The Moment

Why enter a day of hopelessness that moves only towards a future of destruction and too many fears come true? Is it worth the effort, as meaningness embraces my thoughts?

Is it worth the effort, as I am mocked for even a hint that I care and hold compassion dear? What bids me enter this day full of potential terror and drenched in the vulgarities of the new way? Oh, must some laugh asI amtaunted with a behavior that is shocking asyoung girls are seen shamelessly flaunting, as if porn has become the norm. But… I must remain silent, for in the moment of freedom of speech, there is no room for disgust and the suggestion of lostmorality. No, not in this time! Not in this time, when tolerance is the excuse for all that is negative. Not in this time when the offense is in being offended by the shocking. How dare such to be so?

It is morning and I hear the birds singing, but I know there is no longer a song to touch my life. Not one of joy and the belief that beauty shall touch the day before me.

There is no longer innocent wonder… for innocencelong ago slipped from the way the world has become. A world of disgust. A world that values little beyond the moment and a self for the self and of the self.

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