The Perversion of Education: Communism vs. Americanism – Part I

Plato, who lived through the horrible Greek Civil War – the Peloponnesian War (435-404 BC) – saw that bloodshed, bigotry, class conflict and bloody tyranny were no way to further civilization. His family, well connected politically, expected him to assume the political legacy and use the oppressive tyrannical apparatus to his advantage. He refused. INSTEAD, he saw education as the way to reform society – an education rich in the ideals of freedom, truth, beauty, justice, law, and God. Therefore, he established THE original Academy, where students were challenged, encouraged, judged, evaluated… and they emerged with an awareness that traditional conceptions of justice, right and wrong – while not illegitimate – must be refreshed by new conceptions, enlightened by philosophical truth. What a society holds to be good and true must not only pass the test of time, but the test of reason as well. Brutality and bullying (a favourite of the tyrants), took many forms, including sophistic brainwashing, ostracism, denial of freedoms, false accusations, heavy taxation, fictitious rumours and iron fisted government control. The thirty tyrants installed in

Athens at the end of the war killed 1500 people and forced 5000 to flee. Then they killed their only hope for real reform: Socrates.

Plato’s reaction – his devotion to a new kind of education – not only saved

Athens, but all free societies in the tradition of Occidental culture thereafter. In the Academy, students were taught to think, not regurgitate the bilge-water of stagnant political flawed sophistic rhetoric.

Now… the Academy has crumbled – Plato’s garden is a ruin – but worse: his legacy is hijacked by new terrorists from inside the Academy. The salvation of society and culture has turned into its very destruction. The freedom of thought that responsible intellectuals, once known as philosophers, sought to refresh – practical ideas of cultural justice, equality, liberty, generosity, civility, and duty, has been (and is being) defiled by incompetent and incapable charlatans entrusted to positions of power and judgement over intellectual values. Philosophers considered themselves separate and distant from their sophistic competitors, since they perceived themselves as seeking knowledge, wisdom and truth with a view to what is GOOD for society and for human being as such. Sophists masquerading as teachers peddled their services for high prices, and valued winning (at any cost or lie) over the Good (and they still do!).

Today, our finest academic institutions have been bitten into by these parasites – these paramours of self-destruction. There is no longer a distinction between a responsible intellectual (a philosopher) and the irresponsible intellectual (the sophistic Anti-American, anti-freedom, anti-truth, anti-justice enemy…).



University, the Introduction to Philosophy Course, taught by a certain professor (who will remain nameless for the time being), has little to do with anything resembling philosophy. If philosophy (from the Greek “philos” + “sophia” = “love of wisdom”), means discovering truth, arguing and debating the issues with a view to achieving Goodness, and freedom of discussion… then this particular course is ANTI-PHILOSOPHICAL.

Since when is a discussion reduced to student “clickers” (which promise anonymous voting over issues, but of course, every “clicker” is registered with a number attached to the student’s name) such that a highly-biased-liberal-poll result is achieved by manipulative questions, leading remarks, pressured responses, and anticipated results? And THIS is called philosophy?

Villanova, as many readers will know, is a Catholic University with (an allegedly) strong commitment to “traditional” values (like those outdated ones having to do with truth, justice, goodness, etc.), yet this professor structures his curriculum specifically to emphasise, highlight, extol and advance the antithesis of traditional Catholic values via the propagation and elevation of Marxism, Socialism, Communism and outright Anti-Americanism. By his own admission, he is a “yellow-dog Democrat”, meaning he “would vote for any Democrat, even if it were a yellow dog”. Yellow sniveling cowardly slavish FOOL!!*

The syllabus for the course includes a weak introduction to Plato, a cursory glance at Augustine, two days on Descartes, two days on Locke, and weeks of nonsense concerning the relation between capitalism (as such) and various forms of oppression, including the white privilege, the advantage of the rich and the injustice of wealth, male supremacy, and the myth of environmental annihilation due to technological advances. While there are lingering and legitimate concerns in the areas of sexism, racism, classism, and environmentalism, the radicals whose articles are included in the curriculum are bigoted, man-hating, white-hating, rich-hating monsters that attempt to make students feel guilty for being European-descended, middle-class, heterosexual Americans.

