The Hit Squad: Focusing On The Enemy Of The State

by Edwin A. Sumcad –

This is calling the nation’s attention to what the Gang of Four in Congress is doing, namely Ocasio-Cortez, Omar Ilhan, Rachida Tlaib (those three were the original Jihad Triad) plus a new appendix (Aysanna Pressley) joining them to make their racism charges [the race card — Pressley is Black] more credible, thus forming the villainous group of loudmouths now known as “Jihad Squad” (JSquad) or “Hit Squad” (HSquad) or just “Gang of Four”. But to President Trump, the group is “AOC + 3.

I stick to JSquad, HSquad or to “Gang of Four” or just “Gang” (a pack of wolverines) similar to the ferocious Fangtooth night stalkers in the deep of the sea that ambush their helpless prey like how the treacherous Yeggs of New York’s subway terrorize, mug, mull, stab and/or shot their victims. Trump’s “AOC + 3” pictures the Gang as mainly Alexandria Ocacio-Cortez, and the rest are just tailpieces or appendages (I accept and admire Trump’s reasons for calling them AOC + 3). However, it gives an appearance of innocence, especially to the radical left; they are all noxious, pernicious and virulent, except for Omar, the smallest of the four who to most Americans and to me resembles a carnivore having a reputation for ferocity and strength out of proportion to her size.

Lately this spiteful mouthpiece of the Muslim Caliphate came out on national television saying in English with a Somali accent that she hates Whites and White peope must be hated, the usual bite of a Fangtooth more than she could chew. I am sure racial backlash is going to choke her racism and she could self-destruct and expire to inanition.

While this is calling the attention of the nation to the Gang of Four, it is also important to direct the citizens’ focus on what they are chanting and praying every day and that is reciting the rosary of hatred against the President of the United States calling him racist while spewing their vociferous fault-finding of the United States of America they lambast, a nation they hate deep in their soul immersed in the burning fires of hell; the nation that saved refugees Omar and her family from the terrors of Somalia. They attack the country where they reside, the country that gave the four of them comfort and power while living their “American Dream” . . . living a life of the rich and famous and in fact so affluent and well-off that they even became members of the U.S. Congress.

This country that these four thankless members of Congress wrack and smash up to smithereens with their hammer and sickle ISIS-like ideological abuses, afforded them the best in life they could ever dream of which not most loyal and patriotic Americans have or an ordinary American could ever have.

Vigorously calling out these hate-mongers and exposing them what really they are – a stalking Cross Bones and Skull personifying Death to America — is a critical call of the day. It is of topmost urgency that they are exposed before they turn this country upside down . . . before another mass shooting occurs or American lives are lost as a result of their trouble-rousing, seditious rumbling in Congress, and as a result of their Media-blitz which may be describe as a peculiar destroy-America-foul-mouthing that drives Americans dangerously crazy.

Security-wise, the Squad is too scary to behold when they line up and attack, while at the same time looking bare and afraid. While citizens are facing the danger of losing life and limb as a result of what they are doing, I doubt if they are also in the position to protect themselves if they continue to recklessly abuse this country and making millions of Americans angry at them. Just recently, a cop who wanted to shoot AOC dead has just been dismissed from the service. How many gun-wielders, snipers and assassins out there they have unwittingly summoned to the fore to commit violent crimes only God knows.

The Democrat leadership is aware of this people’s anger so that members of the Democratic-controlled Congress initiated a move to pass a House resolution to protect Omar, the most vile member of the Squad the angry crowd wanted to send back to Somalia where she came from.

The American public is beginning to realize that this Gang of Four in Congress are not really elected legislators — repeat NOT ELECTED LEGISLATORS — of the people they claimed to be that are supposed to author and pass laws in Congress like real elected legislators do. Legislators are lawmakers. In Congress, legislators exercise the power of creating, passing and amending laws. This Gang of Four are not there in Congress to do this job. The American public knows this, and in that sense, to the majority of Americans they are NOT elected legislators in the true sense of the word.

