The New Sodom

by John Clark –

The New Sodom is being brought to you by the anything ‘Other Than America’ liberals and sodomites in California. Homosexuals are merely “Useful Idiots”. Heterosexuality is the normal condition of Humans and necessary for a society and civilization to exist. Yet, the anything ‘Other Than America’ propagandists that are promoting homosexual propaganda forced upon the students in schools, seek the destruction of America. They must be stopped!

Sodom was a place destroyed by g-d. Just look at the Dead Sea and you will find its remains right alongside it. The liberals and sodomites have done a good job of convincing the new generation that homosexual behavior is normal, it is not. There has never been, nor is there now a nation that homosexuals started, thrived nor exists now or ever before. They are dead enders by their own actions.

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