The Heavens are Calling for Me

The sun- the light of my life, helps me to see the way

The sky- so distant yet close lets me fly through life day by day…

The grass- the beautiful grass, gives me freedom to walk where I want to

But, this nature has no beauty, for I cannot share it with you.

Your eyes help me to see myself- for who I want to be,

Your heart – the beat of my dance, no longer dances with me.

Your hands as gentle as the rain, helped me to grasp the world by my hands…

But, these senses are dying and living without- your mind to help understand.

The air – the breath that you shared with me, now leaves me without words to say

The clouds so soft and innocent, now leave me guilty- in every way.

Why leave , walk away…for me to stumble on a world I once could see,

When the breath of life, was you-now you're gone…

"The Heavens Are Calling For Me"

By: Melanie J. Cowling

Written in 1989

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