The Trump/Biden Debate On Healthcare Will Draw A Big Crowd

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

The Virtual Debate

Before we go to vote in November, we will see presidential debates between President Trump and his opponent VP Joe Biden. What kind of a debate that would be is at this time, left to the imagination.

COVID-19 will be the moderator. It will decide the format of the debate. Since we are all languishing in our home prison cells depressed, I am okay with that – at least for therapeutic entertainment purposes.

In my opinion, the virus is a better moderator than Fox’s Chris Wallace. If U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is a disgrace to the Conservatives, (Registered Democrat) TV-host Chris Wallace is Fox’s top fake journalist.

Chris Wallace faked his July 19, 2020 interview with President Trump.

He was not interviewing Trump – he was attacking Trump by embarrassing him with questions only operatives from the Left would ask, i.e., only like Jim Acosta of CNN would ask to embarrass Trump.

I watched that television interview intensely, observed it with an eagle eye so to speak because I was wondering why the President would grant an interview with Chris Wallace when he is obviously anti-Trump. In that interview I watched, Wallace would argue his opinion against the President’s statements meant not for him but for the American public to hear and understand. He was clearly anti-Trump disguising himself as a non-partisan journalist. But viewers were not easily fooled . . . good try, Chris.

Trump should have rejected the invitation for the Wallace interview.

Biden did. Biden was also invited to a Wallace interview, but he rejected it. Biden’s bunker strategists knew that if Biden accepts the interview, Wallace would cockfight him against Trump.

And Wallace will be excited to be the third man in the ring, actually not the ring where pugilists fight, but in his cockpit interview.

Can you imagine if Chris Wallace happens to moderate the coming Trump-Biden debate? He could easily turn himself into a Trump-executioner moderator.

But because of the virus, maybe there will be no moderators anymore. That kind of change is interesting to watch, something that Americans who are wearing mask would expect.

The public also expects Joe Biden to come out of his basement hiding place and face Trump in a televised nationwide debate watched by millions. If Biden really wants to become President of United States he has to debate with Trump.

Whatever Biden is hiding from, the epidemic gives him a good reason to take cover in the basement. But I suspect that the real reason his gatekeepers and healthcare service providers wanted him to stay underground and not to get out from his dug-in bunker at home is that they do not want Biden to debate with the President. Trump will eat him alive, so people say.

But my reservation button is on. Trump and Biden better know what they are debating about if healthcare is the chosen topic. I published a copyrighted editorial report that opened a can of worms, exposing how the healthcare industry rips-off defenseless consumers, especially those struggling middle class Americans. If Trump or Biden read this expose’ and get a clue from it, for one of them to win against the other will be as easy as picking apples.

The debate will attract a wide audience for three reasons:

1. Americans will be sitting at the edge of their seats watching the debate on television, all ears geared towards listening to what they want to hear, to know about healthcare which is the talk of the town since the invasion of the deadly virus.

2. COVID-19 and the cost of healthcare are today’s rival killers of sick and dying Americans. They have to survive both damnations.

3. Americans are part of the $11.9 Trillion Global Healthcare Market. Reports said: On June 25, 2019, North America was the largest market for healthcare, accounting for 41.9% of the global market in 2018. The truth is, Americans are deep pockets for this huge industry.

And yet millions of Americans are dying for lack of healthcare. And that is the tragic irony about the nation’s healthcare industry that I am writing about.

Millions of Americans without health insurance or with medical insurance but with inadequate and fraudulent coverage are dying every day. Patients not yet dead but about to die, are being victimized by overcharging vultures in the medical profession.

If a patient is without health insurance, or with insurance but the coverage is almost good for nothing, service providers are like competing barracudas on the hunt for prey. Pricing of dental services for example, is out of control.

I have this on record: An elderly who had his fourteen teeth extracted was charged $240 per tooth, and in addition, he has to pay approximately $3,000 for his new temporary and regular lower denture. This does not include $500 for anesthesia. Upon inquiry, the explanation was [a] it was not an ordinary teeth extractions – it was a surgery[?!], [b] the patient was elderly and diabetic, [c] the denture was special, not covered by insurance.

This happened when Obama was President of United States who was then excited in announcing to the American public that his healthcare program is one of the best if not the best in the world. Meanwhile, I found out that the elderly patient I am referring to, who was victimized by this rogue dental clinic, was not even halfway in paying back the money he owed with usurious interest, for the scalping trauma he experienced. That was some years ago. And the scalping of the general public is still going on.

We know that the poor fellow I wrote about had been had. But his only remedy is to go to court. He is too old and too poor to do that.