Millions of Americans who voted for and supporting Trump, think that this Gang of Four are in fact saboteurs – infiltrators or Trojan horse — sent to Congress by the Far Left with the help of their anti-Trump Fake Media accomplices that blindsided the voters of their district to “elect” them to Congress. It is not farfetched for any reasonable American to believe that by embedding the enemy of the State in Congress, the Fake Media and the people running it aided the Far Left to commit a serious crime — treason.

Secondly, as we all know, AOC-Omar-Tlaib-Pressley’ presence in Congress is only to debate President Trump’s person calling him all sorts of names from the gutter; they are there to delegitimatize the Trump Administration, and beyond that to pillory or expose to ridicule and public derision the United States they so hated deep down their bones. Clearly, their mission is to sow chaos and dissension and to destabilize the government for the sole purpose of getting Trump out of office in what is now notoriously known as the “bloodless coup”.

What is more obvious than the manner they attack President Trump and his policies – these are all “contrived” and “invented” (terribly false). By fact-checking them, those vicious concoctions are shockingly not true, atrocious attacks that are nothing but verbalized poetry of metaphor and hyperbole. Watch them expurgating their anti-Trump biases at CNN or MSNBC whose viewing patronage is way down the drain and you wonder who released those guys from the mental institution on parole.

Yesterday I lose a friend. He came to me spewing his anger intensely like how a ticked off dragon spits fire on President Trump. He wanted Trump to refrain from attacking the Squad because to him when Trump is doing that he is “unpresidential”. My friend mocked by saying that in 2020 he is looking for a President that is “presidential” in the language he uses against his opponents, like when he criticizes the members of the Squad.

I assured this friend that what he will find in 2020 and thereafter is President Trump who will never be “presidential” when I said “people like you” continue to attack him and treat him badly worse than your dog, a president you call with filthy names because you do not consider him a human being with feelings but a lower form of animals like “snake” and/or other forms of crawlers. You want Trump to look clean and immaculate as President, I added, but you already threw mud and all kinds of dirt at him, laughed and ridiculed him and pulled him down to your level at the sewers. What this President is doing is trying to survive by just defending himself throwing mud and dirt back at you in his tweets and public appearances, meet you headway in your terms, in your turf down the trench, and now you complain that he is unpresidential for doing that? You unclean him, and now you want him to look clean? What kind of lunacy or form of derangement is that, I throttled in full gear.

Then I stepped on the brake by asking my friend this question: How can you not like your own dung that you have to throw it on Trump and expect him to be nice to you? My advice followed: Just swallow your dirt yourself, not throw it on Trump because this President will throw it back to you. And that you don’t like, do you?, I asked. I was visibly pissed off and now becoming cynical.

Quite upset himself, my friend said, Ed I will never speak to you again. You embarrassed me in front of our peers. I said, go take a hike. For once, try to think – use your cabeza (he is Mexican-American), not your silly emotion all the time, for heavens’ sake! I tried to sound fatherly, but he is just a young stubborn incorrigible Millennial.

In the study of Literature, Metaphor in poetry or fiction is a weapon of aggression the Far Left and the Squad are good at. Metaphor should not and cannot be interpreted literally. That’s because Metaphor has no literal meaning, just words emoting a virtual reality. It is so important an alert, a critical eye-opening this is, to the American people so that the general public may know and take necessary action like what President Trump is doing — exposing these four women of the Apocalypse to public viewing and scrutiny.

Let me demonstrate how the enemy of the State use Metaphor as a weapon of aggression: Pay attention to Ocasio-Cortez’ fiction on detention camp where out of a casual conversation with some uncomfortable detainees who have an ax to grind against ICE that caught and detained them for violating immigration laws, she imagined that the detention camp is a Holocaust Concentration Camp so cruel that women were forced to drink water in the toilet. That’s extreme fiction and/or hallucination that mocks reality. It is not only a figure of speech or metaphor but also a consummate hyperbole in describing the discomfort and complaints of facility-detainees in this manner out of one’s imagination. Violators of our immigration laws have no choice; perhaps they hoped to be treated like royalties (a phantasmagoria common to prisoners weltering in prison) but that is pure fiction attributed to what they thought was the detention facilities where they are.

In fact what AOC is saying is extremely exaggerated hyperbole bordering on some kind of mental disorder.

