The Weakening of National Security by Ignorance or Design?

The Left along with their corporate sponsors and the sycophantic

Press have aggressively marketed junk science-fueled global warming to such a feverous pitch that young children are petrified and successfully propagandized Americans of all ages have been reduced to a state of perpetual distraction by the fear-based dogma intrinsic to the green ‘sustainability’ theology.

The inherent danger of entertaining the lure of false security offered by Big Brother and the deceptive cadence of mind numbing double-speak is that the citizen becomes desensitized and unaware of true peril in the world at large. Placing one’s full confidence in the power of a centralized government only heightens the vulnerability of an individual.

Whereas Liberal Democrats have successfully entrenched the dictatorial regulation of politically correct behavior, they have failed utterly at inspiring confidence among the American people in the area of National Security. Whether this policy of weakness is arrived at by concession or cut-back; ignorance or design, Liberal Democrats are masters at exposing Americans to danger.

While on the campaign trail, then Senator Barack Obama made a promise to Caucus 4 Priorities, a left wing organization, that he would “cut investments in unproven missile defense systems.” A rather naïve pronouncement on Obama’s behalf, that might be simply construed as political pandering for votes. However, upon further assessment of Obama’s sudden lurch to the unconstitutional Left after campaigning as a moderate, his promise to the Caucus 4 Priorities reveals the radical truth of his frightening perspective on national security.

According to Peggy Huppert, Iowa State Director of Caucus 4 Priorities, “any kind of missile defense system was unproven.” Huppert went on to say that missile defense systems as a whole are fiscally irresponsible and ineffective. It remains a mystery as to how Huppert was able to determine the ineffectiveness of such a system considering the fact that she has no ‘hands on’ experience regarding missile defense systems or knowledge about the extensive threats to the security of this nation.

Caucus 4 Priorities is associated with Priorities Action Fund, the pet project of Ben Cohen of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (boycott it) whose stated goal is to divert funds away from missile defense. Huppert along with the hierarchy of these leftist organizations needed to hear this promise from Obama as their support of his candidacy hinged on the single goal of fund diversion away from missile defense. Once again, Americans are at the mercy of a Liberal Democrat whose unconstitutional policies render our nation gravely ill-prepared to respond to known threats.

Missile Defense has never been more critically important for

America and its allies. In fact, a comprehensive Missile Defense System is our nation’s best defense against an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack; a persistent threat to our nation that could permanently damage our national infrastructure; most notably our electric power grid.

The electric power grid is already at risk from a different type of threat, i.e. software installed by Cyberspies. These intrusions are pervasive throughout the

U.S. electrical grid and the software tools left behind could be triggered offsite from the internet resulting in cyberattacks against nuclear power plants, utilities and financial networks.

The previous administration left behind an extensive body of work targeting a potential cyberattack along with requirements for critical infrastructure companies to meet new cybersecurity standards. However, the plans in place to move forward with Missile Defense for our nation, as well as keeping our promise to our allies to be protected under this system have been all but terminated by the Obama administration.

While Obama and Senate Democrats have been working behind locked doors unleashing overnight, unconstitutional legislation promising long term economic havoc; threat assessment, defense and planning for the destructive effects of EMP have been largely ignored by this administration. The Bush administration managed to ‘harden’ a few select sites against EMP attack; including Air Force One before leaving office, but much remains to be accomplished.

In the devastating wake of an EMP attack, whether “nuclear or improvised” in nature, the pulse either “disables, damages, or destroys” electronic equipment with disastrous results for hospitals, airborne planes and nuclear facilities to name just a few negatively impacted industries along with the potential to “irreparably cripple the country.” “Electromagnetic energy on a radio frequency will travel through any conductive matter with which it comes into contact – from electrical wires to telephone wires, even water mains – which can spread the effects to areas far beyond ground zero.” (Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack: A Preventable Homeland Security Catastrophe by

Jena Baker McNeill and Richard Weitz, Ph.D.)

The threat is real, the consequences are dire and the solution has already been determined yet the Rogue Politician in chief has his own threat assessment list and only pro-Constitutionalist Americans are on it. Recently, citizen of the world Obama, whose own birth certificate remains as elusive as his patriotism, spoke about the missile defense system while in midst of one of his Apology for America Tours. It was in the


Republic that Obama began to speak in code. His carefully selected words crafted in response to expected questions on missile defense were designed to be a signal to his virulent, anti-American base that all is well, be cool, no need to freak out here, folks. Specifically, Obama stated that his administration would move forward on plans for a missile defense system provided that the project was “cost-effective and proven.”

One torpedo after another of overnight, unconstitutional, fast-tracked, economy wrecking legislation has whizzed by our heads; so what is up with the sudden fuss over cost-effectiveness? There is not one piece of cost-effective, proven legislation or policy coming out of this oppressive regime so we can already guess the fate of this missile defense system. It’s not happening and the weakening of

America’s defenses against its enemies, goosesteps forward.

How does a Stalinist overlord define cost-effective? Perhaps they look to

California style cost-effectiveness modeled on a particular Medi-Cal program that deals exclusively with processing the cost of transporting patients between their homes and the doctor’s office. This single, ‘immobilized in cement’, bureaucracy boasts close to 400 state employees. Cost-effective and efficient aren’t exactly the words that come to mind when describing this democrat-inspired nightmare. Well, don’t get too addicted to your ‘crackberry’ Obama because if we’re EMP-ed…it’s history.

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