Here is the evidence, lifted straight (ha ha straight!) from BLACKBOARD:

Your children are in danger, which means YOU are endanger… and worse yet – the entire future of our country and your grandchildren’s universe is in mortal DANGER.

Please: PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to the so-called academic education of your progeny. Sure, math, engineering, nursing, business, law, science… seem safe enough, right? But most students are required to take a core curriculum of classes, one of them being either a philosophy or cultural studies or an “intro writing” course (they fall under many categories of deception, lies and cultural destruction), where they will encounter a form of propaganda more insidious and pernicious than Hitler’s NAZI programme (we believe) – BECAUSE it is more subtle and pervasive, and it slides under the “radar” as “sensitivity training”, “cultural awareness”, “comparative thinking” etc… but actually there is very little thinking involved.

Students are expected to swallow – hook, line and sinker (emphasis on the SINKER) – this canned material produced specifically with an aim to break down the moral fiber of our society and civilization.

LOOK at your child’s syllabi – do you see MARX? MAO? STALIN? Or “White Privilege”, “Male Privelege”, “Race hate”, “Critique of Religion”, “Feminist Theory”, “Anti-Capitalism”, “Eco-terrorism”, etc.? The strategy, of late, has been not to give the students a detail of the syllabus. This is how it works: the professor gives a really broad and basic “syllabus” with really basic requirements and a simple course description. Then, the details of the course-work are put on BLACKBOARD, which is ONLY accessible through at least TWO passwords that only the student knows, which means that YOU, as parents, will have NO IDEA of what is being expected of your child, unless the student freely shares the information with you. But that has been becoming increasingly unlikely, because the professors themselves (especially this one I have been exposing, though anonymously, above) continuously reinforce the OBAMA message that the “youth” understand things that their parents will never be able to grasp, thereby targeting their captive audience with a pressure that hinges on a grade (and therefore a FUTURE).

There are many students who have been raised in supportive, communicative, enlightened and concerned families, and who carry the strength of their up-bringing to the college classroom. They are battered daily by the nonsensical subversives elevated to a position beyond their abilities and wisdom. Recently a student complained about a particular assignment: the students were required to watch “The Story of

Stuff” created by the ultra-liberal, anti-American Tides Foundation, and the student said:

“I was wondering if you watched the video we are supposed to watch for class on monday. I have watched 4 minutes and 7 seconds of video and am a little confused. From what I have gathered, this video seems to be more of a political statement, not anything conducive towards anything in our philosophy class. I personally wouldnt care if maybe this was an enviornmental science class or a political science class, but how does this relate to philosophy? I would appreciate it if you could clear this up for me.”

This student will remain anonymous. But YEAH! This student is absolutely RIGHT! This “

Stuff” video is not only non-philosophical it is ANTI-PHILOSOPHICAL! And this student had the guts to protest. Good! Good! Good!

We made known that there are some youtube videos about the “

Stuff” story that are worth watching. Check out

Glenn Beck in the following two commentaries:

If you are a concerned American family that still values things like freedom, justice, truth and good; then take heed – [O]

ur family has already lost a child to the infectious blithering idiocy of the brain-washing liberal academia of the

University of

Vermont. Your child will be incapable of holding a conversation with real conviction based upon facts and truth – they will merely spout a baseless “canned” opinion and tenuous rhetoric, then run away angry. This is a great loss to any family. The conservative family becomes the enemy of the brain-washed student.

Communicate with your children, AND communicate with their universities or colleges – the university administrators and even the deans of colleges are often are unaware of what goes on in the classrooms! And… No university wants to lose their income! CALL THEM! COMPLAIN! NOW!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>

* Source: Alleged Policy of


University from the Office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs…. How much does he know about the classrooms?

Academic life at Villanova, focused on undergraduate, graduate and continuing education, on discovery and learning, is inspired by the rich heritage of the University’s history and mission, and is grounded in our Catholic-Augustinian commitment to holistic education aimed at “transforming minds and hearts.” These values are the basis for our Educational Goals and Objectives as well as the current Academic Strategic Plan.

