The Rape of The US Constitution

I just fought a charge of ex felon in possession of a firearm. My crime? over 25 years ago I took a plea bargain for receiving stolen property. I was 19! I spent 8 months of a 16 month term in prison. Got out, and have never been in trouble again.

A punk kid I tattooed on did not pay me for work I did on him and his girlfriend, and when I told him I was going to take it out in trade on his hide. He cried to the cops that I threatened him with a gun. The gun? It was BB pistol hanging in the inside of my front door used to scare the wild cats out of my yard, and away from my chickens.

I am 6' 3 and 275 pounds. The kid is maybe 5'11 and a buck fifty if he's lucky. It cost me almost 5 grand in legal fees, and much more in stress. Being threatened with 20 to 60 years is pretty scary. I was not charged for threatening the kid with a gun. The cops knew that was not true.

Instead they charged me with "felon in possession of a firearm". They came to our home and took my mother in laws handgun which she keeps in a locked safe as the BATF told us she should when I was in the home. The cop is my wifes uncle, and dislikes me for my long hair and tattoos. He also dislikes me because I am Native American, and can have sacred feathers, and other things he as a white 'mountain man' cannot have. He hates me so much that he committed perjury. Several of the family were present at the time he arrested me, and know what happened. His testimony was not the truth and he knew he was lying when he was up there.

The trial was pretty much a joke. The prosecutor spent untold thousands of dollars. Flying to California to search for my criminal records, having my mother in laws handgun tested to see if my fingerprints were on it(They were not). The cost of a jury, and their lunch. All for what? so the judge could dismiss the charges on the grounds that the state failed to prove I had been convicted of a felony. Seems a plea bargain is illegal, and because it is, no judge will stamp a plea bargained case which makes it technically not a conviction. Either way you look at it the fact that I have never committed any crime with a firearm, or done anything worthy of loosing my rights to keep and bear arms has been pretty much stomped.

I have no need of firearms, and yet I still feel like big brother is raping me by saying I cannot ever again own or posses them. I have 7 children, and we live in the country side of rural Nebraska. I may not hunt any longer but some day I might want to teach my son who is three to hunt. I may also want to teach my daughters how to handle firearms so they can defend themselves if the need ever arises.

Basically this is how I see it our freedoms are slowly being stolen from us and eventually we will be left defenseless. Thomas Jefferson wrote soon after the revolutionary war that we should have such a conflict at least every 20 years to feed the tree of liberty with the blood of Patriots and corrupt politicians. Sadly our patriots blood is and has been being spilled in other countries and the fat politicians are wiping the floor with replica's imprinted with the words of the United States Constitution.

I have always been proud to be an American. I thought it meant something special. My aboriginal blood, and connection to the land made me feel special. yet after all I have just been through I am ashamed. I am ashamed that my countrymen and women are to weak to stand up and say enough! I am ashamed that groups like the NRA ask for our money to fight a battle, but when we ask for help back they say they don't help with that kind of problem. Same with the Civil Liberties Union. I payed my dues for years in both organizations as have many of my family. Blood, and marriage members. What did we get when we asked for a hand in this matter? Nothing! Not even a representative in court.

I am truly sickened by the elected, and paid for by our taxes representatives who corrupt, and weaken our country with their laws and stupidity. And asteroid or super volcano would be a blessing at this point. I say the earth is better off with cockroaches in charge!

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