The Victim

Was a part of what was

before I was born by His decree.

Judge not least ye be judged

by the same measure……

Are you the judge without sin?

An abortion doctor was killed

and you blame his killer?

God said he knew me before I

Was born.

Because you do not know me

in the darkness of my mother's

womb, is it supposed to be OK

that that abortionist took my

life away?

If a man seeks riches at my

expense, is it OK for the

healer to become a killer?

I accepted,when in the essence

of my being, it was my appointed

time to die.

Now, you say because my aborter

was killed that the killer was

acting in place of God.

Can you not see the hypocrisy

in what you said?

Two beings were killed two beings

are dead.

What justifies what the abortion

doctor done to me?

Is it not the ultimate blasphemy?

Taking from God His just right to do?

Who gave the abortionist the right

to play God?

We both now have met our maker

me at the hands of the abortionist

doctor faker….

The abortion doctor at the hands

of the undertaker.

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