The Seeds of Betrayal

…. loud-mouths began cocktail party “hinting” that “the Messiah” would come-up with a solution to end three thousand years of Muslim vs. Jew fighting in the Middle East.Problem solved; bucolic splendor.

Let’s party! Malevolent Marxists could now get-back to the business at hand: Degrading America’s military and Stealing your money. Besides, Obama would get the ears of Arab leaders more easily – he was one of them. No one guessed a clue to his past would become his failure. Arabs have a long history of playing big egos like a fiddle. Tell infidels what they want to hear in the language of “taqiyyah,” and run it through the wide-angle lens of enchanted public head-wagers while continuing steadfast in your mission to kill Jews and Christians; a mission so much easier when the President of the United States flutters in supplication before the grand planner of global Jihad; the King of Saudi Arabia, a surrendering hollowness that even the King must have realized was so quintessentially weak liberal American.

The liberal “ooooh and awe” crowd of Obama’s, hand kissing demonstration must not realize Saudi Arabia is the home of Wahabbism; Islam’s most violent progenitor of global Jihad. They forgot it is Saudi who funds global terrorism via vast money raising and murdering tentacles operating throughout many countries including the United States and Canada. In their brainlessly short memories, Obamaniacs saw no significance in the groveling genuflect of “respect” that from this King’s land were born 15 of the 19 September 11th murderers. What must King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques) have thought during this Al Jazeera moment? “How can I manipulate this American Marxist tool and his anti-free market cabal of collectivism for the greater good, like all those before him?.“ or “At last, a kindred Muslim?“ The “King” and his mirthfully giddy nations of Islam brothers of Allah have been jerking the United States around since 1996. We are so gullible and so eager to appease, all he needs do is act shocked when one of his terrorist money laundering schemes is revealed. The Kings “Muslim Brotherhood” organization have used U.S. taxpayer “aid” against us and the Jews of Israel for over ten years and we keep dolling-it-out.

No one in the Obama Administration had bothered to check: Throughout recorded history, not one Arab nation has ever honored a signed treaty. Ever. Their word for breaking treaties is “hudna.” The administration’s gladsome homosexual energy and anti-Israel pugnacity have failed to realize the two rivals clash along a cultural fault line of Islamist ideology: Arabs want all Jews dead.

But the Obama gang, in their innocent, prideful, aristocratic urbanity of Chicago gangland politics think they can outsmart the world’s biggest “Don.” Some, including a few of the leftist loony Obama media think the King of Saudi is more than a little afraid of Iran building a nuclear bomb. Don’t kid yourselves kids, the King is ecstatic, looking ever-so ebullient in his religious white robes while another “tool” does his bidding to eradicate Israel. Before Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Saudi’s tool was Mohmmar Gadaffi who lost his spunk when a U.S. bomb came too close and anesthetized his radical fervor.

The riddling texture of King Saud’s mind cannot be cracked by a leftist lunatic with a Harvard degree who does not understand the fullness of Islam’s cause; so full they will sacrifice their children to it’s end. Arabs will simply smile and nod and sign whatever paper is in front of them at whatever “conference” while behind the scenes their well-carpentered plots move-forward towards the destruction of Jews and Infidels.

Lefties simply do not “get” this. Pandering to the devil merely lifts them free from their customary matrix of anxiety by concocting dazzling intellectual constructs that fail to gaze upon the raw truth of Islam’s insistent message: Jews dead and everyone else dead or converted to complete Mohammed’s plan; however long it takes and at any price.

Japan had a similar plan during WWII called “Ketsu Go,” which loosely meant every Japanese citizen sacrificing themselves for the Empire. The Japanese, you see, believed Americans possessed little grit and that by inflicting high casualty rates upon us, our morale would break. Japan, however, did not have unlimited cash resources or nuclear weapons. The followers of Allah do. American “diplomats” have always slid back-and-forth between aggressive rhetoric and overbearing action to appeasement to downright romanticizing the terrorist. WE are too stupid to realize the real threat is not from Al Qaeda, but from growing Muslim immigration into America. We are sponsoring state terrorism within the United States; and we think we can stop Muslims from destroying Israel?

Against a backdrop of growing terrorist strength and ambition, the Obama appeasers have:

Dropped the term “war on terror” so as not to hurt murdering Muslim’s feelings. Terrorist bombings are now called “man caused disasters” for the same reason.

Appointed anti-Israel Rosa Brooks as undersecretary of Defense for policy.

Named pro-Sharia law advocate Harold Koh to become legal adviser for the State Department.

Given terrorist organization Hamas $920.3 million U.S. tax dollars (which will be used for weapons and ammunition to kill Jews)

King Saud should be kissing Obama’s ass, er..hand. Saudi Arabia, long a breeding ground for radicalism, has feigned becoming a partner in the fight against terror—killing or capturing hundreds of al Qaeda operatives in the Kingdom. Or so they say. The “King” isn’t above sacrificing a few to keep the master plan going forward. Hand the stupid Americans some crumbs to shut them up.

As the new White House is unabashedly betraying our lifelong ally, Israel, so will Saudi betray us; again, and again. But then, isn’t that the plan?

My “hope” rides with a determined survivalist Israel. Perhaps the incineration of 30 million Jew hating Muslims will turn the hating culture of Islam into what the “Ketsu Go” crowd became; a peaceful, prosperous thriving people.

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