The Lower & Middleclass Have Two Choices: Revolution Or Slavery

….an injunction against this bailout, to stop it, so that we can protect the lower and middleclass from thirteenth amendment violations. This we would like to turn into a class action suit with members of the lower and middleclass. If you would be interested in joining a class action lawsuit please respond to this site with your e-mail address. If there is anyone out there with a legal degree who would like to help then please e-mail this site with your information. I can file my own papers pro se but a class action suit requires legal assistance. At least I'm going to try.

If the bailout package is passed, you a citizen of this country, a member of the lower and middle class will be put into involuntary servitude.



Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation. (Our Congress Is Doing Section 1 and not Section 2)

What Is Involuntary Servitude?

INVOLUNTARY SERVITUDE & PEONAGE – a condition of compulsory service or labor performed by one person, against his will, for the benefit of another person due to force, threats, intimidation or other similar means of coercion and compulsion directed against him.

In capitalism you have a right to succeed and a right to fail. Ask all the small business owners from the lower and middleclass if the government ever bailed them. Quite the opposite is true. The heavy hand of the government and the legal community does more to destroy small business owners then any other reason. The lower and middleclass is fraught with entrepreneurs who want to get ahead in this world. These people can step up and create and start new banks. That is the spirit that America is from. The money that will be wasted with the bailout that the lower and middleclass will have to work and pay for could simply be put into the banks as deposits. 700 billion dollars would make for a lot of deposits. The lower and middleclass would then have deposits in a bank, which would be an asset for them, which is financially and economically a positive thing. Instead the lawyer/professional politicians are creating a liability, which is a negative thing. Why? Right now the lawyers and politicians are setting this up so their greedy selves can suck off a huge percentage to satisfy their insatiable appetite for money. Then we’ll hear that the bailout was not big enough and they need more money. In the meantime, the same financial institutions will create vulture funds to buy the homes and assets of the displaced at under market values and resell them at a profit. The lower and middleclass will be ordered by legislation to capitalize financial institutions so that they will have enough money to profit from the woes of the lower and middleclass. The lawyer/politicians will get richer and the poor will get poorer. Actually the poor will get more enslaved.

As it is, if you are a member of the lower and middle class you have already been put into involuntary servitude. Some examples.

We the people have a high percentage of our wages extorted by the government. This money then pays for our multi-millionaire congressman’s health benefits while we cannot afford health benefits ourselves. You are in involuntary servitude to politicians and governments of every level.

Part of the high cost of a gallon of gasoline that we cannot afford goes in the form of campaign donations (bribes) to our congress. These congressional members have investments in big oil companies whereby they profit by the high prices. In return the congress lets oil futures traders collude to run the prices up and lets the oil companies charge us what they want. A percentage of the money that is extorted from us pays for the military to protect the oil interests in the Middle East. You are in involuntary servitude to the oil companies.

We the members of the lower and middleclass have been victims of the monopolistic banking system where fraud and criminal activity are rampant sucking money out of an entire class of people in the form of high interest rates and banking fees, all approved and authorized by our lawyer/politicians who profit off of it by campaign donations, bribes and secret stock deals. You are in involuntary servitude to the banking and financial systems.

The lawyers have monopolized the local, state and federal governments. They in turn police themselves and permit unethical conduct and set absurd hourly rates. The lower and middleclass pays for this in higher taxes, higher cost of goods and in ways that are too numerous to expand on here. You are in involuntary servitude to lawyers.

Here is what their bailout plan will do for you:

Your federal taxes will be raised.

Your state taxes will be raised.

Your local taxes will be raised.

Interest rates will go up.

Everything will go up. Except for borrowing, that you will not be able to do.

Your disposable income will go down. You will not have any disposable income.

Small business owners will be forced out of business.

More people will lose their homes. Tent cities will now become the American dream.

Social services will be reduced.

All costs of goods such as food, gasoline and medicine will be unaffordable.

Governments other than our own will dictate our policy. If China owns our bonds then our government will have to do as they say. If Russian has the oil then our government will have to do as they say.

The end result will be financial ruin for you and our country.

You do not need to be an economist to know this.

By the laws that we the lower and middleclass have to live under, our President, the vice-president, our congress and senate are all criminals who must be removed from office.

Do you think electing another filthy rich, greedy, unscrupulous lawyer/professional politician from the dark side is going to save you and your country? Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting another result.

The only solution, the only answer there is that will save the lower and middleclass and this country is REVOLUTION.

We need a Reenactment of 1776. We must take the government back from these greedy lying multi-millionaire-lawyer-professional politicians.

We believe our plan addresses the entire problem.

Our plan is outlined at We put financial pressure on these institutions until the president, the vice president, congress and senate resign. We then replace these people with members of the lower and middleclass to form a government that is more representative of the people.

You, as a citizen have two choices:

Face your fear and revolt to save you, your family, friends and country

Or succumb and be placed in involuntary servitude and/or slavery.

The lawyer/politicians fear us more then we fear them.

With This Revolution We Will Form a more representative government for us, the American people will:

Stop the war.

Restore fiscal sanity and responsibility to the government and the people.

Reduce the price of gasoline immediately which will reduce the price of goods purchased such as food and clothing.

Simultaneously and concurrently there will be a decree put out with the same fervor that went with creating the Atom Bomb. That is to create an automobile that runs on electricity.

Enact tough laws that will instill new ethical standards for lawyers, politicians and government to rid us of as much corruption as possible. No longer will politicians and lawyers police themselves. We the people will judge them.

Cap legal fees as the same as an auto mechanic.

Lawyers do not know anything about economics, finance or social issues.

Lawyers will no longer be permitted to hold an office in the legislative branch of our governments.

Our plan of action is outlined at

1 President + 1 Vice-president + 435 Congressmen + 100 Senators = 537 Lawyers & Professional Politicians


100 Million Lower And Middleclass People

537 vs. 100,000,000.

The Numbers Don’t Lie. Who Has The Power? We The People Have The Power.

They can kill me, but they cannot kill my message. If they do kill me it will be the most constructive thing my government has ever done for me.

They can put me in prison. I then move up in class. I will now be a member of the prisoner class. This will enable me to get the dental and medical help that I desperately need.

Nail this to your town hall door. Post it on the blogs. Send it to your newspaper, TV and radio station. Send it to your organizations. Forward this to everyone including your elected officials. Or:

Cower in fear and help put yourself, your family, your children and friends into slavery.

I myself prefer to die first.

Written by Larry Bumgarner, Founder Of The Reenactment Of 1776, an American citizen and member of the lower and middleclass.

609 816-7974

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