….was bringing to a close a new book I am writing, in which my closing chapter presaged: “The American people will vote in the New World Order.” Little did I know, how true that prescience really was until the mulct realization of that vote sunk in last night.

Obama is this nations new “U.N. President.” It is not because that by his election to this nation’s highest office that we are now liable to slide into socialism—we already are a socialist nation and have been for quite some time—however now, this nation will directly bypass communism and go directly into total World Dictatorship. In other words: totalitarianism. This will be accomplished by and through the mechanizations of this foreign born president, that America will be abjectly sold into the “New World Order.” Totalitarianism and state-induced terrorism will become the modern lexicon of the new American NWO citizenry.

In a nation already burgeoning with police and prisons: those institutions will dramatically rise…and not abate. In a nation operated on foreign (not national capital), our money and banking systems will go deeper and more profoundly be pushed into debt, enslaving future generations even further. In a nation which aligns itself with peace and freedom, we will now be pushed further and further into wars of various archetypes and configurations. Third, fourth and fifth wave wars, which are already being manipulated against us all, will increase to where the American people will believe they are in a time of peace, even though a constant state of war profoundly and silently rages about them.

All foreign nations, not bowing to the Federal Reserve/IMF system and World Feminism, will be annihilated. The rise of government, both within this nation and world-wide, will increase exponentially, as all nations will have to model themselves after the UN/United States, “Big Government” (World Government) model. We now have a society that is collectively fifty percent government employed, hunting the other fifty percent which is privately employed…or not employed at all. Our nation will even become more bifurcated, with the rich (government workers) getting richer, and the poor, becoming even more profoundly, and more importantly: generationally poor. Government will inhale its own citizenry, to the point it owns all, controls all and destroys all at will. Birth rates will collapse in the United States, to the point where the terms “white” or “Christian,” or “male,” may become vaguely remembered. The ideal of “family” will become openly scoffed at. Environmentalism will become the new state religion, forcing its way into area facet of our lives. Health care, will never become so more expensive, than when it becomes ‘state mandated,’ and “free.” Obama’s election is not the end of civilization: it is merely the presage of it.

Within the next six-months, or sooner, you will see Energy prices roughly triple. You will see the continuing collapse of the American economy and the introduction of the ‘new’ money system called the “Amero.” Once this has been introduced, America, for all intents in purposes, shall have been destroyed, “for its own good.” The ‘better’ system of the North American Trade Union will emerge, as the American people have indirectly voted upon this by electing a foreign born President, who cannot, and will not be indicted for treason. (Only American’s can suffer the charge of treason, for only American’s can legally betray their own government. Not foreigners.)

American’s will be able to look back in future years and place over the past blue-prints of every world dictator and lay them directly over our time and say: “This is where it happened.” The United States is now the new Roman empire, and this new United States empire, will encompass all, to the point that in less than ten years, we will have entered a new dark age, of which we may never recover. With Obama, the new title for American citizenship now has become the word ‘slave,’ and with the implementation of his policies will come our absorption into the United Nations, whether we want it or not.

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