The Other Trump: The Fake Media Does Not Write About

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

True Americans: Fear Not Trump’s Enemies

President Trump’s enemies – and they are all around the corner laying in ambush 24/7 – should not make true-blooded Americans who believe like I do, what this President can do to better my life and my family and yours too, and improve the lives of all Americans . . . what he can do to repair the broken parts of America since Obama left the presidency and/or make the world a better place for all humankind.

Only fools – and like ugly worms they are squirming, wriggling and twisting all over the place right now after the Mueller report was released clearing Trump of Russian collusion and obstruction of justice witch-hunt — can and will deny what Trump has already accomplished for this country, and what he is still trying to accomplish right now, a president who will continue to do the best he can to keep his promise to the American people and the people of the world to make this God-blessed country the greatest nation on earth.

Let us have a quick macro-scan or just a sweeping glance at the record of Trump’s administration as he starts the second half of his first term, if we may, and see what this President has done so far which are amazingly unbelievable, to wit: Unprecedented economic growth, lowest unemployment rate in a decade, restored the United States back to its global prestige as once again the strongest military power in the world; defeated ISIS in the Middle East, liberated the country from the murderous MS-13 gang that preyed on innocent Americans; protected our southern border from waves after waves of organized migrant invasions claiming the right to asylum and economic security – the right of asylum and claim of poverty to overrun the United States with migrants.

This nation owed Trump millions of lives that would have been lost had he not stopped the spread of Opioid killing hundreds if not thousands of Americans every day.

Have a quick look of how this President – the only American president in U.S. history — who had restructured our international defense alliance with friendly countries around the world, specifically NATO, and put their neglected signatory spending responsibilities back in line, after which the United States is no longer a milking cow.

Who rearranged and put in order the global trading system, freed the United States from being taken advantage of by our trading partners in Europe, Canada, China, Japan and the rest of U.S. protected Asian nations in the Far East which for years in sum had resulted in billions of dollars of trade imbalance suffered by the United States, until Trump single-handedly renegotiated and corrected this monstrous anomaly not only for the benefit of Americans but for all mankind that do not want to go to war amongst each other because of this broken system that has been taken advantage of by unscrupulous countries for so long.

Nothing like this had happened before to this country for almost two hundred years since December 2, 1823 when the Monroe Doctrine was declared. President James Monroe issued an ultimatum to Europe to stop their ambitious colonization of the Americas. Monroe’s declaration backed up by the military power of the United States giving a warning to the world was that “any further efforts by European nations to take control of any independent state in North or South America would be viewed as ‘the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition toward the United States’.”

In other words, the United States was prepared and ready to go to war if the warning was unheeded, or in any way disrespected by any country around the world, although it was specifically aimed at any colonizing nation in Europe.

Does this not sound familiar to all Americans when President Trump took office? To honest blue-blooded Americans, they would say yes. To those un-American Americans, they would say no.

First of all, let us be clear of what we are talking about here in this editorial report which is a far cry from what we receive every day from the Fake Media, and witness in television news channels 24/7. Like President Monroe, President Trump is not a warmonger, has never been, and will never be. Unlike any other U.S. presidents it takes that kind of courage and determination like what Monroe and Trump have, to protect this nation with Picasso’s Dove and Olive Branch and the Sword of Damocles. The Sword tied to its pommel by “a single hair of a horse’s tail” hangs over their heads “to evoke the sense of danger” to anyone who wants to become Trump or Monroe.

Let me state here though that in comparison, Monroe and Trump parted ways by their own use of language. Monroe is too “presidential” in threatening the enemies for submission, Trump is so “unpresidential” in the use of language like President Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines who called former President Obama “Putang ina mo” in Tagalog (you Obama is a son of a whore). It stopped Obama from coming to the Philippines to “lecture” Duterte on his extrajudicial killings of drug lords and criminal elements in the Philippines, which in the first place Obama was acting stupid when he poked his finger on Duterte’s nose because what President Duterte was doing for his country was none of his business.

Trump has never been, and will never be a President who is after the destruction of the universe and/or life on earth as we know it today. Trump had shown in many instances that he wanted an orderly and peaceful world where the nations’ leaders – heads of nations with tremendous political and economic clout and sway, including possession of weapons of mass destructions stocked up in their nuclear, chemical and biological arsenal that could wipe out humans from the face of the earth — would cooperate and work together for international peace and harmony, a better life for all peoples of the world, for scientific research, more discoveries in the lab, and for the advancement of technology needed in outer space exploration, and in general, for peace and prosperity.

What is the evidence that supports this statement about Trump’s presidential program of action as a peacemaker and at the same time a universal guardian of right and wrong, a world-punisher of bullies that flaunt their power to coerce and intimidate nations less powerful than we are?

Think about it: The United States and Russia are holding more than 90% of nuclear armaments around the world. By now no one should doubt that both countries are also holding chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction that renders nuclear bombs obsolete. Or even advance and well developed electro-magnetic-impulse weaponry, the latest which scientists claim is the ultimate weapon that could swiftly end and win any and all kinds of war.