This aging patient cannot even write a letter of complaint to his insurer that happens to be part of the conspiracy to suck the patient’s blood dry to the bone.

Every time this patient would contact the insurance people who obviously are also on the take, to protest the overcharging, they would just shoo him away telling him that the denture and the dental services that the specialists had provided were outside of the benefits listed in the health insurance contract he signed. It was a pocket-cost he must bear.

At that time, the victim — and millions of his kind all over the country – needed then President Barack Obama to save him.

It is now time for Obama to stop those self-selling talks to get the votes he needed to become President again if Biden wins. Obama is campaigning for Biden – strange for an ex-President to be directly and personally campaigning for a presidential candidate — to get Biden elected President so that behind Biden he becomes the real President running the country. But his non-stop oratory for Biden will not save those victims of insatiable greed for profit.

I can see that Obama is going to prepare Biden for his healthcare debate with Trump so that Biden will no longer plagiarize. Biden has nothing of his own that is why he resorts to plagiarism. He is a copycat of somebody else’s speech or another politician’s public policy statements. Reports about it can be fact-checked in social media or in the Web. If Obama is doing Biden a favor, I call upon him to put his claim as a Messiah for Change, where his mouth is. For reference of the action he might take, Obama and his advisers can read the research-backed Dental Rip-Off editorial I wrote and published in the Web.

The much-ballyhooed Obama Health-Care Express is a hustle-bustle in the wind. The problem was seen by those who are viewing the precarious situation in our healthcare industry from the distance, at the wrong end of the telescope.

While it is true that this nation is short of primary-care physicians, the real problem is the pricing of medical services without limit when insurance is nil or inadequate.

Look … you do not have to argue with me by telling me that competition in a free enterprise system will level the price the market would bear. This theory is valid only if it has any of the following premises to stand on, and that is if [a] goods sold are elastic, and [b] there is no monopoly, [c] there is no conspiracy among the dominant players to cabal in pricing and sharing of profits. [See J. von Neumann’s and O. Morgenstern’s Theory Of Games in a situation of mixed conflict and cooperation where players may cooperate to increase their joint pay-off.]

So here it is. Have a bite of my economics cake.

We must increase the number of service providers to meet the nation’s medical need. At the same time, we cannot countenance this bizarre incentive that in order to attract service providers into practice, the few who are now serving the public is encouraged to bill patients without limit [i.e. Dental Rip-Off], putting them at the mercy of insatiable greed for profit.

This strategy does not only distort the market but also increases the number of patients dying because they cannot afford the cost of insurance that will cover their medical need to survive.

The worst part of this conspiracy is the existing collusion between caregivers and those who control the industry. The latter dictates what to cover, and the rules they also formulate for coverage are against the patients … all designed in favor of the insurance companies.

For instance, when patients appeal for a rejected coverage, it is almost 95% sure the insurer will deny the appeal. That is the rule they made to protect their own interest. The idea is to save the money that the insurance company would otherwise spend to save the patient’s life, and later on distribute the pool of money saved, to caregivers in the form of bonuses.

It is easy to calculate in a graphic presentation – anyone can do it — the financially-disadvantaged patients’ rate of survival going down while the medical vultures’ fortune is rising up. In the year 2007, fraudulent overpricing estimated within the range of $3-10 billion was lost to dental vultures.

It is almost like opium to be addicted to Obama’s attractive oratory when he declared that healthcare is a right that he guarantees to every American. But it has almost no meaning every time Obama says that right in public.

I think it would be meaningful for Obama to tell Biden to say in the debate with Trump that healthcare is a need, and that victimized patients are dying. Let us do something about it.

Or take the alternative. Listen to what Trump says about the rising cost of healthcare.
Trump said: We will not rest until Americans have the healthcare system they need and deserve, a system that finally puts American patients first.

To fully understand this, I look at what Trump had done in 2017 and 2018 for lowering the cost of healthcare, and the list I found is so long for me to write about it. If I pick up one and write about it, I have to write about the other, and if I have to do that I have to go back to Medicare where he lowered the premiums, which eventually created a chain reaction that started to knock-out the rising cost of health insurance to start with.

What I mean is that Biden may still be talking about ObamaCare that Trump is going to replace with his surprise healthcare plan opposite Obama’s Affordable Care Act that made healthcare unaffordable.

So let us have that debate. Millions of Americans are eager to find out and cannot wait to know what that surprise healthcare plan Trump is going to give to the American people who need a real healthcare system in the midst of the pandemic. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS August 8, 2020.

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