The Pro Life Movement is Dead

….the year abortion became legal; my mother chose to give birth to me, though it was her "right" to have me ripped to pieces.

I thank her for not doing so. Since the year of my birth, over 40 million lives have been extinguished. In my first year of life over700,000 babies had their lives taken from them. By the time I was eating whole foods, over 2 million lives were ended. Now, as I am writing this, legalized abortion has taken the same number of lives as the number civilians that were killed in World War II.

35 years have passed and the politicians, who "supported" us, and the pro-life movement, have gained an inch in ten miles. In 35 years, we have the Partial Birth Abortion Ban of 2003. What a massive accomplishment. At this rate, perhaps by Roe's 100th anniversary, we may be able to ban the atrocity of abortion completely!

The Freedom of Choice Act is a bill that will codify Roe. The purpose of this bill is to ban ANY state legislature from passing a law banning abortion. The bill currently is locked in committee awaiting Barack Obama's election as President.

If Obama is elected and signs this bill, it would mean that the Pro Life movement is officially rendered obsolete, from a legal perspective.

However, as far as we are concerned, the Pro Life movement is dead already. Congress need not sign any more bills. The PLM is weak, lazy, complacent, and incompetent. Our belief that we are superior in our tactics, compared to those on the left, the pro choice crowd, is our downfall. We feel that expressing our anger in public, is beneath us as an organization. We have not adequately conveyed the true horrors of abortion to the public.

While the liberal left is telling young women about the acceptance of the "choice" to commit murder of their own, we sit back afraid to "offend" the youth with the truth. We have wasted time preaching to the choir and then patting ourselves on the back because we spent 2 hours on a Saturday standing outside of a Planned Parenthood QUIETLY showing our disapproval.

We get flipped off, yelled at, cursed at, spit on, and harassed, and we take it with a smile, believing that we can beat them with kindness. Well, we are wrong. The PLM has failed miserably. We have allowed over 40 million babies to be murdered…babies who had the potential to become anything! We may have allowed the execution of the baby who would have grown up to find the cure for cancer…or perhaps the baby who would have grown to become a great peace maker.

We lost the war in Vietnam because of expressed infuriation, defiant protests, and draft card burning. Radical Feminism was achieved because of burning bras, militant protests, and constant rage towards men. Gay marriage is just around the corner because of relentless demands and outrage in the name of "discrimination" and abortion was legalized because of militant feminism, selfishness, and expressed fury.

We are on borrowed time now. Obama has stated that he will immediately sign the Freedom of Choice Act. This is not an anti Obama post or a threat, this is a fact. This means that we have less than seven months left to act with anything meaningful.But are we willing to become more outraged? Are we willing to show our true disgust and fury over this practice? Wehave been hearing daily since the start ofwar in Iraq how many soldiers have sacrificed their lives, over 4000 at this point, yet…we sit back and allow the daily slaughter of over 4000 babies A DAY!

It's time to take some action, make some changes in our approachand truly demonstrate our disgust with this evil. "Changing hearts and minds" is no longer enough…we need to take to the streets with fury and anger, just as they did during the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960's! We are not calling for violence…we are simply calling for more intense protests, more anger, more outrage and more consistency.We need to make this our daily mission; not just something we march against every year one day in January. We need to demonstrate that we mean business, that this practice is no longer acceptable and that we indeed want this horror finally banned in All THE STATES for good!

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