The President Who Keeps On Winning

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

But Trump Shouldn’t Take The Undead Prisoners – It’s Either Him Or Them

It’s President Day February 17, but it is also President Weeks for Donald J. Trump. He keeps on winning!

I dedicate this editorial review for the President of the United States whose winning streak over numerous battles said to be unwinnable, is the longest, most lustrous and prismatic ever recorded in the nation’s history!

Impeachment acquittal for President Trump has just been recorded in the new page of the U.S. history book: Trump is winning the war and will continue to win for as long as the American people are behind him as President, on account of the historic achievement he has been doing to the country so far, and more still yet to come.

It is not ordinary wars that Trump and the American people supporting him are fighting today for this nation’s even brighter tomorrow. Be it in the economic sphere or political realm, we the people behind Trump, are fighting wars of the undead from zombie land trying to overrun the country.

The undead I am referring to are the Democratic Party and their collaborators from the extreme left and the media mob Trump and we the people are fighting against and hope to defeat once and for all and forever be done with for the survival of this nation. But this is easier said than done. The hitmen and women and the rest of the presidential assassins are very canny and treacherous; these are dangerously evil adversaries to contend with because nobody can reason out with them –they are irrational and have no sense of reality.

To them reality only exists in their disturbed and feverish mind and in the battle front they continue to plow in and charge no matter what, and worse without knowing what the consequences of their foolish actions are. In a way they are masochists who enjoy their defeat, pain and misery.

Simply put, they are in total denial of their own losses and/or unmindful of their own collateral and irreparable damages and piling casualties lately starting in the bungling result of the recent Iowa Democratic caucuses. They lie about it and deny what is real, even when it was happening right there in front of them. When the truth blows off their head to smithereens, they still kept on coming, like zombies, the undead. No shame or remorse; is the kindest word to say.

Notice that we defeated them that bad in their hoax and sham attacks of the President and the American people who elected Trump to office, for more than three years now. One of their catastrophic defeats was in the Mueller report, and now in the Senate acquittal of President Trump out of the bogus impeachment charges they lodged against him.

For the radical left and their Democrat executioners aided by the media mob, there is no let up and in their insanity in continuously attacking the President, not even a moratorium or recess for them to recharge their expended energy.

This latest impeachment fiasco they suffered scattered them in defeat and they are now in a state of confusion and disarray that some of them are recapitulating to be saved, but in a zombie war, I suggest that victorious Trump shouldn’t take any prisoner.

The reason for that is that for Trump to show mercy or even save any of them from political oblivion is like taking a reprogrammed demon on Halloween Day for a snakebite — like taking in a slimy slider for a pet to pat and cuddle around his arms and let it loops around his neck ready anytime to choke him dead and end up his presidency.

Let’s be clear about this dangerously dark admonition first: This political army of the undead is headed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer supposedly congressional leaders acting under the threatening magical wand of the anti-Trump leftist Squad extremists, namely Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Omar and Presley who are calling the shots, aided and encouraged by their unhinged underlings in the House like the mentally grotesque uglies named Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nader whose only reason for staying in office is because of their twisted impossible American dream to impeach President Trump and remove him from office by any means fair or foul.

The Senate acquitted Trump of the sham impeachment charges of abuse of power and obstruction of justice Pelosi and her accomplices Schiff and Nadler had “manufactured” and “staged” in Congress. That was exactly what transpired few days ago that turned the stomach of the American public upside down. That was today’s reality – that was what just recently happened, and Trump was acquitted!

But what was real to them – what was reality to Pelosi, Schumer and her house managers who went bonkers after Trump’s Senate acquittal – Trump was not acquitted, and he was guilty as charge!

They couldn’t see what happened, they couldn’t feel it. To them what took place in the Senate trial was just this nebulae of dark clouds homing in their freaking mind, all wind and no substance and matter – just the blowing sound of air about Trump’s alleged Ukraine debacle, imagining him as guilty, guilty, guilty of abuse of power.

But Pelosi was the worst of all zombies disconnected from reality. Her disconnection from reality was the result of intense hatred of Trump that caused her mental atrophy, a form of incurable anti-Trump sickness. She claims she prays for President Trump. Maybe she is praying – who knows — that he and Vice President Mike Pence vanish, and she becomes President of United States by virtue of constitutional succession.

In the State of the Union address delivered in Congress, President Trump laid down all the changes that were taking place around the country, i.e. the booming economy, the rate of unemployment among the economically disadvantaged black population, Latinos and Asian Americans and other minorities, the trade deals with China, and what he had done to change the world that would benefit the American people and the United States among still many others. These are all of historical records, but in Pelosi’s zombie mind, they don’t exist.