Very much aware of this threat to mankind, the first thing Trump promised the American people when elected President of the United States — the mightiest country on the planet — is to befriend rather than challenge Russia in world leadership. True to his promise, Trump talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin for a cooperative endeavor, which among others, was to defeat ISIS right there in their lair in the Middle East. But geopolitics was the main thrust of this talk with the Russian leader, to create an impasse in hostile and dangerously provocative global rivalry. Trump’s overture for friendship and peace with Russia could be summed up in a statement: Americans and Russians do not want war so let us just be friends instead of posturing as mortal enemies for so many years.
For the purpose of striking an international accord for world peace and cooperation, Trump did not only talk to Putin and met him in Helsinki, Finland for the world to see what he was doing, but also talked to and met with other powerful leaders of the world, i.e., the Presidents and Prime Ministers of countries in Europe and Canada, Japan, China, and lately with the Presidents of North Korea and South Korea.

Recall that Kim Jung Un of North Korea had threatened to blow up South Korea to smithereens, including the United States and its territories in the Pacific, specifically Guam and even Japan, with nuclear-armed intercontinental ballistic missiles. But Trump was quick to respond to this threat of annihilation to protect you and me, to protect all Americans, to protect the human race, and for humankind to survive on earth.

So what did Trump do? He gave Kim Jung Un an option to choose from: With Picasso’s olive branch for peace in his left hand, and in his right hand brandishing the black flag of skull-and-crossbones signifying death, a total annihilation of North Korea if Kim Jung Un pursues his ambition to defeat the United States in a nuclear war.

The rest of this eye-to-eye-ball confrontation is history – history that is still unfolding. The point I am driving at is that no Presidents of the United States had ever done this before – ever! John F. Kennedy never dared to threaten Nikita Khrushchev of Russia during the October 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis the way Trump threatened Kim Jung Un that stopped those two fired up aggressors on their track.

Notice that the two Presidents of the divided Korea considered the powder keg of World War III had started to meet and talk to each other for peace. Because of Trump Kim Jung Un was the first North Korean President that has ever visited South Korea in recent decades.

The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) was established by the provisions of the Korean Armistice Agreement signed on July 27, 1953 dividing Korea. Since then wars claimed millions of lives when China, the United States and other nations under the United Nations were involved sending thousands of troops to the battlefield to stop the North Korean-Chinese surge. There was no winner in those wars; there were only deaths and devastations, and prisoners of wars. Trump is doing something so that these bloody hostilities and senseless killings will never happen again. In effect, Trump is not only changing America but the world as well. Trump could be the only U.S. President who could end the war in the Korean Peninsula, a war that has been going on since the Korean War began on June 25, 1950 when North Korean troops invaded South Korea.

Back to pondering the answers to the thundering questions cynics frequently ask: Judging from what Trump is doing, is Trump aiming for a better life as supporters claim he is, or for the destruction of life as his detractors claim he is. Is he a warmonger, which to Trumps followers he is not or a peacemaker which his enemies claim he is. Of course the public will judge. But I think the verdict is already out. In politics, the demise of Trump’s enemies will be a long funeral of the vanquished to watch when the 2020 presidential election is over.

Furthermore, Trump’s enemies lurking 24/7 in the corner for an ambush-attack had a specific group-think answer to what Trump is doing besides calling him unprintable names in order to stop him from what he is doing as President. To them Trump is a “traitor”. Meeting with Putin and talking to him in a civil and peaceful way to forge a cooperative endeavor between the two powerful countries for world peace, is treason which is not only unbelievable but impossible, as if we are told to believe that the crow is white, not black.
The American public knew who was the first hate-Trump freak who called Trump a “traitor”. Like a blind bat in a dark cave that suddenly came out to the light, Obama’s former CIA director John Brennan robbed his eyes and saw Trump as an American traitor to his country when he met Putin. The political enemies of the State otherwise known as the Deep State, and the anti-Trump Fake Media chorused this attack like an orchestra performing a synchronized symphony from hell.

But I have faith in the intelligence of the American people. They knew who the traitor is. It was Obama’s former CIA Director Brennan.

Brennan betrayed the President of the United States when as a CIA Director he painted a picture of the President in the mind of the American public as a traitor. The former CIA Director was the first instigator of an elaborate scheme that led to the Mueller investigation of President Trump costing us tax money to the tune of $50 million or more, and two years of agony among Americans as a divided people. The Steel dossier fed and financed by the Clinton campaign that secured the FISA warrant to investigate Trump based on false information, reportedly originated from Brennan as a CIA Director.
But at home with lying, Brennan disclaimed any knowledge about all these as if to him the American people are morons who believe what he is foolishly denying in public, television talk shows and Media interviews.

This betrayal of Brennan’s office that is supposed to protect the United States, let alone the President and the U.S. presidency from anyone who undermines it is no doubt an act of treason.

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