The Greatest Threat Facing Mankind … Islamic Regime Acquiring Nukes

The greatest threat facing mankind is the specter of a militant Islamic regime acquiring nuclear weapons.


… No security challenge is more important to our common future than preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons. I have said before and I'll say again, that the greatest threat facing mankind is the specter of a militant Islamic regime acquiring nuclear weapons, or the specter of nuclear weapons acquiring a militant Islamic regime. The first is dangerously close to happening in

Iran, and the second may or may not happen in

Pakistan. I believe that with the right policies both can be averted.


Iran develops atomic weapons, the world would never be the same. We would witness a cascade of terrorism across the globe as terrorists would operate under an Iranian nuclear umbrella. Look at how much havoc, how much terror they sow now, when there is no such umbrella, and understand what can happen if Iran, their patron, sponsor, supplier and supporter, if that

Iran had nuclear weapons. Equally, the region's vital oil supplies could be severely threatened and efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the

Middle East would collapse as one regime after another would rush to acquire nuclear weapons of their own. Worst of all, if nuclear weapons would be given to terrorists, or to terrorist states, a 65 year-old era of nuclear peace would be endangered for the first time.

Remember that for the tyrants in


Israel is only the little Satan. In their eyes,

America is the Great Satan.

America is their ultimate target. Yet for

Israel, the threat from

Iran could not be clearer. Iran's leaders openly call for Israel's destruction. They brazenly deny the Holocaust and they hope, and they say so just about every other day, they hope to wipe

Israel off the map of the

Middle East.

We must not allow such a regime to threaten the peace of the world, the peace and security of all humanity. All responsible members of the international community must do everything in their power to stop

Iran from developing atomic weapons.

As we speak the

United States is leading an international effort to impose sanctions on

Iran. We believe those sanctions must have teeth. And to have teeth, they must bite deep into

Iran's energy sector. Simply put, they should prevent

Iran from importing gasoline and from exporting oil. I believe that such measures might convince the regime to choose between continuing the weapons program and between assuring the regime's future. But there must be tough, biting sanctions.

I said that we face great challenges to our security, but we also face unprecedented challenges to our legitimacy. Now this assault on our legitimacy comes in many forms – it comes from the so-called human rights bodies in the UN which would deny Israel its legitimate right of self-defense, it comes by falsely charging Israel's political and military leaders with imaginary war crimes, and it comes by the outrageous waging campaigns to boycott, divest and sanction Israel. You are all familiar with that.

But I think that there is an even greater assault on our legitimacy. I think it is the attempt to perpetrate one of the greatest lies of history – to deny the connection between the people of

Israel and the

land of

Israel; to cast the Jewish people as foreigners in the land of our forefathers. Make no mistake about it. The attempt to deny our history in this land is an attempt to deny our future in this land. That is why to defend our past is to defend our future…

Israel faces great challenges.We must prevent

Iran from developing nuclear weapons.We must repel the assault on our legitimacy. We must find a way to achieve peace with our neighbors…

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