To Pelosi’s very sick mind, the Speaker of the House was not aware of President Trump’s presence in Congress delivering the State of the Union address even when she was seated behind the President right there in the Podium; she neither heard nor believed if she heard, what President Trump was saying. The roaring applause in the Republican side of the aisle was a deafening noise of torture in the ears of the Speaker, judging from the contorted face, forced cynical and painful smile on her twisted lips while Trump was delivering. What she was hearing coming out of President Trump’s mouth was excruciating sound bites. Not a single one of what she heard from what the President was delivering was true – what she heard was all lies, lies and lies.

In her own reality world, Pelosi was unaware that the President was in Congress delivering his State of the Union speech. In her freaking mind Pelosi truly believed that the President was in her private chamber – the U.S. Congress which she considered as the house she owned – where in her mind cracking under a panic attack Trump was staging a “reality show” which she did not approve. Pelosi said she did not want “the chamber of the House of Representatives to be used as a backdrop (of Trump’s) . . . reality show(s) . . . presentation.”

Can you imagine who she thinks she is? This shows without any doubt that Pelosi was a mental circus freak. She has never been with us the American people in the real world. Behind President Trump, she dressed herself up in immaculate white, which in my opinion indicates that she really needed a doctor and ambulance if in a panic attack and out of uncontrollable rage she collapsed right there in the House, in which case she would be on her way to the hospital or a nearby asylum.

So like a disturbed ten-year-old brat who did not get her lollipop, Pelosi tore the copy of the SOTU document Trump was delivering, in front of millions and millions of people in the United States and those viewing the congressional proceeding across the world. But in my view, she felt she was just alone there by herself doing her thing, unaware of her surroundings.

Which brings me to Prof. Jonathan Turley. He was a brilliant scholar who defended Trump in the House impeachment proceedings, and for that I am thankful although I would have done exactly the same had I been summoned in his place to do what he did. But as a lawyer, what I learned in the legal world, counselors of law had different mirrors for their individual perspectives and when giving advice at a distance while in front of that mirror, do not always view legality and interpretation of the law as scientists of the cosmos would do at the same end of the telescope. And because of this, I disagree with the Professor’s conclusion that Pelosi did not commit a legal wrong when she ripped off a public document sans mea culpa in front of a public audience.

I cannot conform with the Professor’s reasonings why in his opinion Pelosi did not commit a legal wrong: First the Professor said the document Pelosi tore was not a document for “custodial or preservation purposes”. I take a contrary view. A copy of the President’s SOTU address delivered in Congress was definitely a public document for “custodial and preservation purposes.”

To me the Professor inadvertently argues that only the “original” document qualifies for custodial and preservation purposes. This conclusion emanates from his own interpretation of the provisions of 18 U.S.C. §2071. But nothing in the law provides that only original documents are to be preserved for archival purposes.

On the contrary, “copies of records having intrinsic value may be made for necessary archival purposes, including use by researchers. In fact, the fragility, rarity, or significance of the records may require that researchers normally work from reproductions (copies),” the Committee on Intrinsic Value, National Archives and Record Service (NARS) summarized its declaration.

The key point of legal contention in my disagreement with Prof. Turley centered on “intrinsic value”. For as long as both the original document and copies have “intrinsic value”, these become documents of “custodial and preservation” intent.

This doctrine was promulgated and accepted in 1979 when NARS began “to consider possible large-scale replacement of paper records with miniaturized or other copies . . . that need not be retained in their original form after an acceptable copy has been created.”

The good Professor concluded that the court may view that the copy of the document Pelosi tore in public was her own personal property after she received it from President Trump because it was only a copy and not the original document. I seriously doubt that the court will view it that way.

The document that President Trump handed to Pelosi was not Trump’s personal gift to Pelosi for her to keep in her private jewelry collection box as a personal remembrance from President Trump.

First of all, Pelosi can never be a sweetheart to Donald J. Trump to deserve such a personal token of affection, and for her to receive such endearing memento. With due respect, she was far from the “Miss Universe” type flirting for Trump.

Second of all, the public document Pelosi ripped off was the SOTU address of the President of the United States delivered in the U.S. Congress pursuant to the mandate of the Constitution, a constitutional document of such paramount historical significance to the nation and to the American people envisioned by our founding fathers. It is clear to me that Pelosi committed an atrocious legal wrong when out of tantrum and rage she vandalized that document, and she should answer for it.

The argument that a public document can be wantonly destroyed at will like what the Speaker of the House did because it is only a copy of the original, is fallacious and deceiving if not dangerous. It is akin to saying that a copy of a sensitive public document relating to national security can be destroyed, stashed away or sold to the highest bidder because anyway it is only a copy, and not the original document. That is sheer buffoonery which paved the way to commit treason.

