The Southern Poverty Law Center – Is Anti-American

… an impartial civil rights organization. Civil rights, as most Americans conceive it, recalls the black movement of the sixties. It affirmed the significance of citizenship, and the rights of citizens upheld under the rule of law.

The SPLC commonly undermines these principles. Far from impartial, the SPLC wages a relentless vendetta against conservatives, dishonestly trying to link most of the right, in varying degrees, to Nazis and other marginal extremists. The organization pursues its hard-left agenda, among other projects, by promoting illegal immigration. It demonizes groups and individuals opposing illegal immigration as “racists” and “haters.” At the same time, it maintains friendly ties with such groups as the National Council of La Raza (the Race).1 La Raza consistently advocates benefits for illegal aliens and opposes any effective steps to stop illegal immigration.

The transparent purpose of La Raza’s activities is to increase Hispanic numbers for political clout—at the expense of other groups of Americans. Subverting the law for the benefit of some over others is the essence of supremacist politics, and it belies La Raza’s claim to be a civil rights organization. Also discrediting its pose as a mainstream group is its support of separatist charter schools for Hispanics and its contribution to a chapter of MEChA, which in Spanish stands for the Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan.2

Aztlan is the name Hispanic radicals use to describe our southwestern states, which they claim as their territory. A slogan of MEChA is “For the Race everything; for those outside the Race nothing.” A prominent MEChA leader called for the expulsion of all non-Hispanics from Aztlan.3 But in keeping with its bias and agenda, SPLC says it has no evidence that MEChA is racist or a hate group.4

Those who condone this sort of radicalism are anti-American in the most profound sense. Simply put, our country cannot exist without secure borders and the rule of law—applying equitably to all citizens. The anti-American agenda of the SPLC is typical of the radical left. The goal seems to be the destabilizing of our society so that the radicals can step in and impose their repressive agendas.

Further indication of the SPLC’s totalitarian bent is its on-going effort to incriminate law-abiding Americans with local, state and federal police agencies. The organization regularly sends its “Intelligence Report” to those agencies. With that publication labeling various people as “extremists,” “racists,” and “haters”—again people who have not broken any laws—the SPLC is clearly trying to encourage surveillance and unjust prosecution of those individuals.5 Sadly, some police organizations accept the SPLC as a credible and unbiased organization, and even seek out its counsel.

Genuine Americans accept diversity of opinion and affirm the right of their fellow citizens to speak freely without fear, as guaranteed by our First Amendment. Obviously the SPLC does not believe in this principle, nor other fundamental principles of Americanism.


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