In Literature, hyperbole is uttermost exaggeration in thought-delivery either in poem or poetic narrative (prose-poetry). I look at OAC as a pseudo-poet in the Bronx’s underworld. As a Litterateur, I call her out and expose her as to who she truly is. In fact in my previous editorial report, she represents Death out of the four horseback riders of the Apocalypse in Congress. And I exposed her not without reasons, and all these reasons are impeccable.

For instance, I pictured her representing Death out of the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse in Congress using a hyperbole like the way how she described the detention camp out of her imagination.

Thirdly, my urgent and critical message I want posted here like a poster ad on the wall for the general public to know is that Trump shouldn’t do the expose’ of this villainous Jihad Squad alone by himself. American citizens who love this country should launch an avalanche of disapproval (the truth is I am referring to the crowd’s anger and hatred) to what the members of the HSquad are doing – destroying this country with the end in view of altering our American values and ultimately changing our way of life.

But I was shock to learn that some members of the GOP had joined the attack of the JSquad and the Far Left on Trump by implying that the President supported the “send her back” chant of the angry crowd thereby reportedly exhibiting his fascist, xenophobic and racist personality. And worse, when Trump doubled down in exposing this enemy of the State, certain Republicans joined Trump’s critics calling him unbecoming of a President or “unpresidential”.

Those Republicans whose loyalty to the President is suspect (remember Speaker Paul Ryan and his likes in the Republican Congress who threw Trump under the bus?), are giving Trump their treacherous advice to avoid or refrain from criticizing the HSquad. This is outright BS and Trump should ignore them. He should continue doing the opposite of what RENOS (Republican in name only) are advising him, and just be his own person because he is good at it.

The reason why Trump has to do this Squad-confrontation alone by himself is because there is no help coming from the Republicans themselves. Those Trump GOP allies believe that the Squad’s presence in the Democratic Congress is inimical to the interest of the country, but who is joining Trump in fighting this fiendish threat headway – none, zero.

Think about it: Most if not all of those RENOS owe Trump their election to Congress and they should be the ones doing the dirty work in castrating the balls of the four masculine-like females in Congress as they bare their virtual leftish-six-pack-abs and attack the United States they think is a villain country to force down to its knees and change or alter. The AOC-Omar-Tlaib-Pressley aggression is in effect using the argument of unreasonable force or violence, not of reason, to carry out their destabilization mission to a successful conclusion.

It is public knowledge that Muslim Omar is more friendly to the cause of Al Qaeda and Muslim Tlaib is more sympathetic to the cause of Palestine and Hezbollah in the Middle East putting their loyalty to the American Flag in a serious question. But this doubt dissipates by itself when they demonstrate their animosity towards the United States by relentlessly mounting vitriolic attacks on the duly elected President aimed at forcing him out of office in a bloodless coup; when this is happening every day seven days a week before our eyes, there is no more doubt that these dangerous trouble-rousers are the enemy of the State we the American people should not take lightly even if they cover up their true chameleon nature with that conspicuous and flatulent claim that like us they too are also citizens of the United States.

They are different. They live inside their own bubbles, which makes them look not like us. To them only their imagination is the real world. Their narrative is dark poetry and their fiction dull and invasive.

Just to cite a few examples: Bernie Sanders hallucinates that this country is better off if he can turn it into Socialism. It is a chronic hallucination so sick it has been going for many years of which this aging Democratic socialist is incapable of cure. This country is the greatest on the planet because of Capitalism and will remain that way forever.

Just lately, socialist Bernie Sanders also proposed a $15 minimum wage law. And Tlaib said make it $20 an hour, for the poor workers. Sometime ago, Tlaib was arrested when she protested in the streets of Detroit, supporting a $15 per hour minimum wage increase for restaurant workers. She has a long history of arrests when in the Trump rally Police also forcibly removed her as a troublemaker. She is a trouble-maker recidivist.

Helping daily workers by raising minimum wage is poetic justice. It is a short-fix egalitarian move politicians relish on. But they have no idea how it destroys the economy if not applied judiciously and wisely. In Economics, those guys should at least know what “wage drift” is that explodes into a galloping inflation – the spiraling inflation threat that opens a Pandora’s box flogging the nation with all kinds of economic woes.