When I was in the UN, reporters fighting for a copy of my speech always get frustrated. I never give them copies they asked because they will just tear them out like what Pelosi did afterwards if they didn’t like it. And why not, those were just copies of the original. If they really needed a copy, they should ask from the UN recording room for the transcript of what I delivered. Trump used this technique when he released the transcript of his phone conversation with the President of Ukraine and bailed himself out of harm’s way.

Unbecoming as Speaker of the House whose childish runaway emotional fit brought ill will and disrepute to the House of Representatives, Pelosi should be done away with as Speaker because she is a disgrace to that prestigious position and a clear danger to the Republic. Her removal should be done right away once the Republicans take control of the House beginning January of 2021. Together with her bad cahoots in the House, i.e., useless congressmen Schiff and Nadler whose stay in Congress is inimical to the American people’s interests, should be impeached immediately. Their violations of the Constitution, i.e., a coup against a duly elected President of the United States and to take over the U.S. Presidency disguised as “impeachment” was in fact an act of treason. This constitutional violation was so gross that it is so easy to impeach them with the Republican House majority voting in unison because their impeachable crimes are already officially recorded in the congressional archives.

The next Republican Congress should expunge the impeachment record of President Trump not only because he was acquitted, but because what is now in the record of Congress is not an impeachment document but only a political manuscript of hate and attempted coup to remove the President of the United States from office based on false allegations.

In my carefully considered opinion, what is an unconstitutional attempt to remove the President of the United States may not be preserved in the archives of Congress as a model on how to commit treason in the guise of impeachment. By the majority decision of legislators in Congress, they may nullify or erase such entry from their congressional records.

I am sure to the point of legal certainty that this matter is a political question and the Judiciary branch of the government usually shun away from taking jurisdiction over similar cases when questions of such nature are brought to court for judicial determination.

For instance, the House of Representatives has its own independent constitutional power to run its own internal affairs without the intervention of the other two branches of government.

This is very important to consider because Trump is expected to sit down as President of the United States for another four years. Now that the American people knew that the politically undead will continue their war until Trump is booted out of office by any means fair or foul, Trump must be thorough and unforgiving in his promised task and presidential responsibility to drain the swamp of undesirables. The Deep State swamp is still brimming with restless creatures which he should continue to expurgate without let up.

The latest departure of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, “the National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert and his twin brother Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman who also worked for the NSC”, and the firing of Gordon Sondland, Ambassador to the European Union, should be the start of a thorough swamp cleansing. This Lt. Col. Vindman who appears in public deliverance against Trump only in his bemedaled military uniform, is an incorrigible egomaniac narcissist. He is known to have a very poor judgment and could not think straight — he thinks his Commander-in-Chief should follow his security advice; he shows his dislike and defiance of the President of the United States which he foolishly believed was a legitimate showing of brave soldiery for the good of the country.

On the other hand, Sondland was worse than Security Adviser John Bolton Trump previously kicked out of office. Bolton has his own national security policy different from that of President Trump. Likewise, Sondland has his own diplomatic protocol to follow different from and also in defiance of the President who is in-charge of implementing U.S. foreign policy, not Sondland’s own foreign policy.

Donating a million dollar to Trump’s 2016 election inaugural does not make him that person he believes he is, above Trump or as the left says, a person above the law. In fact, as Ambassador, Sondland was under the beck and call of President Trump who can fire him any time with or without cause.

With those Deep State reprobates around him, it would be very difficult for Trump to govern and continue his work to make America great again.

But what do the politically undead and their media mob surrogates say when Trump started firing the undesirables — “vendetta-driven” purge of those who testified against him in the sham impeachment house proceedings.

I don’t blame them anymore even though how wrong they think. How would they know what is right or wrong anyway? Zombies are bereft of rational human brain. Their brain if any, is degenerately corrupted it just turns feverishly evil and dysfunctional, and that’s an understatement for me to say.

Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida who is also a lawyer is on the right track for filing charges against Speaker Pelosi for violation of rules of House Ethics on proper decorum. But Pelosi will just elbow that Republican move aside because she is still Speaker of the House run by Democrats. Matt should wait until the Republicans control the House after the November 2020 election and elevate the charges into articles of impeachment against Speaker Pelosi.

Never mind if the charges for Pelosi’s impeachment are half-baked, and even assuming that those charges do not rise to the level of impeachable crimes prescribed in the Constitution, the Republican House should impeach Pelosi just the same, like what they did to Trump, and let her taste her own medicine. Just to educate Pelosi, Nadler and Schiff — if for them there is still any remaining chance for redemption – enlighten them up with the proverbial saying that what comes around goes around. After all, in this zombie war between Trump and the politically undead, it’s either Trump or them who will kiss the dust and perish.

Between Trump and them, it is always better for the country if they are not just politically crippled and maimed, but completely down and out — not Trump. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access NWS February 17, 2020.

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