The Left Is Winning

…. Congress left town without voting on a bill to allow offshore drilling here at home, in an effort to alleviate sky high gas prices and, not incidentally, to cut back on some of the billions of dollars flowing into the pockets of those who seek our destruction.

In explaining why they refuse to even allow a vote on an issue favored by 70% of Americans, Democrats, with one voice, reply "We can't drill our way out of this problem." Oh, really? Then, without exception, they adroitly change the issue by adding, "Why don't oil companies drill on the millions of acres where they already have leases?" (Answer: because that's not where the oil is..Duh)

The Democrats believe that repeating the same talking points over and over qualifies as debate and very few on the right are challenging them. But the question no-one seems to be asking is, why the all out stand against exploring and exploiting

America's own resources? The answer is clear. The Democrats know very well that a vote to open up domestic drilling would have an immediate effect on the price we now pay at the pump. We don't have to "wait ten years" as the liberals say. The market, fuelled in part by [evil] speculators, would immediately cause current prices at the pump to go down, drastically, once

America signals a willingness to increase domestic production. Its called supply and demand. Its also called political suicide for Democrats.

The left is holding our country and our economy hostage in order to deny Republicans a victory in November. Think about that for a second. Our elected representatives are playing political football with each and every American in order to score political points. In order to increase their chances of retaining power. And we, the American people, are letting them.

The Democrats need a recession, a climate crisis, a tanking economy and failure in

Iraq for political fodder, proof


Bush's policies don't work. "Elect us," they say, "and we'll solve all these problems." Left unstated is the fact that most of these 'problems' derived from the very Democrats that are yearning to fix them.

One need only look to the airline industry, on the brink of widescale failure, thanks in large part to government policies. I expect its only a matter of weeks before some Democrat makes the all too sensible proposal to nationalize the airline industry. Just as they are in the process of doing with the housing industry through


Mae and


Mac. Just as they are doing with the banking industry. Just as they have already done with education, health, insurance, etc.

Quick. Name a government program that has worked.

Every single government program, from social security, to education, to health, is a failure waiting to happen. And when it does, here come the Democrats with a solution that makes the problem worse.

Another question no-one is asking is, why are we allowing the ones who caused the problem in the first place the authority to solve it?

Every democrat you now see on TV claiming to be 'outraged,' outraged by this or that, is secretly laughing. Their mission is being accomplished. The SUVs they waged war on for years are headed to extinction. The attempts to get the great unwashed to use mass transit are working.

Their attempts to socially engineer acceptance of alternative lifestyles, despite the acknowledged health hazards, is well on the way to destroying marriage as we have known it. Their efforts to buy votes with our tax dollars has put our country on the road to socialism. Their attempts to engineer a whole people into the notion that they must drive less, consume less, reproduce less, pray less, smoke less, question less — are working.

The left is winning. They've forced us to alter our lifestyles to conform with their notion of what is right and proper and the kicker is, they've even gotten us to pay for it with our own taxes.


Sanford, the Governor of my adopted state of

South Carolina, points out in virtually every speech he makes that "The average age of the world's greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, nations always progressed through the following sequences:

1. From bondage to spiritual faith.

2. From spiritual faith to great courage.

3. From courage to liberty.

4. From liberty to abundance.

5. From abundance to complacency.

6. From complacency to apathy.

7. From apathy to dependence

8. From dependence back into bondage.

If we Americans continue to allow the Democrats to represent the will of the politicians instead of the will of the people, I predict we'll reach step eight in our lifetime. And we'll have no one to blame but ourselves for having squandered the great gift of liberty we were bequeathed.


Morgan is a columnist and news editor for

She lives in

South Carolina

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