The Jihadists Dream: A White House Job

Did he not tell the world “we are a Christian and Muslim nation” when in fact we are a Christian and Jewish nation. Freudian slip or plans for the future? Did he not tell news reporter George Stephanopoulos during a televised interview “my Muslim faith?” Can the rest of us “foolish sheep” anticipate Muslims as department heads in our CIA, FBI and NSA while the Islamic world screams “Jihad against America!?” Can the rest of us be expected to continue to swallow the foolish propaganda that “Islam is peaceful” as they continue to kill Christians and Jews around the world? Are we supposed to sit quietly while our financial system is pragmatically reduced to dust to more easily implement Sharia finance? Will this new White House expect us to convert to Sharia Law and abandon our Constitution?

Stay tuned. We are ON THAT PATH.

Your Muslim President, along with the “Congressional Muslim Staffers Association” has sifted through more than 300 names and arrived at a list of 45 Muslims for White House employment. In typical “transparent” (secret) fashion, this scam was slithered under the Marxist regime carpet and completely ignored by main stream media who put a blackout on the name “Hussein” long ago. Were you even aware there was a “Congressional Muslim Staffers Association” to completely ignore and violate separation of church and state? It is unconstitutional to hire based upon a “religion,” as Islam claims to be. Let me take a wild guess and assume there is not a Congressional Jewish Staffers Association, or a Congressional Christian Staffers Association, which would violate the laws of The United States of America. Mr. Obama obviously is not an equal opportunity employer, but then he did tell us “I will side with them” (Muslims.) The national news media will of course let this blatantly illegal move slide, like they have completely ignored Obama’s other creepy “destroy America” programs in his long-time hatred of the American way of life in order to convert us to Islam via the easier avenues of socialism and communism:

Demoralize U.S. troops with drastic cuts to their healthcare

Close GITMO with plans to release prisoners in the U.S., fully aware that the Muslim Taliban’s new combat operations leader was a former GITMO prisoner.

Mandated kill-as-many-as-possible infants by overturning the Mexico City Policy

Install a Third-Reich brown shirt 250,000 civilian army

Launch ACORN to strong-arm socialist projects

Reward Muslim murderers with $920 million U.S. Tax dollars

Bankrupt our economy with payoffs to campaign supporters

Hire incompetents to oversee failed programs

An orchestrated move to ban gun ownership in America HR-40, a Bill in the House to give monetary slave reparations to Black Americans.

Readers need to FULLY UNDERSTAND Christians and Jews are not allowed to serve in any Islamic national government, or step foot inside a mosque, or any government building, yet what we would expect from a Muslim President is what we will get. Readers need to be fully aware of the enormous consequences that a Muslim staff will have on their lives as Americans. Americans should be completely outraged that the monolith of Islam, who chimes “Death to America” daily from around the globe, will be fully represented at our seat of power. Can things get anymore ridiculous? Will the Rose Garden be converted to a place for daily Muslim prayer?

American citizens; please wake up. Copy and send this to your Senator and Congressman. We are being whittled away and the pace increases daily.

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