“The Holy Empire”(evil unions amid government & religious NGO’s)

The Holy Lexington Empire: A Community Struggles Under Sanctuary City Status

is a Book that Could Spark the Third American Revolution

– Book Review by Mark Lowry

Book Title:

The Holy Lexington Empire: A Community Struggles Under Sanctuary City Status, by John Fritz, M.S., and Gayle E. Slaughter, J.D.;

I have written many articles on government corruption and convoluted relationships between treasonous elected officials, lobbyists, global corporations, international banks and financiers, and dubious non governmental organizations including think tanks like Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, and Trilateral Commission. They have effectively replaced our democratic republic with a plutocracy of by and for the aristocracy.

These factions have openly conspired to destroy our government of by and for the people. Articles confirming the impact of the groups were all written with a concern for accuracy and complete review of facts to define relationships involved. There was however a single Non Governmental Organization conspicuous by their absence that have had one of the most nefarious devastating impacts on our national sovereignty and social order as any of those reported on.

That NGO group is a compilation of religious organizations primarily affiliated with the Vatican and Catholic Churches (the biggest influence), Protestant Mega Churches and finally Jewish Synagogues. Those spiritual organizations have battled to make our nation theocratic governance, mostly driven by Marxist World Liberation philosophy that refutes value of nation states. Now our nation is becoming plagued by religious fanatics from the Muslim world and other non secular groups all demanding changes in our government to accommodate their demands.

I have also written many articles regarding sanctuary city Lexington Kentucky in an effort to demonstrate the specific impact of corrupt government on a local scale that is typical of many sanctuary local and state governments. Those articles all failed to provide the complete picture of the corruption arising from illicit influence from religious organizations that work under protection of non profit designations while they lobby in violation of the law for specific causes that fill the coffers and pews of their corporate like organizations.

There have been no books I have seen that made an effective effort to establish this stranglehold non secular organizations have on our local, state and national governments in violation of the basic precept of our democratic republican government that guarantees a government of by and for the people, as individuals and not special interest groups. The freedom of worship guaranteed in the first amendment does not provide the guarantee of freedom to dictate the form of our government by powerful religious organizations. That is a basic flaw in our government that must be addressed and corrected.

These powerful groups have not only betrayed their nation, they have betrayed their faith and duty to worship their God under what ever belief they may have. There is no place in the sanctuary of worship for one’s deity to sully the sacred house of the Lord with the vile factions of political intrigue, and battle for personal power and glory. This is blasphemy in the highest form, an abomination of false prophets that can not be trusted in either the secular or non secular world. If they betray their faith and nation, who can ever trust them?

We must just as Jesus did chase the money changers from the temple and assure they don’t sully the nation or the holy places of worship.

Lack of exposure to the threat of theocratic government and rule in the United States has been corrected by at least this one little but powerful book. “The Holy Empire: A Community Struggles Under Sanctuary City Status.”

The first American Revolution began in 1776 partly because the British Crown threatened to install a Roman Catholic prelate over the Province of Ontario. The second American Revolution began in 1861 over slavery.

This little book of only 70 pages is powerful enough to launch the third American Revolution.

The authors masterfully report important documents in such a way that you can't stop reading. There is a reason why both Obama and McCain support amnesty for illegal aliens and other liberal policies that are bad for America. The more I read, the more I understood and the more upset I got.

The liberal policies that have bankrupted the USA, Kentucky, and many other state treasuries explode in the small town of Lexington which spent over $5 million to build and run a health care center dedicated to 'better serving' illegal Hispanic immigrants. Kentucky opened its 2008 General Assembly with a $434 million deficit and Lexington is so broke that it cannot afford to water public trees.

The corrupt sanctuary city is Lexington, Kentucky but it could easily be Hartford, Connecticut, or a hundred other treasonous jurisdictions. They all have followed the same time table and the same seditious course of action.

The Holy Lexington Empire emphasizes discriminatory practices of government officials that violate the rule of law, violate constitutional protections, and loot the public treasury to support the radical ecumenical church programs that the Wall Street Journal called 'warmed-over Marxism.'

Every citizen, pastor, patriot, and politician needs to read this book. Kentucky’s politicians, particularly in Lexington, will feel the heat of a glaring light shining on their darkest secrets.

It is no surprise that the same culprits (churches, Lexington, and Kentucky politicians) who were incriminated in their own separate child-sexual exploitation scandals are the same two that have been clandestinely working together to steal from taxpayers.

If this little book is not the book that can get these criminals out of elected office there is no book that can.

Dynamite comes in a small package. This little book may be the spark everyone has been nervously waiting for to ignite the flame of passion of We the People and send this nation on a path to recovery of our liberties or a path to the depths of hell.

The Holy Lexington Empire could mobilize USA citizens across this nation, now. The Holy Lexington Empire is very timely given the current federal court suit filed in Lexington Kentucky demanding an end to illegal criminal local government acts that provide discriminatory benefits for illegal aliens while they let Americans die.

The authors emphasize peaceful and civil process to fight the false prophets in the pulpits and the tyrants in public office. This book contains the well-documented factual data required to establish grounds to bring suits for civil rights violations, Qui Tam recovery of lost taxpayer dollars, and racketeering charges.

If American Patriots in every city, county, and state begin fighting back, this book could explode in the face of every thieving pastor and crooked politician in our great nation. No one can be well informed without putting all of the pieces of the puzzle together to see how our nation has been brought to the precipice of destruction, civil war and pure hell. You must read this little treasure of a book.

–Patriot, Mark W Lowry

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