For many years a few patriot groups, e.g. AIC- CCIR worked to sound the alarm that the wolf was in the door. Alas, most did not listen and did not believe the spoken word of what was said and what was happening. Unfortunately, if our citizens did not hear it on the many news media, they gave the aforementioned no credence.

American patriots believed initially that the 911 event would spark a citizen demand to seal all our national borders. The public's outrage waned in a short time and our various government elected officials refused to uphold their sworn Constitutional duties. The horror of it all.

Meanwhile it was business as usual at our national borders with millions of illegal’s invading our republic, accompanied by billions of dollars of illicit drugs flowing in as fast as Niagara Falls.

Our politicians have done nothing to stop the cascade of illegal entries and the illegal drug and human trafficking. Politicians are fearful of the Catholic Church, corporate America, a multitude of front groups, La Raza, Maldef and numerous foundations, ad infinitum.

Politicians see potential voters – yes, illegals have been voting in our elections for many years, mostly for Democrats. The AFL-CIO support illegals since they represent new dues-paying members. So many hope to cash in on the chaos. It resembles a piranha feeding frenzy on the Amazon. The horror of it all.

For years, many have demanded a fence be built along the entire Mexican border – a border where American citizens, Border Patrol agents and police are fired upon by Mexican military and drug smugglers. If they defend themselves, they are prosecuted by our government which is taking its marching orders from the Mexican government.

The Mexican and Canadian borders are not the only ways for drugs, illegal aliens, and terrorists to invade. Illegals also enter through our open ports with visas and then overstay their visas. We also have the island of Puerto Rico where once illegals arrive, they are "home free" since there is no immigration check as the Border Patrol is so understaffed that they can only patrol a 40-mile shoreline of a 300-mile shoreline at any one time.

Then there is Mona Island which is deserted and belongs to Puerto Rico and is now a top spot for illegals from all over the world, especially illegal Cubans who can receive $9,000 in cash, free medical and low interest business loans because of the "Cuban Adjustment Act". According to Border Patrol sources, many coming to Mona Island have Cuban passports, but are not Cuban. Are we allowing terrorists to break our laws just because they come from a Communist country? This must stop immediately.

At one time, the Border Patrol was responsible for the U.S. Virgin Islands. Now that function has been turned over to Homeland Security. The horror of it all.

Rep. Jim Traficant, one of the few Democrats who tried to have our immigration laws enforced. He tried for years to get the military on the border; he is now in prison. Rep. Sonny Bono was trying to stop the flow of illegal drugs coming across the border. He was killed when he ran into a tree while skiing – (yeah, right).

As to the fence, how would a fence do any good on the Mexican border when at least 40 tons of drugs went through one port in Arizona? How about one Customs agent being busted for making $50,000 a month to wave trucks loaded with drugs through the port? So how would a fence make any difference when some of the top echelon of our Govt is connected to the drug cartels? Some of the older Border Patrol agents are complaining that some of the new agents have more loyalty to Mexico rather than the U.S.A.

The Border Patrol needs bilingual agents and are having a hard time recruiting as most Americans have seen how Border Patrol agents have been prosecuted by their own government – Ramos and Compean is one glaring example – another is Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett who fired and killed an illegal alien. In self defense, Corbett said the illegal had a rock and was going to throw it at him. Our government called the agent a liar .Very reliable sources said that there was a U.S. Senator who had very close ties to the Alverez family in Mexico and stayed at the Alverez family home many times but were told to "keep quiet" by their superiors. The horror of it all.

A well known city official of a city near the border with Mexico is known for his connections to the drug cartels The FBI is well aware of this man and his activities but he has been allowed to operate with impunity for many years.

WHY for so many years, have we heard how our government is involved in the drug business? Is this one of their "black bag" operations (as I was told by a Customs officer when I asked him that same question)? I was also advised that a law enforcement officer asked that question and was told to resign or he would be killed. Since the officer would not speak with me, I cannot confirm that incident, but can only wonder if it's true? As Deep Throat once said, "follow the money". The horror of it all.

It may sound like there is no hope, but there is and I have confidence that the American people are becoming aware of the facts, not falling for all the propaganda the national media, Democrat liberals and neo-cons and like most of the people running for president spew out. Hopefully, citizens will rise up and stop this invasion and destruction of this experiment called the U.S.A.

PS: The new fence is a joke.

John Clark

C 2008

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