rest of us are insensitive. Finger-point at white conservative America for your own poor life choices. At the end of the day, Society Americana is fed-up with “woe is me” perpetual victims and fed-up with those who pander to dip wads with political correctness; a liberal phrase for cowardice in the face of truth. The common thread connecting all these “we are victims” groups is liberalism; that incandescent squealing socialist insight of “the world just isn’t fair”. Too many have risen and succeeded in America from the depths of poverty and despair to blame the rest of us because your group isn’t willing to do the hard, determined work to produce success. Too many of us view your spread of mistrust, deceit and chaos as laying down the foundation of our future. Studies affirm that a deeper bias festers, afflicting even those who seem to know better. These “fairness doctrine” mouthpieces defy reason. Most are extremely wealthy from the backs of those they purport to help: Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson live the big limousine liberal lifestyle soaking tithe monies from black communities. Arianna Huffington loses her “help the poor folk” clout sporting her latest Donna Karan outfit, and of course there’s John Edwards who gouged a 28 million dollar income filing frivolous lawsuits being ‘ever so concerned’ about wealth fairness. Include John (rich man) Kerry, Ted (mega-wealth) Kennedy and you have the cast and blended mood of a Somerset Maugham novel complete with allure, tragedy, weariness, eccentricity, and ready for analysis by students of Sigmund Freud. But even Freud would tell you, “push people far enough and they will push back.” Guilt, like failure, is more interesting than success. It shines brighter when deflected at someone else. White society, you dip wads, isn’t responsible for the black or Mexican male who commits armed robbery any more than they are “responsible“ for the Caucasian armed robber.

My advice in writer-talk? The examination. Give us reason to believe you are an American FIRST and a African or Mexican American second and the rest of us might listen. Give us reason to believe Muslims really are peaceful, against global jihad and terrorism, and eager to melt into this pot we call America, then the rest of us might listen. Give us reason why high overhead Hollywood is so concerned for the global poor (when a camera is running) yet as a group contributes little? For all of you requiring special needs or special attention for little reason outside your personal GUILT, give us reason to want to hear your gripe. You may weep in self-righteous indignation, but not all of your tears. Save some for your other failures which are more interesting to you than your successes. They certainly make the news, and the rest of us will certainly hear about them. Begin posturing your bravado by wrapping your agenda around the broader canvas of “America first” instead of “Me First” and you’ll get some respect and skillful attention from those of us who heretofore see you as selfish convoluted dip wads.

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