The Jews That Failed …Part 1

Eighty five percent of them voted for a man who staffed his campaign and Senate offices with folks from Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam movement.

Eighty five percent of them voted for a man who belonged for twenty years to a church whose preacher was a supporter of an organization that devotes itself to killing Jewish women and children.

Eight five percent of them voted for a man who had close personal friendships with members of the Weather Underground, a communist terrorist group with Arab sympathies and other close friendships with terrorist apologists.

Eighty five percent of them supported a man whose middle name is Hussein and who is now weakening American-Israeli relations and becoming a symbol of anti-Semitism and anti -Zionism in Israeli public opinion, and rightly so.

But American Jews still are happy with this person in the White House.

Jewish gullibility is not new. It dates back to Biblical times when Jews convinced themselves that worshiping a golden calf named Baal made more sense than monotheism.

They then followed a series of false messiahs, from David Reubeni to Shabbtai Sevi to Jacob

Frank , and some would argue, Marx and Lenin in their own way.

From time to time there arose great Jews, such as Yair Stern, Yitzhak Shamir and Zev Jabotinsky who drove the British occupiers out of

Palestine and brought about modern


They were involved in underground movements that fought the Nazis in

Warsaw and Vilna and who tried to smuggle Jews out of

Europe and into the homeland.

They took incredible risks and led some of the bravest people imaginable.

So Jewish liberals and leftists did the only thing they knew how to do.

They denounced them as fascists. They had been given warnings by Jewish nationalist groups led by these men to leave


They laughed. Presumably they had misgivings when they were sent to gas chambers and their wives, daughters and sisters sent to rape camps.

Jews will of course make the same mistakes over and over again, being incredibly delusional and gullible.

In lousy economic times, the hatred for the Jews surfaces.

Foreclosures, joblessness, uncertainty, frauds, and homelessness precipitate scapegoating.

The Jew is the eternal scapegoat.

The extremist groups throughout

America are proliferating. The Jewish future in

America is becoming increasingly uncertain. A normal people would ponder the question as to whether it would make more sense to oppose gun control, which is supported by most Jews.

But Jews are not normal people.

If Jews had led a normal national existence there would be about 800 million today instead of 14 million.

But one can expect this number to shrink, not grow.

Jews are not equipped or programmed culturally for national self interest. Jews, by clinging to antiquated Universalistic beliefs, may pay for their liberalism with corpses.

The Jew can be expected to continue to fail.

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