The educational work of the University is under the direction of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. The various undergraduate colleges of the University – Liberal Arts and Sciences, Engineering,

School of

Business, and Nursing – as well as the Division of Part-Time and Continuing

Studies and Falvey Memorial Library – are supervised by the deans and directors who report directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

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The following is just one week’s worth of communist indoctrination for just one course. Notably, there is no one week’s worth of AMERICAN philosophy. Did you know:

America had some of the most profound thinkers in the history of western political philosophy? Who would ever know (in this philosophy course)!!!!

By the way… Did you know that Karl Marx let two of his children starve to death while he wrote the Communist Manifesto, because he refused to get a job to feed them? (And isn’t it weird that he himself didn’t starve to death? And he was able to write and contemplate the world leisurely… evidently he was well fed enough… perhaps he ate them.)

From Villanova Introduction to Philosophy Course (everything below is taken directly from the web CT (Blackboard) site for the course):

Learning Modules › Module 4: Marx and Marxism › Welcome to the Marx Module

Today we start with the second part of the course, in which we will look at some critics of the views of Locke and Friedman. We'll start with one of the most famous critics, the German philosopher and economist Karl Marx (1818-1883) and his co-author Frederick Engels (1820-1895). Later we will read some contemporary writers who are very much influenced by Marx.

Marx is most famous because of his association with the theory of communism. Of course, many terrible atrocities have been committed by communist governments, and in general the communist experiment of the 20th century has been a failure in virtually every imaginable way. Nonethless, Marx' ideas are still extremely influential, and many defenders of Marx will say that communist governments such as the Soviet Union, North Korea, Cuba, Cambodia, etc., were a perversion of the actual ideas of Marx. At any rate, Marx is an important thinker and much of what he predicted has come to pass, so read him with an open mind.


One of the topics we are discussing this week is the link between Capitalism and various forms of oppression. Back in 1989, a professor named Peggy McIntosh wrote an article that tried to help people understand what she called "white privilege." Many people were influenced by this article, and, as you will see, people have tried to take the same idea and apply it to other areas of oppression. Print out, read, and bring to your discussion class the three articles in the links below. Do you think the concerns raised in these articles are still true today? Are some of the articles more relevant today than others. What about at Villanova? Do you think these articles have any relevance to our lives at Villanova?


Oct 21 – Marx Reading Assignment

Read pp. 32-37. Marx is a little confusing sometimes, but if you read it carefully you should get the general idea. On page 34 he writes that "the bourgeoisie (modern capitalism), historically, has played a most revolutionary part." In this section he explains how capitalism has been revolutionary. Here are some good questions to ask as you read this material. What does he think capitalism has done to the family? What has it done to the professions? What has happened with globalization as a result of capitalism?

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>

Module 4: Marx and Marxism › Oct 23 — written assignment bring to discussion class

Marx believes that capitalism has "left no other nexus [connection] between man and man than naked self interest, [or] than callous 'cash payment.'" He believes that capitalism has converted “the physician, the lawyer, the priest, the poet, the man of science, into its paid wage laborers” (Readings, p. 34). In other words, money has become the primary driver of all human interactions. For example, breakfast used to be something people had at home with their family. A recent McDonald’s commercial says: “You only have one breakfast, leave it to the professionals.” For your assignment for today, look around the world and try to find examples of things that have been transformed in the same way by capitalism, where traditional ways of living and relating have become commercialized so that it is all about money.

Your assignment is to produce a one page write-up of something you are familiar with, or, if you wish, something you have found on the Internet, that has been transformed by Capitalism. Another great way to do this assignment would be to call a family friend or parent, and ask how his/her profession has changed. If you prefer, you could also find a counter example, where the growth of capitalism has humanized relationships (but don’t do communication technology such as cell phones, making it easier for us to stay in touch – it is a great example but too obvious). To get full credit, your result should show some originality or creativity, by finding something that is not completely obvious.

Bring two copies of your assignment to your discussion class.


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