Believe me because in Economics, Trump and others like are in that school of science, but to the likes of Tlaib, it opens the opportunity to cuddle the “have-not” with a comforting arm and at the same time a chance to attack the “haves” in a disparate society starving for social justice.

Look how poetic this is to Tlaib although it sounds inordinate, redundant and disconnected. Tlaib said: “These corporations (the haves) are making billions off of our blood and sweat (the have nots) . . . That’s the most American thing you can do today: to push back, because they are pushing our children into poverty, because we deserve better.”

Kamala Harris even dreams more, therefore she tends to be more pervert than Tlaib is, in her quest for the presidency. Her feet are off the ground and in Cloud 9, there is no cost to fantasize. She is proposing $100 billion federal grants “to pay for down payment” for every American to own a home. Her poetry about it is that her proposal closes racial wealth gap and addresses historical discrimination in home ownership against black. Like AOC’s loony Green Deal that cost $93 trillion in ten years not to speak of the oddity of her expensive farting cows (of all creatures that walk the earth, why single out cows with diarrhea or stomach upset that they have to emit gas in their rear end?), they don’t know where to get the money, perhaps by robbing the Genie out of Aladdin’s Lamp.

Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren, like the other loonies running for President in 2020 just sounded off her “economic expertise” as usual, by saying that the economy is about to crash. This lady is prone to saying something for goosebumps. From out of the blue, she thinks that household debts and manufacturing are equivalent to the Andreas Fault that would cause an economic earthquake so devastating that no Americans can be saved.

She is forecasting economic doomsday when manufacturing is the strongest pillar of the Trump economy while household debt as a % disposable income declined from 128% in 1980 down to 112% in 2011. As a % nominal GDP household debt dropped from 94% in 2009 down to 77% in 2012. And it is still continuing to decline, slowly but sure, depending on how the national economy is managed. Actually, what Warren is saying does not add up. Is she mentally okay? I hope she is.

Warren was imagining an economic fallout that would destroy and erase the strongest economy on the planet. This Senator might have directed a sci-fi movie similar to that cinematographic blockbuster “San Andreas”, a disaster film; I don’t know and I am not sure, but one thing sure is that she is not an economist to know what she is talking about.

Starving of public attention, this is the same Elizabeth Warren Trump called “Pokahontas” who claimed to be a Cherokee native Indian when she was not – just to get public attention. As the symptoms show, she could be sick of what is known as “Munchausen Syndrome”, a disorder which is medically described as “a predominantly female disorder in which an emotionally immature person with narcissistic tendencies, low self-esteem and a fragile ego has an overwhelming need to draw attention to herself and to be the center of attention.” In short, she has to lie again and again to get that attention.

Against Trump, those leftish-liberal presidential pretenders are too weak to face Trump in the presidential election. When they do, it is a mismatch — they are just digging their own grave in 2020.

If it is President Trump who is saying all those economic hullabaloo, giving recommendations and making dire predictions like what the 2020 Democratic presidential aspirants are dishing out to the American public to earn their votes, there will be either a tremendous boost of satisfaction and joy because Trump said so, or a cause of concern and alarm because as economist, Trump knows what he is saying and what he is doing. He is not only an ordinary economist but an exceptional economist who studied at Wharton School of Economics with a presidential IQ second only to and maybe more than the highest (J.Q. Adams) ever recorded in the history of the United States.

Unlike those low IQ street pseudo-economists running for President, Trump knows his economics quite well. As an economist extraordinaire, Trump had ably proven his mastery and virtuosity in economics by creating an unprecedented growth rate we the American people are enjoying right now, and still will continue to benefit from, many years ahead, for as long as Trump is president.

Never mind those Trump nitpickers in CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the Fake Media who picture this President the other way. They are not smart enough to know who Donald Trump is and worse, they have no idea what he is doing, and capable of doing. Their intelligence is not at par with that of Trump, that’s why they don’t understand him – they can’t, and never will. #

© Copyright Edwin A. Sumcad. Access July 26, 20019.

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