The Work Of James O’Keefe, So Far…

Quite often, what’s done quietly behind the scene is that which speaks volumes about an individual. This past Friday, the investigative journalist behind the ACORN videos, a certain James O’Keefe, boarded a plane in Washington, D.C., flew out to L.A. and then endured a couple of hours of lousy Southern California traffic to speak to a group of Conservatives in Southwest Riverside County.

D.C. to


County byway of

L.A. is pretty much a travel day from hell. Considering what O’Keefe is waiting to hear out of

Louisiana following his investigation into constituent complaints that Senator Landrieu’s office was not answering the phones, not to mention dealing with his bondsman, it would have been plausible for him to cancel; yet there he was, in person and ready to go. The man has character.

This Conservative hero burst onto the scene by way of Andrew Breitbart’s new media and those incredibly damning ACORN videos. O’Keefe’s creative and often hilarious history, so far, came into being with an idea and a box of Lucky Charms cereal while still an undergraduate at


University in

New Jersey

In keeping with the medium of journalism in which O’Keefe excels, he told his story through video.

As an American of Irish descent, O’Keefe took on the persona of a hyper-sensitive Liberal and proceeded to successfully ban Lucky Charms cereal from the Rutgers Dining Hall because it was an ‘affront’ to his heritage. When O’Keefe came clean following the success of this ludicrous ban, Liberals were unable to understand much less appreciate the satire involved and as expected their outrage quickly deteriorated into expletives and personal attacks directed at O’Keefe. Obviously, it failed to deter him.

O’Keefe gained national exposure on Fox News with Sean Hannity, following his undercover work to expose the founding mission of Planned Parenthood; recipient of hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars. Margaret Sanger founded Planned Parenthood for the racist purpose of controlling the African American population through birth control and abortion. Assuming a racist persona, O’Keefe had no difficulty extracting guarantees from multiple Planned Parenthood clinics that the funds he was donating be specifically earmarked for the abortion of African American babies.

Planned Parenthood attempted to intimidate O’Keefe into pulling the video by way of threatened legal action. O’Keefe sagely decided that “sunshine was the best disinfectant” and instead, he told Planned Parenthood to “bring it on” via Fox News and proceeded to release their letter to the public. It was a “winning strategy” as the video remains on youtube to this day.

The fallout from this undercover investigation included people getting fired, a powerful protest of Planned Parenthood by African American Pastors and ever-growing demands to defund Planned Parenthood. Considering the power of the outcome, O’Keefe wonders “why aren’t more people doing this?”

These two examples are but a glimpse into O’Keefe’s growing investigative journalism portfolio. By using the Left’s own tactics and language against them such as ridicule and hyper-sensitive multi-culturalism, O’Keefe is exposing their shallow hypocrisy while bringing about powerful outcomes.

O’Keefe’s brand of investigative journalism is distinct in its creativity, focus and courage. Not only are there more videos to come, but there are more people out there following in his footsteps. Stay tuned.

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