The Silence Of The Left On Radical Muslim Apartheid

…screeching through a bullhorn, is visible these days, only along the sidelines of a Pro-Life March. Feminists have rigorously dedicated themselves to the crusade of abortion on demand. Consequentially, feminists have become an irrelevant factor on a range of issues in the national debate, all because of their death grip on this solitary platform.

The second, single-issue sideshow award goes to the Homosexual lobby. Gay marriage is the sum total of their agenda and nothing distracts them from this singleness of purpose. The apparent refusal of this particular lobby to speak out against Islamic fascism is a remarkable act of self-restraint because according to Sharia Law, Homosexuals must be killed. The 'academy' also wishes to recognize a newcomer, celebrated by Hollywood itself, none other than the global warming thought police. These anti-debate, global warming folks will also be receiving a special award that recognizes them to be most like the Taliban in their 'convert or die' approach to public persuasion.

For some unspeakable, pathological reason, the single-issue ideologues have banned together in a code of silence in face of injustice, murder and terror. Whatever happened to the big, bad feminists? Why aren't they speaking out against how radical Islam treats women? There's nothing but dead air; not one single word against the Islamic fascist apartheid against women and gays. Their silence says it all.

On the second of January in 2008, in the Texas town of Lewisville, the bodies of two sisters Sarah Yaser Said, 17 and Amina Yaser Said, 18 were found shot to death in a taxi belonging to their father and suspect Yaser Abdel Said. In the wake of another senseless and horrific, allegedMuslim 'honor killing' the silence from the Left is deafening and deeply disturbing.

In September of 2006, 23 South Korean aid volunteers were taken as hostages by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The pastor leading the youth group was murdered for refusing to convert to Islam. The 19 survivors reported that during their captivity they were beaten and threatened with death repeatedly because of their refusal to convert. The young women in the group were raped again and again and the young men who tried to protect these women received severe beatings. Not one word out of the Hollywood blowhards in response to this violent, human rights outrage; not a single word. Perhaps they were too busy blacklisting scientists whose own climate studies disputed the thesis behind the Al Gore flick, 'An Inconvenient Truth'.

What is the motivation behind this massive indifference towards the heinous treatment of women and gays at the hands of Islamic fascists? Is it their cellular level hatred of Bush; which is actually beyond tedious at this point? It must be some overall, larger agenda peppered with anti-Americanism and American defeatism. To express any modicum of outrage against the torture, the beheadings, the kidnappings, the bomb attacks, the murders, the rapes, the honor killings and the suppression of free speech at the barbaric, bloody hands of radical Muslims, might be misconstrued as support for the war against terror and they simply can't allow that to happen.

Sharia Law…boy, that sounds fun, huh? Instantaneously, we would witness the death of the free press, the execution of gays, the removal of women from public life and the sudden sighting of once free women sporting that hideous, fashion faux pas of afacial obliterating hood. After what I go through to get my hair to behave there is 'like' no way I'm dealing with any 'hood hair' situation.

Unfortunately, Sharia Law is getting a nice little foothold in the 'ol U.S. of A. Footbaths are popping up all over. Before you jump to any conclusion and spout off about the ACLU stepping forward on their track record of exterminating all mention of God; think again. The ACLU is in league with the silent, single-issue ideologues. Apparently, Islamic Fascism gets a total pass. This is the part of the article where I usually spout off about the 'enemy within', but I think you've got the message.

While the self-absorbed Left continues to perform in their single-issue sideshows, having long forgotten the evil events of September 11, 2001; the rest of us must never let up on our defense of this great nation, our way of life, our Constitution and our God given freedoms. The authors of Islamofascist terror are committed to Jihad against the infidels and are waging war against us both inside and outside of America. You can try to ignore the facts, but they're not going away. It's time to dig in and fight back.

Don't expect any help from the mainstream media. Unfortunately, they are also in lock step with the single-issue ideologues that give radical Muslim extremists a free pass. With endless examples to choose from, consider the murderous rampage committed by Bosnian Muslim Sulejmen Talovic back in February of 2006 at the Trolley Square Mall in Salt Lake City, Utah. Five people were murdered in this horrific incident and due to the media succumbing to intimidation and intellectual dishonesty the truth was hidden and the story was quickly buried.

The point that needs to made here is this; don't allow screeching, leftist ideologues to intimidate you. Stand up for truth because freedom depends on people like you and I recognizing that a threat exists. Contrary to the campaign speech babble from candidates on the left of the aisle, there is no 'discussion' with Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the thousands of radical Muslim groups around the world. They've got a car bomb with your name on it. At last count, there were at least 5000 web-sites urging Jihad against America. Like it or not, the threat is real. We can't expect the preoccupied Left to defend their freedom of speech so we've got to do it for them. Maybe someday they'll thank us…but, I'm not holding my breath.

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